Northeast Montana Fair / PRCA Rodeo

Northeast Montana Fair / PRCA Rodeo
Ladies Calf Scramble Team Rules
1. This is a team of 3-ladies / girls / women
2. The team is to designate a team captain whom is the contact person if there are any questions.
3. Substitutions from one night to the next must be reported at the time of each night’s event, if a
substitution is made they must sign a release from pre the event. Forms are available each night.
4. Team check in is at 5:40 pm, each night with the Calcutta starting at 6:00pm. contest to start
following Calcutta
5. Rules: Teams will be located behind a designated line prior to start time. A judge will blow the start
whistle; teams will race to catch a calf and put a t-shirt on a calf. The T-Shirt must have both of the
calves front legs thru the arm holes and the calf’s head must be thru the neck hole. When this is
accomplished the team will take the calf to the designated circle where a judge will be standing. The
first team to the circle with a dressed calf determined by the Judge is declared the winner.
6. The first and second place teams will be announced and rewarded nightly.
7. The Northeast Montana fair and Rodeo committee and its members are not responsible for accidents.
8. Animal abuse will not be tolerated; any infraction of this will be at the judge’s discretion and will
result in the team’s disqualification.
9. Judges decision will be final
I have read and understand the above rules and agree to abide by them.
TEAM SPONSOR: ______________________________________
Team captain:___________________________________________
Team member #2._____________________________Team member #3.___________________________
I will not hold the Ladies calf scramble sponsor, workers, Valley County Fair Commission / Rodeo
Committee or anyone connected with this contest responsible for any injuries, medical treatment or damage
sustained while participating in the ladies calf scramble contest. If you are under 18 a parent or guardian
signature must accompany your signature.
_____________________, _________________________, _____________________________
Guardian Signature if needed: _____________________________________________________