The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 2
Table of Contents
1. Overview Book 1: The Brotherhood and the Shield – The Three Thorns ….…….………..……3
2. The Characters …………………………………………………………………………….……7
3. About The Author………………………………………………………………………………10
4. Publicity ………………………………………………………………………………………..11
5. Competitive Titles ……………………………………………………………………………...15
6. The Market …………………………………………………………………………………….18
7. Date of Delivery and Length ………………………………………………………....…...…….20
8. Letters and Comments …………………………………………………………………………21
9. Book Structure and Chapters ……………………………………………………………..…….22
10. Overview Book 2: The Brotherhood and the Shield – The Lost Prince ………………………37
11. Overview Book 3: The Brotherhood and the Shield – The Darkened Seers …………..………39
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 3
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In pre-WWI London, Benjamin, a lonely orphaned boy, is taken from the comforts of his familiar
orphanage against his will and thrown into Gatesville -- the dreadful borstal home where the
loathsome head orderly Mr. Jennings and his faculty dish out their brutal discipline with a twisted
sense of justice. The other children of Gatesville only add to Benjamin's misery, bullying him with a
cruelty of their own, until Benjamin joins fellow orphans Peter and Tommy in a daring escape to the
great city of London that rests a few miles away from their hillside prison.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 4
With Jennings and the orderlies hot on their heels, Peter leads the boys from the main city to the
greater farmland sanctuary of Warwickshire. There he introduces them to Sebastian, another peculiar
boy with a mysterious past… a past that Benjamin and Tommy unwittingly share.
What Benjamin, Tommy and Sebastian do not yet realize is that they are brothers by blood -- and
rightful heirs to a magical, powerful kingdom now ruled and spoiled by Saul, an evil false king who
betrayed the boys' father after he had cast them out to earth when they were born.
Nor is Peter who (or what) he appears to be, but part of a special group of defenders of this
netherworld, assigned to safeguard and train the brothers until they achieve their destiny and bring
an end to Saul's terrible reign.
However, the false king has a plan of his own; an ultimate conspiracy beset with vengeance,
bloodshed and war - a plot that would shatter the brotherhood once and for all… turning brother
against brother for control of the universe. Will the brotherhood be strong enough to stand true to
one another? And what is the truth behind the shield that all creature and humankind alike seek
Our story follows three related orphans who go from being abandoned as newborns in the old
world for their protection, to being rediscovered by mythical creatures in the new world of Abasin
and brought back to claim their rightful destiny’s as saviours to their world. To the good creatures of
Abasin the brothers are known as ‘the three that are one’; one great power combined to overthrow
the false king as has been prophesised for generations. To the evil tyranny that has engulfed Abasin
with the sole intention to finally overtake the new world completely, they are the three thorns in the
side of this new oppressive system, put in place by a false king and dictator.
We follow each boy as they are assigned with each individual protector to trek across this new
world, meeting bizarre creatures and unspeakable dangers until they are re-united to follow on the
journey towards sanctuary together. Each protector, an old pixie and wise knight named Cecil
Baskin, a native fierce bounty hunter and ex-pirate named Cassius Shark, and a master of disguise
and warrior nymph named Ariel. All three protectors have been sent to guide the brothers
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 5
Benjamin, Tommy and Sebastian towards the great woodlands of Reethwood where they can finally
claim sanctuary within a place so vast, unspoiled and hidden so they may train in combat safely until
they become of age. Once in Reethwood the brothers will be taught by a council of warlocks and
sorcerers to be leaders of an army of the surviving creatures of Abasin, from all different walks of
life that will rise up and fight against Saul’s rule. But things do not go straight forward for the
brothers and their band of protectors while on their crossings of dangerous lands and oceans.
With several treacherous encounters, the three thorns are eventually torn apart with the smallest
brother Benjamin being cast to the opposite end of the world of Abasin, alone in enemy territory,
having to make his own way back while in search of allied forces that prove hardest to find.
What Benjamin accidentally discovers while fleeing from an army of deadly assassins is a lost
underworld city filled with human inhabitants, long forbidden to exist in Abasin. It is here in the
industrial city that Benjamin remains to work in the undergrounds without the hope of ever being
discovered by his brothers or protectors.
The Three Thorns brings to life a story of family loss, love and sacrifice with action packed adventure
and fantasy fuelled by suspense along with its spooky undertones.
What makes The Three Thorns a fascinating read is not just its loving and tragic heroes but the
originality and intense strength of its villains and the way the book builds up each introduction. Mr.
Jennings is the sadistic orderly you love to hate, based on the author’s real life principal in an Irish
boy’s school. The exaggerated character is the ultimate conservative authority figure that abuses his
stature and position in power at every given opportunity he can, bullying the most weak and helpless
of all; children. What makes Jennings all the more pathetic and loathsome is his position to be a
despicable role model to orphans in Gatesville; a privately run, bleak and dismal borstal for
orphaned boys. Jennings is the nemesis of all children alike in the old world. Enter an evil, more
dangerous and unmerciful character; void of any humanity that once was in him when the reader
enters the new world to meet him. A deadly knight of the false king named Jodo Kahln is one of the
most charming and enticing characters The Three Thorns has to offer.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 6
The bizarre relationship between Jennings and Jodo Kahln not only strengthens each characters
difference but also makes both of them shine in their hideousness that stays in the mind of the
reader. These impacting characters are introduced before you get to the real and uncompromising
villain of the entire trilogy, and as the story grows more frighteningly intense and emotionally
charged, so do its heroes and villains.
The Brotherhood and the Shield Trilogy is in the same category of such children’s books as
Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials, Harry Potter, Tunnels, City Of Ember and the Eragon
series. But unlike the rest, its story is totally unique with an individual fingerprint that makes it
distinctively its own. What makes The Three Thorns different than any other children's fantasy is its
dark aspect and undertone of horror and suspense as well as fantasy and adventure. It is also a book
with subtle political undertones for the adult audience and would appeal to any reader of any age.
The Three Thorns introduces a brand new plot, new invented creatures with new worlds to explore
and mixes fantasy and adventure with elements of horror and science fiction. The story is not one
dimensional with one dimensional characters. All is not what it appears to be, and the basic standard
rule of good versus evil does not apply with The Three Thorns.
