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20 May 2015
Voluntary School Contribution
Dear Parents and Carers
This contribution, as the name indicates, is voluntary. There is no pressure on any family to pay if they are
unable to do so. However, we do rely on the income from these contributions to provide the extra resources
and equipment that our children need. This year, we received $64.45 from the government for general
operations for each child enrolled at our school. As you can imagine, this just provides the very basics!
As a school, we have to pay for everything we need. Apart from weekly wages and some tied funds for
specific purposes, all other costs (including casual salaries to replace staff on sick leave and leave less than
eleven days) come out of our global budget of approximately $423,029 for the year. Whilst this sounds like a
good deal of money, spread across 1,181 students, 100 staff and multiple buildings, it actually doesn’t go
that far. Our electricity bill alone for 2014 was more than $63,000! From our global budget, we pay for water,
gas, electricity, waste removal, telephone, equipment (including photocopiers and other large electrical
equipment and appliances), paper, craft materials, books, pencils, training and development, sports
equipment, teaching resources, interactive whiteboards, maintenance costs, ground, building and furniture
repairs and improvements, etc, etc. To enable us to purchase up to date resources and give your
children the very best facilities, we rely on fundraising and your voluntary contribution to make the
The suggested scale for Voluntary Contributions is $40 per year, per child. This has not increased for
a number of years. If you can afford to contribute more, it would be most gratefully received! We have
delayed asking for this contribution until now, so as to give families time to recover from some of the
financial pressures felt at the beginning of the school year. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or parent
on line payment (POP), which can be done through our website.
Please complete the form below and send it to school with your payment. We very much appreciate your
financial assistance and will put it to good use for the benefit of your child.
(Mrs) Anne Hewson
Please complete and return with your payment
Voluntary Contribution
I/We would like to make a voluntary contribution for my/our child/ren:
of Class
of Class
of Class
I/We enclose the following amount (suggested minimum rate $40 per child).
Enclosed: $
(cheque/cash) or POP receipt number: ________________________
Cheques should be made payable to Hurstville Public School
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