Painless Liposuction Lipomatic

Lipomatic – Painless Liposuction
Lipomatic (as known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction), is an FDA approved
device and is a proven, reliable system which safely and effectively allows for
precise, high volume fat removal in all body areas. In Lipomatic, the fat cells are
first broke down (or emulsified by vibratory movements of the cannula and then fat
emulsion is gently aspirated for accurate body sculpting. Lipomatic eliminates the
safety problem in traditional liposuction and moreover, its active security system
protects body tissue (nerves, blood vessels, muscles) from liposuction process. With
600 vibrations per minute, Lipomatic effectively aspirates unwanted fat and creates
optimal results including smoother skin, less bumps, and less bruising.
What Is Liposuction ?
Liposuction, also referred to as lipoplasty, is a method of body sculpting, body contouring or "spotreduction" that involves the removal of excess fat from specific areas of the body. Liposuction can be
done virtually anywhere on the body, including the abdomen, hips, buttocks, back, thighs, knees, calves,
ankles and upper arms. Localized fat deposits may be inherited and typically do not respond to dieting or
exercise. Liposuction is often the only way to remove them. Liposuction can be performed on several
areas of the body at once. Sometimes, liposuction is performed as the first step in a fat transfer procedure.
In these cases, fat is removed via liposuction, processed and then re-injected into another area of the body
where it is in short supply. Liposuction is not usually about weight reduction. It's about reshaping and
contouring the body, though in cases where large quantities of fat are removed, weight reduction does
occur. The ones who get the best results are those who demonstrate a willingness to continue controlling
their weight with diet and exercise even after liposuction.
Ideal Candidates for Liposuction
The best candidates for liposuction have localized deposits of fat in certain body areas such as abdomen, arms,
thighs, back, and/or buttocks. These pockets of fat are often resistant to the effects of even the best diet and
exercise regimens, and maybe originate from genetics. Liposuction is also used for abdominal etching, which
can uncover your inner six-pack. In addition, face liposuction is often used to address chubby cheeks or jowls.
Ideal liposuction candidates are men and women of relatively normal weight. It is important that your weight is
stable. People who are planning to lose a significant amount of weight, or even gain weight (e.g. due to
pregnancy) is not suitable to undergo liposuction. Liposuction results are permanent as long as your weight
remains stable. Favorite liposuction candidates also have firm, elastic skin. For the best results, the skin must
shrink following the procedure. People who lose skin elasticity with age may have compromised results of
liposuction. If skin quality remains elastic, age is no deterrent for liposuction.
Liposuction is not a substitute for diet and exercise, nor is it a magic bullet. Liposuction can help redefine or
sculpt your body, but it cannot completely change your shape. It also cannot make you feel more satisfied about
other aspects of your life. However, liposuction may make you feel better about yourself if you are bothered by
a muffin top, spare tire or other pocket of unwanted fat.
Lipomatic (Power Assisted Liposuction)
Developed by a German surgeon, Y,G,llouz, Liposmatic employs a compressed air-powered cannula, which like
a jackhammer sucks out the fat gentler and faster. Lipomatic is latest liposuction technique in Korea which is
safe, effective, and easy.
In essence, this is liposuction hastened by a vibrating suction cannula. Lipomatic works with a pneumatic engine
triggered by compressed air that endows the cannula with triple movements: fluctuation, rotation, and vibration.
As a result of these three movements, a helical trajectory is generated (600 vibrations per minute) which helps to
emulsify the fact tissue. The emulsion principle allows the removal of the fat tissue without harming any other
tissues such as muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. This results in a briefer post-operative recovery period.
Lipomatic also enhances precision in difficult access areas or areas with great fibrosis (secondary liposuctions or
male liposuctions).
Comparing with ultrasonic assisted liposuction (UAL), traditional manual liposuction, or laser liposuction,
Lipomatic is exempt from risks of causing burns to the skin (skin necrosis) and reserves the advantages of
tumescent technique. Lipomatic allows a larger skin retraction, optimum results in fibrotic areas not to mention
its superior ability of safely removing fat without harming other body tissues.
Lipomatic cannula and suction simulation
Advantages of Lipomatic
Active security system, stopping when non-fatty tissues are met
Less traumatic (major reduction of bruises and edemas)
A better aspect of the skin (excellent skin retraction)
Easier and less tiring work for a plastic surgeon which means a more precise and gentle procedure for a
Shorter operative time
Less painful
More rapid recovery
Differences between Lipomatic & Ultrasonic
Assisted Liposuction
Generally speaking, ultrasonic liposuction is an obsolete surgery technique with outdated machine and oldfashioned operation approach, and leads to unsatisfying results.