The characters in The Three Thorns have substantial realism and depth that influence the reader to
relate and care for each individual character. The reader can relate to these heroic and antiheroic
characters in different ways and for different reasons. As well as filling the reader with interest and
emotion, The Three Thorns will fill them with dread and excitement when they are introduced to
several disturbing villains—all different from each other. The Three Thorns does not patronize the
child reader but respects the reader with its very core message centred on the understanding of
struggles and fears that children have. But most importantly, the story gives way to allow for the
character's emotions of rage and frustration, anger and revenge to be embraced and understood
rather than be oppressed and ignored. The story itself touches on social class, political stance, and
the subject of contrasting ideals of what is good and what is morality. This is why The Brotherhood
And The Shield – The Three Thorns has a much broader appeal to a wider market audience than most
books in its genre. It has a lot to offer children of all ages with its adventure and story. It has a lot to
offer the adult reader with its moral message and it has the escapism that both young and old
readers alike can share.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 7
Benjamin Brannon
The anti-hero and the main central character out of the entire trilogy Benjamin,
is the smallest and most vulnerable of his brothers. He turns from having the
biggest heart of the The Three Thorns to being the most conflicted as The Lost
Prince. He is the character everyone wants to see do well and most children will
identify with him as his pressures and losses are greater than any other
character in the story. He is loveable, witty and naive until he is changed for the
worse by the end of this intended trilogy. His skills and powers grow from
being able to breathe underwater to foreseeing future events and more.
Tommy Joel
Tommy is the ultimate bully you love to hate until you get to understand his
character. He is the typical arrogant popular tough boy, fearless of greater
threat and rebellious to authority figures. Tommy changes dramatically
throughout the story, growing up more sensible and mature than his two
brothers. Although these brothers are the same age, Tommy is the first to be
born of the three making him the oldest by birthright. He is also the tallest and
grows to rely more on his human skills and strength of spirit rather than his gifted powers to see
through walls and blueprints of lands with his multi-coloured eyes, which is his most distinguishable
feature. Tommy is more self assured as his character progresses with having to carry the torch for all
of Abasin by the third installment. He is the true hero and good character of the entire trilogy that
saves the new world of Abasin from evil as his brothers fail him and themselves.
Sebastian Cain
His character in The Three Thorns is quite the pernickety genius of the brothers.
Having escaped the mistreatment by the hands of his guardians, Sebastian Cain
shows the most fighting spirit but is at times the most emotional and teary of
the three brothers. His love and attraction to magic leads him into darker
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 8
territory as the story unfolds when his natural abilities for sorcery become an unquenchable
obsession to his unstoppable talent, turning him into a compulsive and unstable character.
Mr. Jennings
This ingenious character is the most vile, unhygienic and creepy of all the
human characters in the story. His wicked heart turns him into one of the
most sneakily evil villains in a piece of children’s fiction. His regimented
character reminds one of a rule crazy politician or worse a drill sergeant.
His methods are as militant and his cruelty seems normal to him. What
makes Mr. Jennings such a brilliant character is that he reflects the golden
years of the European schooling system and the authority figures that
ruled in them, abusing their powers with vulnerable minors half their size. The conservative snob
persona is only made comical with his cowardly side that fits together perfectly. He is truly a
pathetically detestable villain the reader will love and loathe at the same time.
King Saul (the False One)
Although briefly making an appearance at the end of The Three Thorns,
King Saul doesn’t show his true power and reign of terror until The
Lost Prince. King Saul is a cursed man living like so many other evil
creatures of Abasin with the curse of deformity in trade for power,
magick and royal status. Uncle to the brotherhood, Saul is the
ultimate foe to Abasin itself, corrupted and mislead by the evil spirit that turned him. The False
One’s ultimate plan is to gain complete control of Abasin under a one world reign under his will. The
Lost Prince explores Saul’s hope to rid the world of the righteous blood of his nephews so that the
curse of deformity may be lifted.
Jodo Kahln
Jodo Kahln is both romantic and brutal. This evil but charming character is the most intriguing and
psychologically disturbing character throughout the trilogy that incorporates everything that makes
humans malicious and deviant. He is dangerously clever and powerfully skilled in various levels of
dark magick taught to him by his one and only master; King Saul. As the story progresses, the more
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 9
Jodo Kahln’s arrogance takes over him with his secret quest to betray his King becoming an
unhealthy obsession. His sloppy and disorganised ways become more frequent as the story
progresses. He is undoubtedly the most colourful, stylish and deadliest villain in the series.
Cassius Shark (aka Bounty Hunter)
Cassius Shark is the main central protector. A quietly reserved black haired Spanish looking warrior,
the Bounty Hunter is the lead protector assigned by the Council of Abasin to help defend and
protect the three thorns with his life. While turning his back on his pirate family to answer the
greater call to Abasin’s council, Cassius is another anti-hero who has faced exile and ridicule from
his fellow allies. As the story unfolds Cassius becomes more centred as a father figure to the
brothers, especially Tommy as he trains each in combat once they are re-united in The Lost Prince.
Ariel / Peter
Ariel is introduced first as Peter in The Three Thorns. She is a special protector sent to guard and
watch over the boys as they grow up in the old world until the Council of Abasin calls upon their
help. Ariel disguises herself as a human boy child and infiltrates Gatesville to track down the two
brothers of the trio. The nymph creature is a mothering character that has a special bond with
Cassius that soon blooms into a romance, challenged only by Cassius’s ex-partner, the boisterous
pirate lady Marcella. Ariel is the true Heroine of the series and a strong female leader that female
readers will enjoy.
Cecil Baskin
This Pixie character is the most loveable and familiar of all characters. Cecil Baskin reminds one of a
nagging grandfather or an elderly wise person who criticizes out of love. One of the most
courageous and loyal out of all the characters, Cecil brings humour, joy and wisdom to The Three
Thorns story so much the reader feels safe with his character. Cecil is the risk taker and bold elder
that everyone yearns for in life to be on their side and to seek council and guidance from. He is the
most respected of all protectors of Abasin.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 10
Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1982, Michael Gibney is an artist
whose interests in world politics, literature and the love of film
encouraged him to do his studies at an early age of sixteen within the
media and journalism field. Through his studies at college and the
BBC, he developed an instant passion for creative writing that
exceeded his love for media, art and music. Taking his influences
from such Irish writers as W. B. Yeats and Belfast Born writers C.S.
Lewis and Van Morrison, Gibney’s somewhat emotionally charged
storytelling is derived from his personal experiences and feelings about his own childhood growing
up in Belfast during the country’s dark history combining the recent testing times of the world we
live in today as he creates in his world of Abasin in The Three Thorns. As well as having a strong
way with words using descriptive text to captivate all readers (both young and old) with fantasy,
horror and pure escapism, Gibney strives in his writing and personal experience to use nothing less
than originality.
With The Three Thorns comes his debut novel, the first story of the epic The Brotherhood and the
Shield Trilogy. This elaborate dark fantasy is curved with a sense of realism and subtle political and
societal undertones which challenge the adult reader as well as entertain the younger reader with its
action packed adventure. He spends most of his time within the UK either writing, painting or
Currently Michael Gibney lives and works at his writing in his hometown; a fisherman’s town called
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 11
Given the author’s background in speaking and performing music both in the US and the UK,
marketing through public speaking at a wide variety of outlets, (including high schools and
universities) can be one of many avenues to take in publicizing The Three Thorns and a key role in the
media hype for the two sequels that are to follow. Magazine articles aimed at fans of the gaming
world such as World of Warcraft and Dungeons & Dragons will be considered as a platform to
address to as there is a whole other market that is worldwide in the gaming community that can be
tapped into. Other main Magazines including general media, film, special interests, literature and
children’s pop magazines including music magazines will be used as a great advertising platform.
