Kinnettles Heritage Group Constitution

In this Constitution, where the context so admits and it is not otherwise expressly
provided, the masculine gender shall be deemed to include the feminine gender,
and the singular shall be deemed to include the plural. the "Group" means the
Kinnettles Heritage Group
The Objects of the Group are;
a) To promote for the benefit primarily of the population of Kinnettles Parish
in the County of Angus, the study and conservation of the life, heritage
and history of the parish;
b) To educate the wider public to an appreciation of the above, by way of
publication, exhibition, or the like.
The Group may affiliate to or obtain membership of such other organisations, as
the Committee considers appropriate provided that such affiliation or membership
is in all respects consistent with the objects of the Group.
a) There shall be two kinds of Membership of the Group;
Individual membership
Family/household membership
b) A person shall be admitted to individual membership when he has
submitted an application and been accepted by the Committee. Normally,
all those resident within Kinnettles Parish, or otherwise having links with
the Parish, shall be deemed as eligible for membership.
c) The Committee shall interpret the meaning of "household" for the
purposes of membership, and their decision is final.
d) Members, having properly paid their subscription for the current year, are
entitled to vote at General Meetings.
e) The Committee will ensure that an up-to-date list of members be
maintained, for inspection by all paid-up members, and by any other
authorised persons.
f) The Committee shall have the power to appoint Honorary Members of the
Group, at their discretion, and these members shall not have any voting
a) The Subscriptions for membership of the Group shall be determined
annually by the Group in General Meeting.
b) All Subscriptions to the Group shall be due on taking up membership and
thereafter on April 1st of each year.
a) The Annual General Meeting shall be fixed to take place not later than
three calendar months after the end of the financial year of the Group.
b) Members shall be given not less that 14 clear days' notice in writing of the
A.G.M. and such notice shall be presumed to have been given duly unless
the contrary is shown.
c) Notice may be given by publishing either in a separate letter, or within a
Newsletter of the Group.
d) The Chairman shall preside at the A.G.M., in his absence the Vice-Chair,
and in the absence of both, a Committee member, by agreement of those
e) The quorum necessary at the start of the meeting shall be not less than
six members. In the absence of a quorum, those present shall fix the time
and place of another A.G.M.
f) Each member present shall have one vote. Decisions shall be made by a
simple majority of votes, and in the case of a tied vote, the Chair shall
have a casting vote.
g) Any Amendments to this Constitution have to be made at either an
A.G.M., or a Special General Meeting called for this purpose. 28 days'
notice will have to be given to the Membership, notwithstanding the
normal period of notice needed for an A.G.M., and so any amendments will
have to be notified to the Secretary to allow for this 28 days' notice.
h) The agenda for an A.G.M. shall include the following:
Apologies for Absence
Minutes of the previous AGM
Chairman's report
Presentation of Accounts
Appointment of External Examiner/Auditor
Any other Reports
Notices of Motion
Elections to the committee
Any other Business
Nominations to stand for election to the Committee must be in writing,
signed by proposer and seconder, and delivered to the Secretary no later
than the advertised start time for the AGM. The Chair shall have discretion
to deal with vacancies which arise during the course of an AGM meeting,
as he thinks fit.
a) A Special or Extraordinary General meeting shall be called if the
Committee so determines, or if six members so request by notice in
writing, signed by them all, and submitted to the Secretary, specifying
clearly a resolution.
b) The rules applying to such meetings shall be the same as for the AGM.
a) The Committee managing the Group shall be of 7 posts maximum. There
shall be posts of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer, and
other posts as the newly-elected Committee each year think fit.
b) All Committee Members must be members of the Group, and have paid
their subscription.
c) The Committee Officer appointments shall be normally of three years
duration, depending upon the wishes of the AGM, and taking into account
the wishes of individual Committee members, and also the avoidance of
multiple Officer vacancies at one point in time.
d) A quorum for committee meetings shall be of four Officers
e) The secretary shall keep minutes of both General meetings and Committee
f) Competence of Committee. The Committee shall have the power to raise
and spend monies, to insure, and to do on behalf of the Group anything of
whatsoever nature, which the Group could lawfully do, except those things
prescribed to be done by General Meeting.
a) All monies raised by, or on behalf of, the Group shall be applied solely in
furtherance of the objects of the Group.
b) The Treasurer shall open and maintain a banking account on behalf of the
Group, with every cheque drawn signed by two of the Officer signatories,
out of three approved by the Committee, one of whom shall normally be
the Treasurer.
c) The Treasurer shall keep proper accounts of the finances of the Group, and
report as required to the Committee, and to each AGM.
d) The Accounts shall be examined and certified at the end of each financial
year by an independent person, qualified in such matters
e) The financial year shall commence on April 1st and end on 31st March.
10 August 1999