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Voluntary and Community Sector
Feedback Form
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Name Caroline McAleese
Group//Meeting: BNSSG Children’s Health
Commissioning Advisory Group
Key issues/main points of interest for the voluntary and community sector
System-wide planning for transition was discussed. The South West network is
working well and includes voluntary sector representation. The main issue at the
moment is around securing adults services buy in. It was felt that CQUINs have
been a positive step.
A CAMHS update was given. A pyshocologist was going to be recruited to do a
business case for paediatric liaison at the children’s hospital. There is no
psychiatrist yet.
Changes to S136. Training to restrain CYP is needed more widely.
CAMHS will pilot a single point of access from April, led by Jude Carey of CSU.
Action: The Care Forum to inform the voluntary sector of developments, as key
A project manager for the crisis and assertive outreach team will be recruited.
National changes to commissioning were discussed.
A new commissioning modelling tool for CAMHS would be launched in May.
Operational planning guidance includes community based eating disorders
Claire Thompson is the main point of contact for CAMHS commissioning at NHS
A national funding pilot for palliative care of all ages was underway. More
organisations would be piloting the currency.
The palliative care Health Integration Team (HIT) was ending.
A new HIT had been developed for perinatal mental health. Inge Shepherd and
Jonathan Evans are co-directing this. It includes mental health of fathers and
partners, antenatal pathways and specialist community-based services.
Children are more likely to be depressed in later life if the mother is depressed
when pregnant.
The HIT is making a case for a significant service, rather than just a mother and
baby unit.
North Somerset public mental health strategy has been consulted on. A final
version will be launched soon.
Action: The Care Forum to work with Dali Sidebottom to engage with the North
Somerset voluntary sector on the CYP mental health strategy. Healthwatch North
Somerset has had some input, but this has been limited.
Bids to NHS England around the evaluation of ASDH outcomes had not been
Dali Sidebottom is leaving her post at the end of March.
Please return a copy of this form to
The Care Forum within ten working days following the meeting. Thank you.