This can also include women’s magazines that will target mothers and teenagers as well as women
themselves to the new novels.
The Internet is just as big of a marketing tool (if not bigger) and in ways it is
easier to reach readers of all ages faster. The Internet has proven to be the
leading source in the world of advertising; this has been proven time and time
again, especially with independent movies, music and the rise of the Internet Star.
Every main bookstore website and online shopping store that can house books
will be considered along with social networking sites such as MySpace, Twitter,
Facebook and the British version known as Bebo that will be approached. Much
like the world of Print Media and Radio and Television, The Three Thorns will be marketed and
advertised through the top and most popular social networking sites with links to the book’s main
website with an each eye-catching advertising post by a simple click of a button
The Internet will make The Three Thorns accessible to most computer owners both at work and from
home, broadening the book’s audience even further and will help the advertising (not to mention the
original form of advertising – the word of mouth) to spread, faster and easier than any other media
Next will be public speaking and book launchings, readings, and book talks. Book signings will be
mandatory and crucial in using the biggest tool of word of mouth. Entering The Three Thorns into
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 12
various book awards is optional. The Author is comfortable speaking to large audiences and has had
experience dealing with various groups of industry people from his experience living and performing
in Los Angeles. The Author is experienced, vocally articulate and can easily speak to a variety of age
groups and is also well accustomed to travel. The Author will take part in discussions on various
panels at various conventions, book festivals, television appearances, interviews by journalists each
in print, radio and T.V.
The Author will do book readings at conventions, festivals and public and private grade schools and
high schools and all other media events should be considered.
There are literally hundreds to thousands of book festivals on each year around the world and like
everything else, the main, well known and established of festivals will be targeted for promotional
purposes to give The Three Thorns the benefits of quality exposure with a quantity of exposure to the
book buying public – live and in person.
*Note* The Author will travel as much as is required in the full promotion of The Three
Thorns release
Known as the biggest comic book and arts convention in the
WORLD, Comic Con International takes place each year on both
sides of the US with media coverage, television (E! News, Fox) and
radio coverage along with film scouts and press from all the major
film companies including Village Roadshow Pictures, Warner
Brothers, Paramount and New Line Cinema. Currently the Comic
Con conventions have grown in number each year to over a
staggering 100,000 attendants and have expanded to four days with
new conventions such as Wondercon that is another sister convention in partnership with Comic
Con International running its very own four day event. The Author will do book signings at both
Comic Con conventions which will increase The Three Thorns fan base and give The Brotherhood and the
Shield maximum exposure as much as a one to one basis can. Comic Con is a must.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 13
The 2010 New York Book Festival has issued a call for entries to its
annual program celebrating books that deserve greater recognition from the
world’s publishing capital.
The Festival will consider published, self-
published and independent publisher non-fiction, fiction, children’s books,
teenage, how-to, audio/spoken word, comics/’zines, e-books, poetry, wild
card, unpublished stories, science fiction, horror, photography/art, romance
and biography/autobiography works. It has three big stages offering music
and author readings where the Author can read excerpts from The Three
Thorns as well as hold a book signing afterwards with press. This will be the
perfect opportunity and right time for a major release for the first
installment of The Brotherhood and the Shield Trilogy, with The Three
Thorns launching its promotional tour in the capital of the publishing industry.
The Library of Congress in Washington D.C. is a book festival with major
television and news exposure. The National Book Festival welcomes new
authors and is especially dedicated to new children’s books and young adults.
The Author will carry out public talks, interviews and signings there.
Entering The Three Thorns for multiple categories in Book Awards within the U.S. will be considered
in its overall professional recommendation and credibility as well as popularity. Book award events
are crucial in giving new books of all genres a chance to be judged on their own merit of literature
and storytelling. They are also opportunities to give new books the recognition and standard they
The Author will be entered along with The Three Thorns into several book awards (preferably
Children’s Book Awards) such as Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards in Chicago and New York
City’s 3 Apple Children’s Book Awards and The Hollywood Book Awards in Los Angeles and the
Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards amongst countless others as well as several categories.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 14
Why does the market need another children’s book?
Judging by the recent studies and results for most popular books in sales figures alone shows that
over 75% of chart topping books have been works of fiction, demonstrating that fiction is in the
highest of demand. Most of these books (see below) that made the top 50 chart in the UK were
fiction and the most popular sub genre were books with ‘darker’ aspects to them; mostly Vampire
and Murder Mystery novels. This shows that the current reading public not only enjoy dark drama
materials and dark romance (both elements can be found in The Three Thorns) but that the recent
market has space to be filled for a new children’s trilogy as there are no new children’s books
starting out at present to compete with the other brands of fiction. Even the most recent novels
such as the City of Ember series, Tunnels and the last of the Inheritance Cycle (Eragon) books
have all been either finished, adapted for film or are currently ending with a final installment. Even
books like Charlie Bone have all been released. This is reason enough to make way for a fresh new
and most importantly original dark children’s (cross over adult) trilogy to be introduced at a time
where the fiction market is solid and the next generation of children are screaming out for a story
that they could define as the literate icon of their own generation as well as giving the older
generation of fans of this genre more of what they want.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 15
His Dark Materials by English born Author Philip Pullman is a children’s fantasy
trilogy released before Harry Potter. Pullman’s first book The Northern Lights was
released as The Golden Compass in America in 1995. The trilogy comprises of
The Subtle Knife released in 1997 (currently in post production as a feature
length motion picture for a release date in 2011) and The Amber Spyglass
released in 2000. All books were written two to three years apart from one
another and in late 2007 a film adaptation of the first novel was released with
much box office success and critical acclaim. The other two films are
currently underway.
The story involves fantasy elements such as witches and armoured polar bears and
alludes to a broad range of ideas from fields such as physics, philosophy, theology and spirituality.
The trilogy functions in part as a retelling and inversion of John Milton's epic, Paradise Lost; with
Pullman commending humanity for what Milton saw as its most tragic failing. The advantage to The
Brotherhood and the Shield Trilogy is that it is poles apart to Pullman’s trilogy and in ways is the
Anti-His Dark Materials in its overall message.
The Eragon Series (aka The Inheritance Cycle) is a
collection of books that was a true underdog story. With
the first book self-published in 2002, it eventually caught
the eye of a major publishing house. Since its re-published
version was released in late 2003, Eragon went on to
develop into a trilogy and proved to be successful for its
originality in the middle of the Harry Potter hype at its peak, proving that children’s fantasy books
are so diverse and will always be in demand regardless of trends and media mania.
