Liang`s Chemistry Policy Policy and Lab Donation Signature Sheet

Liang’s AP Physics Policy Policy and Lab Donation
Signature Sheet
Dear Parents or Guardians:
You can find the main web page by going to ; under “Staff/Faculty” select “Science”;
then find “school page” to the right of my name. The direct link to the main web page is located at:
Please click on your student's class either. There you will find the course policy, syllabus, homework
calendar with tutorial links and study tips. You can also find the link to web grade access or use this direct
link . Please note that you must click on the correct period
and have the student’s school ID number and a password (last 4 digits of phone #) to access the grade
The Science Department at SRVHS is committed to providing your son or daughter with the best science
education available. Due to the continued lack of funding for education from the State, we are restricted by
what we can accomplish. The money the science department is allocated by the State and school district is
just over $3 per student for the entire school year. For this reason we must ask for your support by making
a donation to the SRVHS-Science. This donation will help maintain the quality of our laboratory courses,
demonstrations, provide supplies, chemicals and specimens, repair equipment, maintain high safety
standards, and allow us to upgrade equipment. We would like to thank you in advance for your continued
and generous support. It is warmly appreciated. Without your donations, our laboratory science program
would come to a complete halt, as your donation is our only adequate means of laboratory funds. The cost
of science materials continues to rise each year, while our allotment of funds remains stagnant. The
amount of State/District dollars barely covers the cost of our paper products for the nearly 1600+ students
enrolled in science classes every day of the school year.
We would like to recommend a minimum lab donation of $60.00 per student for the school year. We
will also accept donations of supplies such as: office supplies; scientific equipment, such as microscopes,
balances, glassware, are always welcome donations. Please keep in mind that most Universities charge a
laboratory fee for lab sections of science courses.
Please make the check out to SRVHS-Science (Your donation check can be attached to this policy signature sheet)
If you have any questions or items you would like to donate, You can reach me at (the
quickest method). To reach my voice mail by telephone, please call 925-552-5580 voicemail # 2961.
Thank you,
Jerry Liang
P. S. Please keep this sheet for web links to class homework and grade access. The
Signature Sheet is attached to this page and should be returned ASAP.
Please return the attached sheet to Mr. Liang ASAP for credit.
I have read the class policy, class syllabus, and academic responsibility policy for Mr.
Liang’s AP Physics Course.
Please print clearly.
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At this time I have the following questions/comments (Please write in the space below
any special needs, allergies to latex or other materials found in science lab rooms, or
anything you feel that I should know):
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