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Dear Sir/Madam,
I write to express my concern about your firm’s 92,600 shares in LSRI (Life Science Research Huntingdon Life Sciences). As a shareholder in LSRI, Wachovia supplies a financial lifeline to a
research laboratory that kills an average 500 animals each day for experiments "only reliable 5-25% of
the time," one record contends.
Documentation from six investigations has exposed Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) for multiple
breaches of the U.S. Animal Welfare Act, the arrest of workers on animal cruelty charges, more than
infringements of Good Laboratory Practice in England, and a $50,000 payoff to the U.S. Agriculture
Department for misstated records and animal welfare violations.
I respectfully ask you to join the global list of customers, suppliers, and financiers that severed ties with
HLS after learning about the laboratory's habitual falsification of data and animal cruelty.
As recently as late 2005, two former HLS employees from the Beagle Unit left their jobs distressed over
the animal suffering witnessed daily for 12 months. According to their tape-recorded testimonial,
animals are inadequately anesthetized before invasive procedures, such as painful extraction of bone
marrow from the chest bone.
Careless workers transfer blood into the wrong tubes. "One license holder would go in and out about
five times with the same needle, not hitting the vein," the one-time employee maintains. "I saw coworkers grab [dogs] by the scruff, shout and swear at them, swing them by the scruff and slap them."
I've viewed investigative footage of HLS technicians who kill dogs by flooding their lungs with toxic
materials meant for the animals' stomachs. In one video clip, a technician repeatedly punches a
screaming 4-month-old beagle in the face. During a supposedly post-mortem dissection, another tech
slices into the chest of a convulsing monkey.
I am haunted by the verifiable cruelty inside this laboratory. That is why I have taken the time to bring
these disturbing images to your attention. Many labs now fulfill research criterion with sophisticated
non-animal methods that (unlike animal testing) yield data applicable to human health and safety. HLS,
on the other hand, abuses animals for invalid and redundant experiments.
You likely find deliberate animal cruelty as unconscionable as I do. I urge Wachovia to divest its shares
in LSRI and refuse to support Huntingdon Life Sciences.
Thank you for your valuable time and consideration,
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