The Most Beautiful Roof in the World

Study Guide
“The Most Beautiful Roof in the World”
Please put the question back into the answer in a complete sentence. Write on a
separate, lined piece of paper with a complete heading.
1. Meg has three specific questions she wants to answer in the rain forest. What
are they?
2. What was Harriet Tubman’s real job? Why does Meg say she was “a pioneer
field naturalist, one of the first women field naturalists in this country”?
3. How many species can be found in a 16 square foot section of Blue Creek?
4. What is the “broccoli” of the Blue Creek rain forest?
5. Describe a “jumar”.
6. What does Meg use to walk around in the rain forest canopy?
tree branches
wooden platforms
7. What are some “distinct regions” in the canopy?
8. The book says Meg takes “snapshots” of leaf-eating activity. She doesn’t use a
camera – what does she do?
9. What does “regurgitate” mean?
10. What two animals produce “epiphytes”? (And what does “excrete” mean?)
For the remainder, read pages 503 – 505 and make sure you understand what’s being
said there. Pay special attention to the leafcutter ants!