Ultrasonic assisted liposuction requires the use of large volume tumescent fluid with either a metal probe or
paddle to deliver ultrasonic energy and heat to break up the fat. Imagining the fat as a solid fat meat (which is
how fat looks like in your body) and ultrasonic waves are transmitted to shock the fat into emulsion. Your body
sustains a lot of pressure more than it can take. Moreover, the ultrasonic energy not only breaks the fat but also
injures the nerves, muscles, and blood vessels. This brutal fat-breaking process results in the unbearably pain,
sever swelling, and slow recovery after ultrasonic liposuction.
Opposite to ultrasonic liposuction, IPS Lipomatic liposuction is much gentler. With the help of compressed airassisted machine, Lipomatic cannula can rotate in 360 degrees automatically to emulsify the fact and aspirate it
at the same time. The built-in Active Security System enables the cannula to stop when non fatty tissues are met.
In other words, Lipomatic protects the nerves, muscles, and blood vessels while it effectively removes the fat.
Lipomatic frees plastic surgeons from tiring work and helps them to focus on precise body sculpture in shorter
operative time. Gentle liposuction process also greatly reduces post-surgical trauma, edemas, bruises, and
recovery time for patients. Lipomatic creates more satisfying surgery results with less pain and downtime.
No Post-surgical Massage Is Required
In Korea, a successful liposuction does not require patients to return to the hospital for post-surgical massages
with medical appliances. The main purpose for those asking patients to go back to the hospital is to make them
spend more on needless items. Human skin has the ability to regenerate and recover by itself and all you have to
do after the liposuction is to wear the compression garment. Gentle massage with skin-tightening lotion after
showering is also helpful for post-surgical recovery. After 2-3 months following surgery, your skin should
regain its elasticity and tightness.
IPS liposculpture is a procedure that tailor-makes for individuals with consideration of the entire body contour.
Therefore, IPS does not recommend small area's liposuction which would compromise the result. For example,
in other hospital, upper abdominal liposuction may be accepted; however, in IPS, separated abdominal
liposuction (upper and lower part) could result in unbalanced and unnatural looking abdomen. So, in IPS,
abdominal liposuction includes upper abdomen, lower abdomen, and lower waist. Same for thigh liposuction,
IPS covers front and back, left and right side of the thigh as well as the knee to optimize the result. In IPS, we
establish high safety standards and superior quality assurance. More than five medical personnel will be present
during the operation including the plastic surgeon, an anesthetist, three nurses, and one designated language
translator for IPS foreign members.
IPS's abundant clinical experiences, professional medical team, and superb surgical techniques has receives
universal recognition. IPS provides our members assurance of absolute safety and non side-effects surgery
Surgery Schedule
Retention Period in Seoul (Korea) : 10 days and 9 nights
Day 1: Consultation, Comprehensive health check
Day 2: Operation
Day 3: Post-surgical examination
Day 5: Final post-surgical examination
Day 10: Stitches removal
Removing stitches is a simple procedure which will not affect the surgery result.
If you wish to have stitches removed in your own country, the total retention period in Korea can be shortened to 5 days and 4 nights.
What to Expect After Surgery
It is important to understand that the results from Lipomatic may not be fully evident for up to three months
after the procedure as time is required for swelling and bruising to subside and for skin retraction to take place.
A comprehensive liposuction can be expected to reach the swollen/bruising peak in 3 days after the surgery.
After 2 weeks, swelling and bruise will dissolve to a minimal degree. It takes about 1 month for the body to
recover to a normal condition. The real effect starts to kick in after 2 months following surgery. Light hardness
in the treated area is normal and gentle massage is helpful to shorten the recovery period to 1.5 months (without
massage, it might take 2-3 months for the treated area to become soft again). Surgery result will not be affected
with or without massage.
The compression garment will be kept in place for 2-3 months; it may be removed for bathing. Patients typically
return to normal activities the day after surgery. Strenuous activity is restricted for one week, however patients
may return to work as soon as they like.
Post-surgical Care
Post-surgical maintenance is very important to upkeep the result after liposuction.
After liposuction, the treated area will not have as many fat cells as before. By the time when adults reach
physical maturity, they have a fixed number of fat cells in their bodies. Liposuction cuts the number of fat cells
in a local area of the body, but whatever cells remain can still expand if you gain weight. If you lose control of
yourself and gain a lot of weight, areas that were not treated such as face, arms, buttocks, neck or breasts, can
balloon! And there also fat cells inside the treated area. Therefore, the result will be comprised if you do not take
care of your body (watch your diet and exercise) after the surgery.