Monterey Trail Football Tackling and Turnovers

Monterey Trail Football Turnovers & Tackling
Coaches never use the word “head or face” while discussing tackling.
Coaches always use “chest or shoulder” to describe blocking or tackling.
House of Fire!
Turn over drills, four stations two-3 minutes a station. Tip drill, Mug Drill, Fumble
drill, Rip, Punch, Strip drill. We break them up into groups of four and rotate them
on the horn/whistle!
Tip drill-With a coach or player throwing the football at the first player, the player’s job is to tip
the ball to his teammate behind them. You can set the first player up anywhere you want, we
usually have him coming straight ahead.
Mug Drill-Three tackler’s one ball carrier. Ball carrier starts 3 yards away from tacklers. One to
two tacklers collision ball carrier the third comes in and strips the ball. The first two tacklers wrap
up ball carrier and secure the tackle while pulling on the ball carriers arm.
Fumble Drill-Coach or player rolls a fumble to the next guy in line. Sometimes they will fall on
it sometimes they will scoop and score.
Rip, Punch, Strip Drill-Usually two lines with ball carrier leading the movement, once ball
carrier initiates movement tackler comes from behind secures the tackle with the first arm over the
top of the ball carrier and either punches, rips or strips the ball carrier then scoop and scores the
ball back to the goal line or line where he started the drill.
Sled Drills
One Man Sled with or without Ball Carrier hitting the sled laterally- Linebackers 3 yards apart
from bag. On coaches movement Linebackers will engage the Gilman One Man starting from
either side of bag and release off the bag. If you have a ball carrier they will release and find ball
carrier. They will strike the bag with the shoulder and forearms. HIT, LOCK, & SHED technique
controlling the sled to maintain outside leverage. Make every LB chop their feet and have total
control of the bag before they are allowed to release and find ball carrier.
Big lines fill up the whole sled. Players stand one yard away facing the sled bag. On coaches
command all players lead with their chest colliding with the bag bring both arms through double
upper cuts chopping feet until whistle stops action players drop sled to ground.
Two players attack bag with hands on coach’s command lifting the bag coming off the bag and
angle tackling ball carrier.
Have players tackle bag straight ahead or from the side. As defender tackles bag have a ball
thrown after tackle for scoop and score technique or fall on fumble.
Man Drills
Form Tackle- Have players face each other defender one knee down hands on side on ball
carriers twitch defender while throwing hands into a double upper cut through ball carriers arm
pits and grab ball carriers cloth.
Shuffle Tackle-. Ball carrier and defender facing each other 5 yards apart. After two good
shuffles laterally within 5 yards the ball carrier will move to score. The defender must collision
the ball carrier with their chest. Immediately throw their arms, while grabbing cloth with their
hands behind the ball carrier buzzing their feet to finish.
Multi Bag Misdirection Tackle-Line up two half rounds 3 yards apart. Start Ball Carrier in front
of defender. Defender shuffles back and fourth across the two half rounds. Once defender comes
back after shuffling over the second half round the ball carrier can run. The defender must tackle
the ball carrier.
Angle Drop with One Defender Tackle-On coach’s movement defender drops into 45 degree
run. While dropping ball carrier will go when defender has reached his 10 yard drop. Defender
must collision the ball carrier, wrap up, and run their feet on contact.
Angle Drop with Two Defenders Tackle- Angle Drop with Two Defender Tackle-On coach’s
movement Both Defenders drop into 45 degree run. While dropping ball carrier will go when
Defender’s have reached their 10 yard drop. Defender’s must collision the ball carrier, wrap up,
and run their feet on contact.
Matt Tackle-Use track mat or take all of your half rounds stack them up. Ball carrier and tackler
face each other in fit position. Ball carrier lets tackler lift them up through their legs and drive ball
carrier up and on the mats behind him. Have players due two reps and change drill to angle tackle.
Multi Bag Shuffle- Tackle-Use two half rounds have the LB shuffle across both bags up and back
then tackle the ball carrier. Ball carrier starts to run when LB gets over the second bag coming
back to where he started.
Sideline Tackle- Start Defender facing ball carrier 5 yards apart. Both players are 5 yards from
the sidelines. On ball carriers movement to the sidelines defender runs to collision ball carrier out
of bounds. Defender says inside out to defend against possible cutback.
Angle Tackle-Same as the mat tackle except the tackler is on the side of the ball carrier. On
coaches command the tackler works to get his hips square to the goal line as he tackles the ball
Open Field Tackle-Cone and half round bag. Start ball carrier 3 yards from edge of half round,
LB is on the other side of the half round waiting for ball carriers movement. Ball carrier runs at
half round then suddenly cuts either side. LB keeps inside out leverage and tackles ball carrier.
Ball carrier tries to twist back the other way he cuts so that LB has to get a firm grip on ball
Veer Bag Tackle-Half round players facing each other at end of the bag. Offensive player’s
movement to one side of the bag defensive player runs and collides into offensive player while
wrapping and grabbing cloth to tackle him back 5 yards.
Accordion-Place a thee half round bag on the ground, both defensive players are facing each other
on the top and bottom of the bag. On the simulated offensive players movement the defensive
player reacts around the bag to collision the offensive player, once the players collide, the player’s
go back around the next bag and collision again until their finished. Have the players collide up
and back. Rotate partners and have everyone to 2 sets.
Score Tackling-Four half rounds parallel to each other same as the mirror drill, coach controls
ball carrier to go forward and try to score. Ball carrier lateral movement until coach commands
ball carrier to score. LB mirrors ball carrier until ball carrier decides to run for goal.
Box Drill-20x20 box ball carrier, blocker, and one defender. Defender pursuits ball carrier in the
box to either push him out of bounds or tackle ball carrier. All of this while blocker tries to keep
himself within the ball carrier and potential tackler. Rotate the line from ball carrier to blocker to