Schwebende SPMTs von SCHEUERLE in den Schweizer

Press Release
Cocoa, Fl., September 2013
Saving a second tractor during transport, allowing self-propelled
transport on site, couplable with other brands – visitors at Precision
Enterprises Inc., USA, show great interest in the K25 PowerBooster
The K25 PowerBooster event at Precision Enterprises Facilities in Cocoa,
Florida, was meant to be all about the groundbreaking possibilities, the versatile
PowerBooster concept offers. Nevertheless, another feature of the K25 modular
trailer met an equally huge interest amongst the visitors: The K25 can be easily
coupled with certain competitor brand vehicles.
The event in Cocoa was a great success and an interesting experience for the visitors.
Many of them took the opportunity to drive one of the combinations themselves. Several
different combinations of the K25 PowerBooster (4-file mixed combination, mixed
combination with decks/spacer, mixed combination with PowerBooster) – all coupled
with competitor brand vehicles – were available for a test drive. “We are overwhelmed
by the reaction to our invitation and have led many interesting discussions on the
PowerBooster and the K25 in general” says Bernd Schwengsbier, President of TII
Sales. “We have a strong product and the market is ready for the K25 PowerBooster.
We offer a huge increase in efficiency for our customers” continues Schwengsbier. The
versatility of the SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 PowerBooster is, in fact, impressing –
basically it is a five-in-one solution.
1. The trailer is equipped with drive axles and can be towed at 50 miles/h,
supported by a PowerPackUnit (PPU), as needed. Before driving on a critical
incline, the driver starts the PPU. As soon as the tractor no longer has sufficient
power to manage the incline, i.e. the speed drops below 9 miles/h, the driving
gear starts automatically, thus providing sufficient thrust. Once the incline has
been overcome, the additional driving gear shuts off automatically and speed
can be increased again in accordance with the road conditions.
2. After the driving gear is switched off, the drive unit can achieve a speed of 50
miles/h in the transport combination. The K25 PB also distinguishes itself
Press Release
through its sturdy chassis construction, +/- 300 mm axle compensation and 60°
steering angle.
3. During in-plant tasks, the drive unit with PPU – with or without K25 platform
trailer – can be uncoupled from the tractor and controlled as self-propelled
transport combination via a mobile control unit. This remote controls the
hydrostatic drive, lifting and lowering functions, hydraulic steering, brake system
as well as electrical power supply.
4. A further possibility for the in-house transport is the, mechanically coupled, sideby-side combination. Due to the wide supporting base, payloads with a high
centre of gravity can be transported.
5. The PowerBooster can be used as a traction unit at the front or as a thrust
machine at the rear part of extremely long combinations (with or without decks).
With all these different kind of possible combinations the PowerBooster is an
all-rounder of the heavy duty transport.
About the K25 platform in general
The SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 is a vehicle concept based on the universal
development platform of the TII Group. The biggest bending moment on the market,
various combination possibilities and accessories, the largest oil volume of its class,
45 t axle load, freely accessible steering rods, reinforced lamellar coupling and wearresistant construction, makes the K25 an incomparable product which sets
benchmarks in the heavy transport industry. The product range includes the K25 SP
(Self Propelled), SPE (Self Propelled Electronically Steered), PB (Power Booster), SL
(Split Type) and ES (Extra Strong).
About Precision Enterprises INC. (PEI)
PEI is one of the TII Groups authorized sales and service partner in North America.
Based on PEI's 20-year relationship with the TII Group, the PEI staff can counsel,
supply spare parts, and perform maintenance and repair services. PEI offers sales and
service support, ensuring total customer satisfaction.
PEI can therefore provide solutions to heavy equipment transportation needs in:
• Shipyard
• Aerospace
• Steel Mills
• Specialty Applications
• Street Transport
• Plant Construction
Press Release
Coupling example: SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25H, Goldhofer THP and SCHEUERLE
KAMAG K25 HPB coupled together
Customers at PEI, test driving a SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25H, Goldhofer THP and
SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 HPB coupled together
Press Release
The SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 is easily coupleable with competitor brands
More about the companies of the TII Group:
Transporters from SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS and KAMAG are recognised across the
world for their advanced technology and special product quality. Reliability in daily use,
high load capacity and a long working life make the vehicles a very important
component of modern logistical operations. The history of vehicle technology for heavy
transport vehicles is closely connected with the names SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS and
KAMAG. The companies combine tradition and innovation and belong to the company
group of the Heilbronn entrepreneur Otto Rettenmaier. The TII Group - Transporter
Industry International and is world market leader in the development and manufacture
of heavy-duty transport vehicles.
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