Curriculum Vitae

Naiming Zhou
current address: Apt. 20-1-501
Liuxiang Road, Gangwan Jiayuan
Zhijingang Campus
Zhejiang University
Hangzhou, 310030, China
E-mail address:
86-571-88206748 (office)
86-13588743854 (cell)
1977-1981: Suzhou University
1982-1985: Mast Degree. Zhejiang University
1989-1992: Doctoral Degree. Zhejiang University
Professor (Sep. 2006 - )
College of Life Sciences
Zhejiang University
Project: GPCRs signaling and GPCRs-targeted drug discovery
Senior Research Scientist (July 2002 – September 2006)
Incyte Corporation, Inc., Wilmington, DE
Project: Drug discovery and development of GPCR high-throughput screen assays
and function assays
Research Associate (Sept. 2000 – July 2002)
Medicine Department, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA
Project: Role of G-protein coupled receptors in HIV-1 infection.
Postdoctor (Jan. 1997- Sept. 2000)
Kimmel Cancer Institute, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA
Project: Structural and functional characterization of chemokine receptors
Postdoctor (Sep. 1993 – Jan. 1997)
Rega Institute, University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
Projects: Role of cytokine in autoimmune diseases
Guest Research Scientist (1991 – 1993)
Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry, Shanghai, China
Project: Molecular biology of Baculovirus and expression of proteins in insect cells
and larva
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