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Spring 2016 Course Contract
Welcome to the Spring 2016 original credit program at Montana Digital Academy! This contract
covers basic course expectations and program format.
It is mandatory that you read this document carefully and initial where it is appropriate. This
contract is due on the first day of the course. If you do not complete this exercise, the teacher
will not give you credit for any assignments in this course and you risk being dropped from
the course with no credit.
If you have any questions about the expectations of the course, be sure to ask the instructor
before signing and turning in this contact! If you are having problems with the contract itself,
please contact our support desk, and we’d be happy to
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Your name
Name of the course
The Calendar
Put your initials on each statement that you understand:
This course starts on January 19, 2016 and ends on May 18, 2016..
No assignments will be accepted after 5pm on May 18, 2016.
MTDA runs its own academic calendar. If there are days that your local school has off
but MTDA is in session, students are expected to continue to meet deadlines based on
the MTDA schedule (including school related activities, breaks, four day school weeks,
There is no extended semester available. Any assignments not completed by the end
of the semester becomes a zero grade.
Course Expectations
Put your initials on each statement that you understand:
This program is a cohort-style course, which means that you are expected to maintain
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regular progress in the course.
This course has deadlines that you are expected to adhere to. If you miss a deadline,
there may be a penalty or you may lose the opportunity to complete that assignment.
If you anticipate any absence that might impact your meeting deadlines in any MTDA
course (including school related activities), it is important to contact the instructor as
soon as you know the dates to work out a plan BEFORE you leave.
MTDA programs were NOT designed to allow for large breaks away from the system.
If you anticipate a vacation, camp or other interruption, you must contact your
instructor immediately to discuss to how to fit this in your course schedule.
If you are sick and have a verifiable medical excuse to miss a deadline, please contact
your instructor as soon as you are able to discuss a work plan to makeup any missed
Although each student and class is different, each course may take on average of 4-7
hours per course per week for successful engagement.
The drop deadline for this course is February 9, 2016. To drop a course, you must
contact your local school to drop. Drops requested after this time will be considered
Drop/Fail and reported as such to the local school for recording on your transcript.
Appropriate computer and Internet access is a minimum requirement for participating
in MTDA courses. Lack of access, local technical problems, viruses and other access
problems won’t be accepted as excuses for late assignments or missing work.
Students should plan for at least two other alternative access methods should your
main access go away.
Many MTDA courses require a final exam proctored by the local public school. A list
of proctored exams will be published on or before April 15, 2016. It is the student’s
individual responsibility to check the list and arrange for a proctored environment at
the school.
All students enrolled in a course past the drop date will receive a grade in the course
on their local school transcript. MTDA coursework is not available for no credit or
auditing options.
Students are ultimately responsible for reporting technical issues that impact their
ability to complete assignments. Students can contact support by emailing support
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Instructor Contact
Put your initials on each statement that you understand:
The instructor of the course is available, at minimum, via email or phone. Although
the instructor may contact students throughout the semester, the student is
responsible for initiating contact if s/he runs into issues.
You must regularly check the email address you have on file with MTDA for
communication from MTDA administration, your teacher or other classmates. If
you change email addresses, it is your responsibility to change that address with
MTDA (contact your local school or MTDA administration).
Document Review
Put your initials on each statement that you understand:
All students should review the student handbook each semester. It is located here:
Students should pay particular attention to the academic honest policy as it applies
to all students throughout the semester.
All students should review the academic calendar each semester. It is located here:
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Sign this Contract
To digitally sign this contract, type your name below. By signing this contract, you are agreeing
not to engage in any form of academic dishonesty and understand that penalties exist for such
behavior including, but not limited to, removal from a course or future courses.
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