Pre History Study Guide: Archaeology Terms to know: Archaeology

Pre History Study Guide:
Terms to know:
Archaeology: Archaeology is the study of remains of past human life and cultures.
Artifacts: Items that made by people such as weapons, tools, or pottery.
Excavate: Excavate means to dig into the earth to uncover the remains of the past.
Need to know:
When did the study of archaeology begin?
What were the three time periods, or ages that Christian J. Thomsen created?
What is the Rosetta Stone?
Paleolithic Age
Terms to know:
Neanderthal: The first type of Homo sapiens?
Cro Magnon: The Second type of Homo sapiens? Predecessor of modern humans
Burin: a tool used by the Cro Magnon that resembles a chisel.
Need to know:
That Cro-Magnons were very skillful toolmakers.
How people obtained food during the Paleolithic Age?
What is the difference between the Neanderthal and the Cro Magnon is?
Neolithic Age:
Terms to know:
Agriculture: production of food and goods through farming
Domesticated- The taming of an animal.
Specialization- Specialization was the development of occupations or jobs.
Need to know:
What were two important discoveries of the Neolithic Revolution?
How do experts believe people learned how to grow food?
Why did specialization develop?
What were some of the earliest known villages?
How was government different during Neolithic times?
How did Neolithic villages keep order?
1. Jericho (southwestern Asia)
2. Abu Hureyra (Syria)
3. Catal Hüyük