Author Christopher Paolini is currently working on the fourth and last book of the Inheritance
Cycle. In 2006 20th Century Fox released a film version based on the first book and like Philip
Pullman’s His Dark Materials Trilogy Hollywood is still to complete the series.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 16
What makes The Brotherhood and the Shield Trilogy on par with this series is that it has
stronger character development and storyline in comparison and is equally commercial as it is
different to Paolini as Paolini was to Rowling. The length and fast pace of The Three Thorns alone
equals that of any Inheritance Cycle novel proving that readers will receive their money’s worth like
fans of The Inheritance Cycle.
The most recent successes from the children’s/young adult market have come from
an elderly Californian woman Jeanne DuPrau and two collaborating English writers
Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams. First time author DuPrau was published with
her debut book The City of Ember in 2003. Since then she has went on to write
three sequels, finishing the fourth and last book The Diamond of Darkhold in
2008. Like so many Children’s literature, The City of Ember was made into a successful and
profitable major motion picture released in 2008.
While The City of Ember only touches on a child’s basic fears of the dark, strangers and
abandonment, The Three Thorns explores these childhood fears in great detail and embraces them
with realistic subject matters. What makes The Three Thorns more enjoyable and different than The
City of Ember is its variety; the variety of heroes, anti-heroes and villains. It also explores a new
earth with new lands and scenery that shows The City of Ember’s limitations in comparison.
It is encouraging to know that adventure stories such as the Lemony Snicket’s
shorter novels and the recent Spiderwick Chronicles saga have established
success with schools across the world and at the box office.
This shows that darker children’s books with drama and
character development prove equally as popular as the lighter
and more action packed children’s fiction. The Three Thorns has both of these
important elements making it a highly commercial work of children’s fiction
catered to both markets.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 17
The Tunnels series was hailed as ‘the next Harry Potter’ by most critics,
and was discovered by the same man who discovered J. K. Rowling. The
first book of this series was released in 2005 to much successive sales that
prompted the authors to write three more with the fourth due for release in
May, 2010, marking an end to the saga. With the first movie adaptation in
production and scheduled for release in 2011, Tunnels is sheer proof that
the demand for children’s literature and for major motion picture
adaptations in Hollywood is still very much alive and thriving with the last
two Harry Potter films to be released in the same year as the Tunnels movie.
The advantage The Three Thorns has on these books is that it is not predictable as most children’s
books are nowadays and the characters are more memorable than the Tunnels series. In comparison
The Three Thorns is more commercial in its story, plot, characters, structure and overall eye-catching
look. The Three Thorns reads like it was made for the silver screen and has no similarities or ties to the
Harry Potter series in its story like the Tunnels saga or such books as Charlie Bone have.
Even the Charlie Bone series that many newspaper journalists have criticised for being a blatant spin
off of Harry Potter have found a market and have sold
worldwide with talks of a film adaptation already,
proving that now is the time for a new original story
with different characters and plot at a time where the
children’s literature market is thriving once again.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 18
The Three Thorns was written mainly for the 8-12 year old readers
but as the trilogy progressed it can cater for any age group. The
Brotherhood and the Shield Trilogy will appeal to readers of
C.S.Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia series and child and adult fans of
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – a huge market. The Three Thorns will
appeal to a wider target audience than most books in its genre simply
because there are so many characters with individual personalities that
all readers will relate to on a personal level, whether it be with the bully,
the victim, the orphan, the hero, the rebel or the nerd, every good or evil character in The Three
Thorns have something in relation to every reader both young and old and have something to offer
and share with the reader.
The dark aspects of The Three Thorns will fascinate younger readers as well as intrigue the teenage
market to the novel as will its subtle political undertones entice the adult and elderly reader to its
story. The subtle element of romance between the adult male and female characters will appeal
greatly to the female adult market too (Aragon and Arwen from Lord of the Rings, Han Solo
Princess Leia from Star Wars).
As a piece of literature, The Three Thorns stands at a high calibre and will be the perfect choice for
parents to share in a reading with their children and school teachers with their pupils. The Three
Thorns has everything for everyone. Its action packed adventure will glue child readers to the page
while the characters and plot, new creatures and worlds will thrill and entice the young adult reader.
There is a lot of potential in promoting The Three Thorns as a cross over book for both children and
What should not be overlooked is the potential in minority target audiences. As well as children and
young adults, The Three Thorns can be targeted and promoted towards certain types in the overall
reading demographic.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 19
Comic book fans and fans of board games such as Dungeons and Dragons should be targeted as
they can bring a huge amount of dedicated and loyal followers. Fans of the Fantasy and Science
Fiction genre should also be targeted as potential buyers and therefore should be advertised and sold
towards the fans. This is an important factor to consider since this particular genre of audience has
no set age limit, but is instead made up of all age groups which will spread the word through a bigger
varied audience that The Three Thorns was written for.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 20
The Three Thorns is a completed manuscript which has a word count of approximately 271,187. It
equals books in size such as Brisingr (from the Eragon series) ,Harry Potter books Order of the
Phoenix and the Goblet of Fire .
The Lost Prince, the 2nd book in The Brotherhood and the Shield Trilogy, is almost complete
with re-drafts currently underway and is expected to be finished by the end of this summer so that
the author can start and complete the 3rd book in the trilogy titled The Darkened Seers. The 2nd
book can be completed and the 3rd book written and completed 6 months from execution of
contracts and both are expected to surpass The Three Thorns in length with The Lost Prince expected to
be the same length as The Goblet of Fire.
It is important to note that in the current climate readers want extra value for their money and with
all forms of media expanding in length, be it durations of films, more quantity levels for computer
games, more songs for albums at lesser prices and novels that have quantity as well as quality. A
good example of this is the result of Stephanie Meyers Twilight saga with sequels New Moon, Eclipse
and Breaking dawn ranging from over 600 to over 700 pages in length. Great storytelling in
abundance is what readers of fiction want in a time where children are demanding more and more.
Children’s Horror writer Darren Shan’s recent novel to be adapted into
a major motion picture, The Vampire’s Assistant thrilled its readers
with quality and a quantity of 692 pages proving to be a huge pay off
for a children’s horror novel - his largest and now most successful of
his career.
The Vampire’s Assistant is also the first book in a series titled Cirque
Du Freak with a 4th book rumoured to be on the way. It is just another
reason on a long list why The Three Thorns is a perfect fit for the market
at present as it is the first fantasy/horror/science-fiction cross over
book for children and adults that combine these great genres together.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 21
“I’m not a huge fan of fantasy but I got to say I didn’t feel I had to be after reading this.
A well written and thoroughly enjoyable piece of children’s fiction.”
– Claire Savage, (BBC News Reporter and Journalist)
“I have never edited a manuscript which I could honestly say I can see becoming a best seller, but this one can.”
– Hayley Brierley Roberts, (Copy-editor and proof reader)
“Author Mike Gibney has created a sprawling epic story within a fantastical world. It’s remarkable not just
because it is so ambitious, but because it is so heartfelt. Fabulous for the young and old.”
