Review Questions for “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”

“Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” Study Guide
Quiz Format:
 20 MC Comprehension questions = 1 point each
 10 History/Literary Device questions = 1 point each
 Essay question based on one of the themes (respond in a 3 paragraph essay) = 15 points
TOTAL = 45 points
When does the Green Knight arrive at King Arthur’s court?
What is different about the knight that enters Arthur’s court?
What challenge does the Green Knight make to Arthur’s court?
Who originally accepts the Green Knight’s challenge? Who ends up accepting the
challenge and how does he ask for this “honor” and task?
5. What does the Green Knight do after his head is chopped off?
6. What weapon does Gawain use against the Green Knight?
7. What promise did Sir Gawain and the Lord of the castle make?
8. How is Gawain tempted?
9. What is the Green Knight doing when Sir Gawain first arrives at the Green Chapel?
10. Why does the Green Knight stop the second blow?
11. How many swings does the Green Knight give? What were his reasons for the 3
12. How does Gawain act when he considers his own actions?
 About what year was the poem written?
 What is the legend of St. Winifred?
 What is feudalism?
Important Themes:
 Who are the 3 Gawain’s and what do they symbolize?
 Explain chivalry and courtly love.
 Honor code – find examples
 Humility – find examples
Literary Terms and Poetic Devices:
 Bob and wheel
 Alliteration
 Allegory
Super Chivalry
A lot of people have been talking about how chivalry is dead
Well they don’t know what they’re talking about.
Take us back to the day with the feudal system –
Hold up - what the hell is the feudal system?
We start with the serfs, all the knight’s next up
And the nobles are the ones that the king’s hooked up
It’s ill, for real; they worked out a deal
They watch all his land, and he pays them the bills
Although, I know, it might sound dope
It really isn’t fair, but the peasants had to cope
Now we see the knight, knights, try to do what’s right, right
They don’t only fight, fight, they must act polite – like
If that’s the kind of dude that you’re lookin’ fo’
Then know they once existed in the castle court
I said, it’s true that they really were some hell of a guys
I mean my, my, my, my they did it all for Christ
I mean, they don’t lie and they put up a fight
I mean, try to fight a knight and you won’t survive
What is this? What’d I miss? Somebody please say what the eff this is?
Is chivalry gone? I’m asking you to think it through – ah… and tell me true ‘cause
If you want to live with chivalry
Then you shouldn’t act like a weenie
Can’t you feel that boom, badoom, boom, boom, cha-chivalry
Can’t you feel that boom, badoom, boom, boom, cha-chivalry
Boom, boom, boom chivalry
Can’t you feel that boom, badoom, boom, boom, cha-chivalry
Can’t you feel that boom, badoom, boom, boom, cha-chivalry
There still is something more that you should know though
That chivalry was the knight’s living code, so
Whether with his crew, or flyin’ solo
A knight had to be virtuous and moral
You might think him better with his armor on
But in the field or in the court he had to be strong
Everybody’s giving him some looks, when they’re giving him looks
They’re just judging him on his honor
Uh, excuse me, he’s a hell of a guy, largesse, prowess, and he fights for franchise
I mean, sigh, sickening eyes, how do we view him from the feminist side?