Joint ICTP-KFASConference on
Nanotechnology for Biological and Biomedical Applications
(10 - 14 October 2011)
Sangeeta KALE and Samir IQBAL
Local Organizer:
Loredana CASALIS
Leonardo da Vinci Building - Main Lecture Hall
(updated as of 14.10.11)
Laura ANDOLFI (Italy)
Mapping of FcRI immunoglobulin E receptor in activated mast cells by scanning
near-field optical microscopy
Julio C. AZCARATE (Argentina)
Funtionalized nanoparticle for sensing pH, polarity and hydratation on a nanoenvironment
Aekbote BADRI (Hungary)
Functionalization of 3D photopolymerized microtools for biological applications
Fouzia BANO (Belgium)
Probing DNA-gold interactions with single molecule force spectroscopy
M.V. COLAÇO (Brazil)
XRD analysis of human dental tissues using synchrotron radiation
Stefania CORVAGLIA (Italy)
Shaping substrates at the nanoscale for single cell characterization
Alessandro FRALEONI MORGERA (Italy)
Auxiliary solvent-based self-assembled nano structuring
Mariana HAMER (Argentina)
Gold nanoparticles -coated capillaries for protein and peptide analysis on opentubular capillary electrochromatography
Munima HAQUE (Bangladesh)
Biomarker enzyme activated cancer drug delivery via hybrid nanocarriers
Utpal S. JOSHI (India)
Study of anthocyanin and chlorophyII based dye sensitized solar cell for clean
Rohini KITTURE (India)
Curumin functionalized magnetic nanoparticles: good candidate for tumor
Monica MARINI (Italy)
Evolving biosensors: DNA-based autonomous devices at the nanoscale
Shahid MEHMOOD (Pakistan)
Selective and sensitive sensing of biomaterials using thin film waveguide
Maryse NKOUA (Italy)
Effect of the ionic strength on the surface-tethered ssDNA molecules
Silvia NAPPINI (Italy)
Drug release properties and permeability of magnetoliposomes loaded with
magnetic nanoparticles in the presence of a low frequency magnetic field
Hossein PAKDAST (Italy)
Triple coupled cantilever systems for mass detection and localization
J.V. PELLEGROTTI (Argentina)
Influencing the aggregation of -synuclein with functionalized gold nanoparticles
Maria RICCI (Italy/Switzerland)
Interaction of mixed-ligand nanoparticles with supported lipid bilayers studied
by atomic force microscopy
Sara RISTORI (Italy)
Complexing a small interfering RNA with cationic micelles
Barbara SANAVIO (Italy)
Controlled immobilization and nanoscale supramolecular assembly of
intrinsically disordered proteins
Wasim A. SAYYAD (Italy)
Effect of magnetic field on biogenic nanoparticles from magnetotactic bacteria
Vanchna SINGH (India)
Non-equilibrium studies of magnetic nanoparticles and their applications
Regina C. SO (Philippines)
Film and solution-based fluorescence detection of mycolic acid
Zahid H. SOOMRO (Pakistan)
Design, synthesis and characterizatin of calix-based multifuctional pores
Barbara TROIAN (Italy)
A novel approach of AFM and SNOM in nanomedicine
TRAN Lam Dai (Vietnam)
Fabrication of the magnetoimmunosensor based on Fe304 nanoparticles-doped
polyaniline nanocomposite for HbsAg detection