– Adam McDaniel (founder of Aisling Eye Books)
“Very well written and captivating.”
– Paul Clements (Writer, BBC Critic and Queens University English Lecturer)
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 22
The Three Thorns is made up of 81 relatively short chapters, which
flow easily into one another and easy to follow. From the
beginning it is fast paced at introducing the characters, with the
central main character and Anti-Hero along with the main Villain
introduced in the first chapter. The Three Thorns works in a
quick structured format with short chapters (some even lasting a
little over 1 page. Much like children’s horror author R.L. Stine
and mainstream author Dan Brown, The Three Thorns jumps from
sub-plot and storylines back and forth similar to the style of
J.R.R. Tolkien and has to be fast paced for such a large story,
much like The Lord of the Rings without the irrelevant details
and family tree history. Nothing was written to slow the pace of The Three Thorns, and with each
chapter or page describing in depth characters and dramatic development there is a counter chapter
or page with action and suspense to keep the reader hooked with chapters increasing in length half
way through the book, encouraging the reader to read more and read on further until they finish the
next chapter. This gives the reader the sensation of satisfaction and willingness to complete the story
as quickly as the shorter chapters they breezed through at the beginning of the book.
Below is a very basic and short breakdown of chapters (each individually titled) that make up the
structure and foundation of the trilogy’s main characters.
CHAPTER 1 - Mr. Jennings And The New Boy.
Central characters are introduced here as is a central scene of the borstal home that our poor
unlucky character Benjamin Brannon is forced into as he has come of age to leave his old
orphanage. The Head of the borstal home ‘Gatesville’ is introduced; a wicked and loathsome villain
that is to be explored in greater depth throughout the trilogy.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 23
CHAPTER 2 - Tommy The Bully
The 2nd main character and the ultimate ‘Hero’ of the trilogy is primarily introduced as a rough and
cruel bully in his childhood years. As the trilogy progresses Tommy Joel’s character matures.
Benjamin and Tommy meet for the first time.
CHAPTER 3 - A Cruel Prank
This chapter marks the humour of the story. Benjamin wins favour with class mates and peers much
to Tommy Joel’s displease after his prank involving a rodent backfires giving his victim popularity
status over him. Mr. Porter, a heavy handed conservative orderly at Gatesville is introduced.
CHAPTER 4 - Jennings’ Punishment
An encounter with Mr. Jennings is had and his wicked nature is revealed to Benjamin and Tommy.
A mysterious looking boy named Peter is introduced.
CHAPTER 5 - Food Fighting
This chapter shows more humour. Tommy’s sidekick’s George and Jimmy are introduced. They
taunt Benjamin in the canteen but end up at the mercy of Mr. Jennings as he becomes the target of
yet another bullying tactic.
CHAPTER 6 - Inside The Library
Benjamin is excused by is tutor Mr. Porter complaining of a tummy ache and seeks refuge inside the
old abandoned library, here he meets Peter and talks to him for the first time. An enticing chapter.
CHAPTER 7 - A Justified Assault
Chapter 7 is a crucial part in the beginning of the action and adventure of the book. It also marks
the start of the suspense as Peter encourages Benjamin to take a stand against Mr. Jennings.
CHAPTER 8 - A Daring Plan
We discover that Peter is friends with Gatesville’s most notorious bully, Tommy Joel and Benjamin
is forced to interact with his nemesis and work together with his sidekick’s George and Jimmy in an
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 24
escape plan that had been planned long before Benjamin’s arrival to the borstal. Peter assumes
leadership and instructs the boys to meet him outside on the grounds of Gatesville. Benjamin finds
himself involved with a serious group of law breaking trouble makers.
CHAPTER 9 - Running From A Mob
Jennings’ instructs the entire faculty and student bodies to hunt Peter and Benjamin down for their
assault. A crowd of Benjamin’s peers are on the lookout for him as Tommy and his friends attempt
to leave the heavily patrolled building unnoticed whilst tackling all the commotion.
CHAPTER 10 - Cats And A Mouse
Benjamin offers himself up as bait as he lures the mob away from the rest of his new found friends.
Now Benjamin’s freedom is under great threat with the mob closing in on him headed by the Head
Orderly, Mr. Jennings.
CHAPTER 11 - Escaping The Barrier
Jimmy’s capture is sadly revealed with an intense position Benjamin finds himself in. Luckily the
remaining four, including Peter escape the mob and Gatesville for good with only a broken locked
rusted gate that stands in the way between them and the orderly’s Jennings and Porter.
CHAPTER 12 - Enduring The Mush Of The Moors
A chapter with great realism and struggle as the characters journey through a miserable with the
orderly’s and authorities in search of them.
CHAPTER 13 - Belly Full Of Barrels
The group run into their tutor from Gatesville, Mr. Porter stumbling out of a local pub in his area,
as they unknowingly reach the street their orderly lives in. A chase ensues.
CHAPTER 14 - The Scouting Girl
Rosemary Anne Porter, daughter of Mr. Porter is introduced and offers the boys temporary cover in
the family’s wine cellar before they hear footsteps of a drunken Mr. Porter above their heads.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 25
CHAPTER 15 - A Mothering Touch
A child like crush between Benjamin and Rosemary is hinted at while Tommy shows a little jealousy.
Peter keeps on the look out for trouble, asserting himself as the protector of the group.
CHAPTER 16 - Inside An Empty Lion’s Den
The following morning police enter the cellar in search of the boys who hide behind a large wine
rack. Peter is missing and Mr. Porter discovers what appears to be an empty picnic basket Rosemary
had brought down to feed her guests during the previous night. As the authorities close in there is
nowhere left to hide.
CHAPTER 17 - Unexpected Rescue
Luckily they are rescued and hidden once more from sight by Rosemary and are brought into the
Porter cottage home.
CHAPTER 18 - A Threat To Freedom
The terrifying Jennings turns up to the cottage and is the first to discover his runaways with
Rosemary in the Porter cottage. The three boys take an opportunity to dodge the nasty villain and
have the police and orderly’s chasing them around the cottage until Peter arrives with stolen bicycles
belonging to the police bobby’s. The four boys out run Jennings and make their getaway out of the
country on the stolen bicycles.
CHAPTER 19 - Among The City Of Orphans
The boys finally make it to what is revealed to be a very cold, bleak and dangerous city of London.
The orderly’s and authorities are still after the group of runaways. In this chapter street kids and
thugs are introduced, giving the story more tension and suspense. The Londoners befriend our
heroes after an agreement is made for the stolen bicycles. The trio of street kids lead the boys
through the London back streets (in order to avoid detection) on their way to London’s central train
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 26
CHAPTER 20 - A Good Day For The Train
Benjamin realises only too late that the money his friends entrusted him with has been pick
pocketed by one of the street kids. The street kids leave with the bikes only to bring back trouble as
policemen chase after them, leading the authorities straight to the reported runaways from
CHAPTER 21 - Panic On The Platform
This chapter sees George’s capture and Tommy’s near capture as he struggles his way through an
angry crowd that interferes with their plans of escape. It is a highly intense chapter.
