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How to Find a Book at JTCC
Look up books, DVDs and videos in the online library catalog, LINC. LINC includes
materials in the Chester and Midlothian campus libraries. The hyperlink to LINC is in
the first paragraph of text on the first page of the library site.
Clicking on this will bring you to LINC, where you can search the catalog online.
This is the first or default search screen of the catalog.
Keyword Search
Use the default Keywords Anywhere search for broad subject searches such as
blogging. A keyword search works just like a Google search and can help you define
your topic.
After you enter keywords, press Go! Here is an example of a Keywords Anywhere
search for the keyword blogging. Only a part of the first results screen is shown.
Hudson, David L.,
Blogging /
2008 Circulating
John-Tyler- {Table of
contents only }
TK5105.8884 .H83 1/ 0)
Taking sides. Clashing views in mass 2007 Circulating
media and society /
HN90.M3 T35
1/ 0)
This screen lists the following information:
Individual author, if there is one. If no author is listed, the book is a collection of
works by different writers, such as the second book listed above.
Title of the book.
Year of publication.
Call number: this number corresponds to the number on the book. Use this to
find the book on the shelf.
Campus location (owned/out): This is the number of books the library has on
each campus, and how many are already checked out. The 1/0 in #1 above
means that Chester owns 1 copy and 0 are checked out. This book should be on
the shelf at the Chester library and available to be checked out immediately.
Any online links. The first book above has a link to its table of contents. This
will tell you what the book is about before you even leave your computer.
To see the complete information about a book, click on the underlined number in the
left hand margin. For Blogging by David Hudson, the table of contents is listed:
Point: many bloggers are journalists who deserve the protection of a reporter shield law -Counterpoint: bloggers should not receive the protections of mainstream journalists -- Point:
employees should have the right to blog without fear of reprisal from employers -- Counterpoint:
employers should have wide latitude to discipline bloggers for comments detrimental to the
workplace -- Point: school officials don’t have authority to regulate students’ off-campus
blogging -- Counterpoint: school officials should have broad leeway to regulate student blogs
and student online speech -- Conclusion: controversies over the blogosphere are here to stay.
At the end of the entry there are two links:
Holdings All items
John Tyler - Chester Circulating Collection : TK5105.8884 .H83 2008
Clicking on either one will display information about whether the book is checked out
or on the shelf. If the book is checked out, the due date will be listed.
Title Search
Select the Title Keywords search if you know the title of the book.
To find An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore, enter Inconvenient Truth in the Enter
Search Terms field. Omit beginning articles such as a, an, or the. Select Title
Keywords from the dropdown menu of search types, and press Go!
Here is the results screen:
Click on the underlined number to see the full information about the DVD or the book.
Author Search
If you know the author’s name, select Author Keywords for your search. Enter the
author’s name with the last name first, then the first name. For example, if Angelou,
Maya is entered as an Author Keywords search, here is the results screen:
Results for Words in Authors= angelou maya ADJ; Sorted by: Year (descending)/Title
Record Mark
Angelou, The collected
autobiographies of
Call Number
2004 Circulating Collection--
PS3551.N464 Z466 2004 Tyler---
Maya Angelou.
Ext Link
1/ 0)
Angelou, Hallelujah! the
2004 Popular Reading
welcome table : a
lifetime of memories
TX715 .A5697 2004
with recipes.
Mending the world
: stories of family by
1/ 1)
2003 Circulating Collection-PN56.F3 M46 2003
contemporary black
writers /
1/ 0)
Angelou, I know why the
caged bird sings /
2002 Circulating Collection--
PS3551.N464 Z466 2002 Tyler--Chester(
1/ 0)
These are all books entirely written by Maya Angelou or books that include essays or
stories written by her. Remember to click on the underlined number to see the
complete information about the item.
Request Books or Media from the Other Campus
You can request that a book, DVD or video on one campus be sent to the other campus
by clicking on the Request this item link and entering your MyTyler login. The book will
be delivered to the campus that you specify; the library will call or email you when it is
ready for pickup.
Access your library account
You can access your account on LINC by clicking on the Sign in or My Account links in
the blue menu bar at the top of the first screen. Use your MyTyler login to open your
account. You can renew materials online or place holds.
To review your library account, please log in:
User name:
If you have difficulty accessing your account or have any question about using the
catalog, please call the Library at 594-1519 (Midlothian) or 706-5195 (Chester).