EMERGENCY PLAN - St. John`s School

Rowlands Castle, St. John’s Primary School
Potentially Dangerous Events
Bomb Threats ~ may be telephoned, written or directly spoken to staff.
Suspect Devices ~ found on premises – such as incendiary and explosive devices.
Explosion ~ e.g. gas main, boiler or some other external or internal cause.
Nearby major road or rail accident.
Chemical Cloud ~ e.g. an external explosion sends a cloud of poisonous gas into the air that drifts
towards our building.
Flooding ~ inside the building or from outside sources – may be clean or foul water.
External Fire ~ may threaten our building from adjacent properties.
Invasion of Premises ~ by unauthorised persons or those seeking to protest, etc. could give rise to
danger of hostage taking for example.
Simple Action Plan
Any member of staff receiving a threat by any means, or receiving notice of evacuation from the emergency
services is to inform the Headteacher / Fire Co-ordinator who will then take charge.
The Headteacher / Fire Co-ordinator will attempt to verify the information and when satisfied, make the
decision on whether to evacuate and if so where to.
The Headteacher and Fire Co-ordinator, sweep the building from top to bottom advising staff to take all
personal possessions (e.g. coats, bags, keys, etc.) to a named assembly point. Any visitors to be escorted out of
the building. Public entrance doors to be locked to prevent any other visitors coming in.
The assembly point is the lower playground. If this is unsafe, move onto the field. Alternative meeting point
will be the church hall. The key is held in school office lockable cupboard – (security code known to all
Managerial and office staff) and this will be taken by office staff as soon as alarm is sounded. More
information may or may not be available and action will depend on circumstances and the likely time to reoccupation. Much will depend on the location, time, weather, and police or local council instructions. Some
options are:
Inform Havant Office on 023 9249 8200 and ask for local radio stations to be informed.
Send children home if possible. If site has to be evacuated, meet at church hall.
Keep a keyholder at the assembly point and maintain contact with emergency services.
February 2015
Next Review
February 2016
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