CHAPTER 22 - Searching For Peter
As soon as Benjamin and Tommy are safe on the train and left a map by Peter to follow to the
North countryside of Warwickshire, Peter disappears for reasons yet unknown to Benjamin and
Tommy. Tommy searches for Peter upon the train and is almost caught out by the train conductor.
CHAPTER 23 - The Winter’s Stranger
A scary seeming character who is introduced as a fierce animal hunter is introduced. Jacob O’Malley
arrives to greet the boys in Warwickshire and offers them sanctuary and a home with a stable family
environment, which each of our characters have been longing for since the beginning of the story.
CHAPTER 24 - Unwanted Company
Tommy’s stubbornness sees him abandoned and separated from Benjamin amongst the cold winter
countryside with Wolves on the prowl for him as they appear to him at night. Tommy’s safety is in
CHAPTER 25 - Sebastian Cain
Following the books starting prologue the third child the prologue refers to is introduced.
Sebastian’s background and abusive guardians are introduced with a backdrop of upper class society
in the theatrical entertainment business of the West End in London. Peter arrives to keep watch on
the boy as he plots his perfect moment to rescue him.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 27
CHAPTER 26 - New Friends Of Warwickshire
Characters Jacob O’Malley and his co-farmer Luther are explored in more depth. This chapter
covers six months of the boys settling into their new way of life spanning over the winter and up to
the middle of summer. It is the family bonding elements and Benjamin and Tommy’s characters that
are developed here.
CHAPTER 27 – The Disappearing Act
Sebastian meets Peter as he is forced to climb scaffolding to the Theatre’s ceiling in order to fix
broken lights. Suddenly the ghostly face of Peter ushers him forward and to Sebastian’s parent’s
shock, he vanishes from sight and is taken up through the ceiling’s gap.
CHAPTER 28 - Identifying An Inspector
Peter’s map leads Jennings and the authorities to Sebastian Cain and his guardian’s West End
Theatre. Peter greets Sebastian and reveals truths about Sebastian’s reoccurring dreams of the future
life and of a new world.
CHAPTER 29 – Roaring And Curtains
Peter and Sebastian plot their escape at the grand opening of Sebastian’s step-fathers new west end
theatrical play.
CHAPTER 30 – Face To Face
Peter (Ariel) comes face to face with King Saul in the human guise of an Inspector from the London
Police. She narrowly escapes and flees with Sebastian leaving Sebastian’s step-father, Herman Cain,
to rectify his ruined theatrical.
CHAPTER 31 – Benjamin’s Twelfth Birthday
Benjamin and Tommy are re-united with Peter on the evening of Benjamin’s birthday. Peter arrives
to Jacob O’Malley’s farmland with Sebastian to warn Benjamin and Tommy that they are in danger
of another worldly presence coming to hunt them down.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 28
CHAPTER 32 – The Descending
A vital chapter in the turning point of The Three Thorns. It is the first chapter that both good magic
and bad magick are introduced and is the position in the novel where it changes from an adventure
book into fantasy as other worldly villainous characters are introduced. It also marks an introduction
to the horror elements found in children’s horror novels.
CHAPTER 33 – Meeting With Assassins
Two of Saul’s most deadly and seemingly indestructible 12 ft armoured monsters known as the
Nockwire are introduced; much to Tommy Joel’s horror when he is left behind to be hunted by
CHAPTER 34 – Into The Woods
Tommy escapes and reunites with Benjamin and Sebastian as Peter leads them further deep into the
forest to hide them from the Nockwire flying above.
CHAPTER 35 – The Gateway
Following the map from the night before at the theatre, Sebastian’s parents Herman and Greta Cain
arrive with a mob in the forest led by Mr. Jennings and several policemen. The Nockwire reveal
themselves in front of the humans and the panic stricken crowd flee in fright screaming accusations
of witchery. The mob flees leaving Jennings behind, too frozen in fright to flee at the sight of
sorcery and spectacle. Peter makes a stand and opens up a gateway with a spell, so that the three
children can cross over into the new world as the young warrior holds off the gigantic villains.
CHAPTER 36 – Brethren Of Villains
The Brotherhood succeed crossing over into the gateway and leaving the Nockwire temporarily
defeated. Left behind to be mauled by a pack of ravenous wolves, Jennings befriends the Nockwire
and offers his services in return for his life to be spared to which the other worldly devils agree,
taking the decrepit villain on their own route through the icy heavens back to their new world.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 29
CHAPTER 37 – Protectors Of Abasin
Peter reveals his true self to Tommy; a female nymph by the name of Ariel. Tommy discovers
ground food and adjusts to the new world air before he and Ariel begin their journey to re-group
with the other boys who are scattered in different parts of Abasin with an assigned protector for
their own personal safety and discretion.
CHAPTER 38 – Cecil Baskin
The book’s heart and soul character is introduced as Sebastian finds himself in an area called the
Black Swamp. The obnoxious and self-righteous Pixie greets him there and leads the boy towards a
designated meeting point called The Stained Castle; once owned by Sebastian’s father, the True King
of Abasin.
CHAPTER 39 – One Friend, One Foe
Benjamin meets two protectors on the side of a cliff. Anti-hero and Bounty Hunter Cassius Shark is
introduced alongside a treacherous villain frog like creature named Trump. Each guides the boy
across beautiful green fields towards the same destination of The Stained Castle.
CHAPTER 40 – First Battle
Chief Lemis the Sea Guard of the coasts of Abasin and his piranha jawed army are introduced. The
first battle of the entire trilogy begins with this chapter.
CHAPTER 41 – Swords Against The Stone
A half rock shelled and docile monster named Molo is introduced. Molo is a gigantic mute character
but his actions of bravery and loyalty along with a special bond with Benjamin Brannon speaks
louder than words.
CHAPTER 42 – Molo The Saviour
Cassius and Benjamin befriend Molo and invite him to become allies with him as they continue their
journey with Trump towards The Stained Castle.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 30
CHAPTER 43 – Jennings’ Ultimatum
Jennings is faced with a choice to join with forces of darkness or be left to rot and die in a dungeon
as King Saul’s prisoner when a young and charming Warlock offers him an opportunity to join in on
the hunt for The Three Thorns.
CHAPTER 44 – Jodo Kahln
Jodo Kahln, the complex and conflicted evil human Knight is introduced.
CHAPTER 45 – Crossing The Shoe Tree
Ariel and Tommy find themselves in a spot of trouble when they are taken hostage by a living tree
with shoes hanging from laces are used as restraints like a web.
