The Research Instrumentation Core (RIC) facility houses a

The Research Instrumentation Core (RIC) houses two Life Technologies Attune analytical cytometers
each capable of detecting 6 colors plus forward and side scatter; one equipped with 488nm(blue) and
638nm(red) lasers and the other equipped with 488nm(blue) and 405nm(violet) lasers. Both cytometers
also have a plate loader for automated sample runs. The RIC also has a BD Bioscience Accuri
analytical cytometer able to detect 4 colors and equipped with a 488nm and 640nm lasers. The RIC
currently provides sorting services on a BD FACS Vantage SE with Diva option, AccuDrop, Enterprise
II 488/UV laser and a HeNe 640 laser, and CloneCyt Plus (for sorting into multi-well plates). The
FACS Vantage detects 7 colors as well as forward and side scatter. The RIC is in the process of
collaborating with the Chemistry department to obtain a new sorting cytometer with four lasers (488,
637, 561, 355) detection of up to 12 parameters. The RIC also houses a Zeiss fluorescent microscope
with AxioCam camera and Zeiss imaging software, cytospin centrifuge, high speed centrifuge,
Nanodrop spectrophotometer, and plate readers for fluorescence, luminescence, and absorbance.