The Story of the Standard - in memorial William Richardson

Dungeness RNLI Lifeboat Station
The Story of The Standard
Every standard and every part of it tells a story and this is the story of
this standard
The white represents purity of mind and spirit
All will be aided regardless of who or what they are
The blue the sky above us and the sea on which we sail
The red the cross of St George, the patron saint of warriors not the one
who fight in wars and conflict but those who battle the seas.
The gold is for remembrance.
Less we forget those who have gone before.
In the center the Crown representing The Queen our Royal Patron
Below the warp and anchor the symbol of the Merchant Marine of which
we are part.
But more the anchor shows strength and the warp the common bond that
ties us together.
The tassels, the beginning and end of life and the cord the path between
the two with all it's twists and turns, but when laid out shows the straight
and narrow path we take.
The fringe is the never-ending connection between those who have gone
before those who are present now and those who will continue in the
The Standard will be born with pride by members of this station and we
will continue to uphold the traditions of the RNLI.
With Courage anything is Possible.