CHAPTER 46 – The Dead End Climb
The defeated Sea Chief Lemis and his flying omni-corn cross paths with Cecil Baskin and Sebastian
Cain in mid flight as the Pixie defends and protects Sebastian from several vicious attacks by the
CHAPTER 47 – March Of The Troll
The Introduction of Ban Pan Cackerin. The alpha male and only Troll of the group. He is rude,
disgusting and arrogant but loveable for his loyalty and strength. Ban Pan rescues Ariel and Tommy
from the shoe tree. Tommy and Sebastian are re-united.
CHAPTER 48 - Ban Pan Leads The Way
Ban Pan directs the group of heroes to a shortcut on a cliff’s edge towards The Stained Castle.
CHAPTER 49 – Goblin Versus Goblin
Jodo Kahln and the Nockwire fly with Jennings towards the Goblin City to meet with the Goblin
King Borland who agrees to give over his army to the young Warlock to use in the hunt for The
Three Thorns.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 31
CHAPTER 50 – The Council Collates
Tommy and Sebastian are brought before the Council of Abasin and are told revelations about who
they are and why they where brought to the new world.
CHAPTER 51 – Faun’s Can’t Lie
Jodo Kahln and his new band enter The Stained Castle and torture its guard.
CHAPTER 52 – The Accumulation
The courtroom of sorcerers and good creatures of Abasin fight with Jodo Kahln and his army of
Trolls and Goblins as they penetrate their way into The Stained Castle with the intention of killing
the human children Tommy and Sebastian.
CHAPTER 53 – Weapons Of The Elements
Molo crashes through to the courtroom from outside the castle and takes the Nockwire and Lemis
with him as they smash out the other side, all the way down to the watery rocks below the cliff that
The Stained Castle rests upon. Lemis dies but the Nockwire Survive. Jodo Kahln is outmatched and
most of his Goblin’s retreat.
CHAPTER 54 – The Movement Below
The Council instruct the protectors to take the children to a safe haven close by designated just for
their arrival. The reunited brothers now journey together for the first time in Abasin with their
protectors towards Pomperton Island across a huge bridge separating The Stained Castle from a
huge hidden lake behind the cliff. Benjamin spots a mammoth of a creature with the wing of a bat
(later to be introduced in The Lost Prince)
CHAPTER 55 – Meet The Pompertons
The Pompertons are an elderly couple that live on a deserted island between Stained Castle and
Reethwood; the groups final destination. The Pompertons take the children and their protectors
under their roof and help them train and educate the boys as much as they can do.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 32
CHAPTER 56 – Training And Potions
A montage of living and working on the Pomperton Island.
CHAPTER 57 – Amidst The Blackfire Forest
As Jodo Kahln and his army discover the Pomperton Island, the Pompertons along with the
children and protectors head onward towards the Blackfire Forest that surrounds the back of the
island. Here they are hunted by a deadly forest predator hungry for human flesh.
CHAPTER 58 – Asphalt Puddles
After escaping the three headed beast known as Dullac, with the help of a new band of Warlocks,
the group make their way towards the Blackthorn Mountain, rumoured to have the secret to the
Shield. On their way they fly through asphalt puddles that nearly kill most of them.
CHAPTER 59 – Where Sleeping Drogs Lie
The three brothers begin to climb the Blackthorn Mountain to enter its cave tip but what they find
are a bunch of have canine half dragons sleeping across the ledges that make up half of the
CHAPTER 60 – The Damaged
Anamokin is introduced, a cursed lover of Saul who betrayed him with the love she had for the True
King. She grants the sons of the King powers through use of her cursed mirror, but Benjamin’s
inner power or darkness proves too powerful for the mirror and it cracks leaving the beautiful
maiden to forever remain a deformed cave dweller. In rage she begins to hunt them throughout the
cave tunnels with murderous intention.
CHAPTER 61 – A Slip To The Pit
The brothers find themselves at a dead end in the cave with Anamokin closing in on them as they
each get separated with one falling into the belly of the mountain.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 33
CHAPTER 62 – The Algamated Routes
The Brotherhood have their first encounter with the deadly sorcerer Jodo Kahln, Sebastian learns
his power of flight.
CHAPTER 63 – Ghosts Of The Sea
The Warlocks help the protectors and the children by leading them safely towards a ghost ship. As
they cross the great oceans Benjamin has a dream which becomes all too real.
CHAPTER 64 – Family Reunion
Cassius Shark’s past is revealed and his father Gabe and brother Valerian are re-united with a
massive battle on board the golden ship the Ramora.
CHAPTER 65 – Lightning Chase
The Nockwire breach the Ramora and Benjamin Brannon is kidnapped and taken into the skies with
Cecil Baskin the only one who can take flight to save him.
CHAPTER 66 – Fins Mean Deep Trouble
The pirates and captives pull together when they realise King Saul has sent the King of the Ocean to
destroy the Ramora.
CHAPTER 67 – Fishing Stranded
Brothers Valerian and Cassius Shark fight to the death as their father’s glorious ship begins to sink
with all of the crew being killed or drowned by the giant megalodon.
CHAPTER 68 – The Separation
After Cecil Baskin rescues Benjamin the Nockwire come back with one last strike separating the
Pixie and the human child apart across opposite sides of the most dangerous war zones of Abasin;
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 34
CHAPTER 69 – Trespassers At The Post
Benjamin Finds himself with the aid of Cecil Baskin’s fairy sent to him to track the boy down and
guide him back. Benjamin and his fairy Wilson begin to trudge through the hellish parts of the
Denasin forest as they begin to be tracked down by murderous villains.
CHAPTER 70 – A Pixie’s Plight
Cecil Baskin pleads with the lasting creatures of Denasin when he wakes up to find himself amongst
stranded allies on costal beach ready to go back into a war zone. Jove, the female Valkyrie is
introduced as well as a Blue Cap Brownie character by the name of Peabo Fogglestone.
CHAPTER 71 – Atop The Sixth Steeple
The Valkyrie answers the Pixie’s plight and Cecil, Jove and the brownie join together in an excursion
to find Cecil’s son who can show him where Benjamin Brannon is through a rumoured device that
can show all things. Each hero journeys to the ends of the oceans where no light dare cast itself
upon. Cecil discovers the device known as ‘the time eye’ and discovers Benjamin’s whereabouts but
is given shocking news about his son by his friend D.A.X. D.A.X. the half robotic half organic
watcher and caretaker of Abasin is introduced.
CHAPTER 72 – Heroes’ Return
Finally Tommy, Sebastian and the Pomperton’s make their way to the sanctuary of Reethwood with
their protectors in tact along with the only survivors of the Ramora. Our heroes meet Cecil Baskin
and his new found friends there but without Benjamin Brannon. The Council call a meeting for all
the country of Reethwood to attend. Molo, the rock monster returns willing to help in the search for
Abasin’s Lost Prince.
