bracken ridge aquatic centre

Brisbane City Council is planning to build a new aquatic centre in the Bracken Ridge Ward.
Recently Council appointed Australian Crawl to operate the new aquatic centre at Fitzgibbon.
Council is excited to be working with Australian Crawl who also operates the Sandgate Aquatic Centre to
create a contemporary aquatic centre with facilities for fun and fitness for the whole community.
Proposed facilities
The proposed facilities are shown on the next page and include:
• a heated 25 metre six-lane outdoor pool with accessible ramp
• a heated 25 metre indoor pool with accessible ramp
• a kiosk
• change rooms with showers and toilets
• a car park.
There will also be space for a future aquatic playground.
When complete, the new aquatic centre will be open all year round and will offer facilities for patrons to
swim laps, join a class or take swimming lessons.
In March 2013, Council announced 523 Telegraph Road, Fitzgibbon as the preferred location for the new
aquatic centre.
The existing animal shelter will be modified so that the new aquatic centre can also be located at this site.
Work to reconfigure the animal shelter will start in early 2015 followed by construction of the aquatic centre.
New intersection
As part of the aquatic centre development the existing Telegraph Road and Denham Street intersection will
be upgraded to provide access to the aquatic centre and animal shelter. The intersection upgrade will
• a new right turn lane from Telegraph Road into the aquatic centre
• a longer right turn lane with signalised arrow from Telegraph Road into Denham Street
• removing the U-turn/break in the median the east of the existing intersection.
Bracken Ridge skate facility
Council is proposing to build a new skate facility in Fitzgibbon alongside the new aquatic centre. As skate
facilities are community assets, the local community and skate groups will be consulted at key stages
throughout the design of the facility. The skate facility at Fitzgibbon will be constructed following the
completion of the aquatic centre, with the design of the facility proposed to begin early 2015
Project timeline
LATE 2014
Finalise design and tender for contractor to build the aquatic centre
EARLY 2015
Skate facility consultation
Intersection construction works
LATE 2015
Open new aquatic centre
More information
To find out more about this project:
 call the project team on 1800 669 416
 Council on (07) 3403 8888 (after hours)
 email
To view a larger plan, visit the office of Councillor Amanda Cooper, corner of Bracken and Barrett streets,
Bracken Ridge.
Bracken Ridge Aquatic Centre concept plan