CHAPTER 73 – Inside A Shoe Tree
Benjamin finds himself in a surreal and false world designed as the ultimate prison with only Cecil’s
fairy and his wit to rely on in order to escape. But time is of the essence as Benjamin soon realises
the more time he spends in this cursed prison, the more creature and less human he is becoming.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 35
CHAPTER 74 – Jodo’s Revelation
Cecil Baskin’s son Bevil Baskin is brought in front of the parliament of Saul’s House where the evil
politicians and creatures force him to use a time eye to help Saul have an advantage. Jodo reveals to
Mr. Jennings that they are the same person and that somehow he is going to find out why this has
happened to them.
CHAPTER 75 – Conquering The Labyrinth
Benjamin finally escapes the shoe tree after he cracks the illusion it had him and his guide under only
to find himself in an entirely new world, hidden from Abasin and far where no one can reach him.
CHAPTER 76 – The Industrial City
The world Benjamin now finds himself in is introduced and explored in great detail as are his new
dangers and foes. Benjamin’s love interest is introduced.
CHAPTER 77 – World Within A World
Benjamin’s new friend and love interest Percy Lacey introduces the new and peculiar boy to the
underworld of the Industrial City where children with voices who haven’t been muted by the
authorities above strive to work and build their own world as they fight for freedom. Percy Lacey
introduces Benjamin to her friends Wilfred DelRoy and John Todd. Percy Lacey also discovers that
Benjamin is the son of the true King of Abasin.
CHAPTER 78 – Rosemary Finds A Map
The Story jumps back to the old world and a year has gone past since the disappearances of the boys
from Gatesville. Rosemary Anne Porter is forced to move with her mother into Gatesville where her
father Mr. Porter has taken over the job as Head Orderly after Mr. Jennings’ disappearance.
Rosemary finds a map Benjamin had left behind in the cellar.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 36
CHAPTER 79 – Back To Gatesville
Rosemary moves into Gatesville where she meets Tommy’s old friends George and Jimmy who had
been captured at the beginning of the story. Rosemary urges the boys to try a daring escape one last
time and join her on an adventure to Warwickshire to meet Jacob O’Malley. They agree and follow
her with the map as their only guide.
CHAPTER 80 – Meet Jacob O’Malley
Jacob O’Malley gives his new visitors sanctuary but warns them not to interfere in business they
know nothing about. George and Jimmy heed the warning but Rosemary is stubborn and is
approached and tempted by Trump, sent by Saul to capture her as bait. The Time Eye Bevil Baskin
had operated revealed Rosemary to be the perfect candidate to use as a form of ransom to the
Brotherhood and sadly Rosemary is tricked and heads through a gateway to Abasin with the sleazy
and untrustworthy Trump.
CHAPTER 81 – Sun Setting Goodbyes
Jacob O’Malley sends his two little clap clan helpers with George and Jimmy to enter into Abasin
and bring back Rosemary before Saul uses her to temp the Brotherhood out of hiding. The rest is
concluded in The Lost Prince.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 37
Four years have past in the world of Abasin since the mysterious disappearances of the children
from Gatesville. Now the relentless pursuit for the three thorns rages forth within a new and ever
growing army led by the unmerciful and powerful warlock Jodo Kahln. The lasting lands burn to
cinder as war and annihilation continues to spread, unstoppable in its intent for domination and
unrighteous glory. The prophecy of the three that are one has yet to be fulfilled and hope is fading.
While the surviving world hardens towards the broken brotherhood, efforts to reunite the rightful
heirs of the new world grow just as adamant. Fearless Knight and appointed leader Cecil Baskin
continues to lead his brethren of heroes as they search for the whereabouts of Benjamin Brannon.
Together they battle through new and unpredictable dangers that bring them to the ends of the
earth and beyond.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 38
As the false rulers’ dedicated servants hunt for the Children of Abasin, another riseth from the
midst; an ancient power that has kept itself secret. One who overshadows both sides, hiding its
authority, with silence. Subtle and aloof because it has to be, this darkened presence is on the move
and has its own agenda concerning the brotherhood; a perilous influence that could soon come to
pass if it succeeds in reaching the lost prince before either side find him first.
In the 2nd installment of The Brotherhood and the Shield Trilogy, we see a very different
Brotherhood compared to the Brotherhood that started out together in The Three Thorns. Each
brother is sixteen years old and each change dramatically through their different circumstances.
Benjamin is still lost in the outskirts of Abasin and works in the undergrounds of the Industrial City,
ran by humankind that have kept themselves secret for many years. An army of villains get to
Benjamin first with dire consequences that send a pattern of wars against humans and creature
shimmering through the underworld and ocean world alike. New characters, villains and heroes are
introduced as well as parts of Abasin itself. The mysterious link between villains Mr. Jennings and
Jodo Kahln is explored in more detail and answers are revealed in the end of how these two
characters are the same person. Time travel is introduced and the secret of Abasin’s history is
revealed to be the World itself in the future and the agendas of the so called ‘good creatures of
Reethwood and Council of Abasin’ are exposed. The War against humankind and creature begins
with great sacrifice and turbulence with amazing action packed sequences.
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 39
In the final installment of The Brotherhood and the Shield Trilogy we are introduced with a new
and very bleak Abasin after the war. Benjamin Brannon has defeated Jodo Kahln sending the evil
Knight back in time before killing off his older self Mr. Jennings who in the end was left behind.
Benjamin has manipulated his brothers into killing their evil Uncle and false King Saul. Having
betrayed his brothers and given into the evil spirit Sowl that engulfed his Uncle, Benjamin as the
readers once knew and have grown to love is no more. With his new character opposite to
everything that he was and was supposed to become the evil Benjamin Brannon returns to create
havoc and take over the throne of the late dictator. The Council are quickly disposed of at the
beginning of the story and Benjamin has bred his own army in secrecy, which he unleashes upon a
broken, weak and vulnerable band of protectors that have been left after the war of the traitors of
Abasin and Saul’s army against the humans.
The good creatures of Abasin must unite with their evil foes if there is any hope of their survival
against the greater threat of the new King of Abasin. Casualties grow and many of our beloved
characters have now died and the ones remain are in danger of annihilation. Sebastian has been
consumed by his overuse of magic and becomes a slave prisoner by his brother and master
Benjamin. Tommy unlocks secrets from the Time Eyes and is forced to flee at the requests of his
surviving protectors with Benjamin and his hence men hot on Tommy’s heels, pursuing him across
the great timeline of earth’s history while back in Abasin the remaining protectors plan their escape
from Benjamin’s army to gather up every last soldier and sorcerer they can find for one last fight for
their liberation with the return of Jacob O’Malley from The Three Thorns to help lead the last
revolution, revealing also that he is the true King of Abasin and Father to Benjamin, Tommy and
Sebastian. This last book is going to be the most emotionally charged, dramatic, exciting and darkest
The Brotherhood and the Shield proposal, 40
of The Brotherhood and the Shield Trilogy that will have readers crying and laughing; biting their
nails to the bone while demanding for a 4th book or a prequel.