OMVC Governance Communications Policy June 2010[1]

Governance Policies
The purpose of this policy is to ensure that internal and external OMVC communications
are well coordinated, effectively managed and responsive to the information needs of the
Communicating with OMVC members is a key function of the Old Massett Village Council,
involving elected leaders and employees at all levels. This policy serves as a guide for Chief
and Council, administrators and employees.
The policy is administered by the Band Administrator in conjunction with Department
Managers. Chief and Council and the administrative team are responsible for determining
appropriate protocols for all internal and external communications.
Policy Statement:
It is the policy of the Old Massett Village Council to:
Provide the membership with timely, clear and accurate information about Council’s
priorities, policies, programs and services
Consider members’ interests and concerns when establishing priorities, developing
policies, and planning and delivering programs and services
Ensure that Old Massett Village Council is identified in a clear and consistent way in
communications, including signage, telephone, mail, print and multimedia materials,
advertising and the internet
Employ a variety of ways and means to communicate, and provide information in
the most appropriate formats to accommodate diverse needs
Deliver prompt, courteous and responsible communications that are sensitive to the
needs and concerns of the public, and respect privacy and individual rights
Use funds responsibly in all communication activities
Keep OMVC employees informed about Old Massett Village Council priorities,
policies, programs and services
Respect the integrity and impartiality of the OMVC employees in keeping with the
OMVC Employee Code of Ethics and Personal Conduct
Ensure that all departments of the OMVC administration work collaboratively to
achieve clear and effective communications with the membership
Created June 2010
Due for Review June 2011
Approved by Council: ______________________________Date: ____________________
Communications Policy
Chief and Council provide leadership in establishing the principles and overall
themes of OMVC communications and are the principal spokespersons for Old
Massett Village Council.
They are supported in the delivery of these
communications by the Band Administrator and staff.
The OMVC Communications Policy provides guidance in the following areas:
1. Informing and Serving the Membership
To assure quality service that meets the information needs of the members, Old
Massett Village Council strives to ensure that:
Trained and knowledgeable staff provide information services to the
Service is timely, courteous, fair, efficient and offered with respect
A variety of new and traditional methods of communication are used to
accommodate the needs of a diverse membership
Programs and services are clearly listed and distributed to the members
Information requests or inquiries from the members are responded to
2. Listening to the Members
Chief and Council are committed to consultation and provide opportunities for
members to provide feedback and input on issues that concern them.
3. Communicating Clearly
Information about policies, programs and services must be clear, relevant,
accurate, easy to understand and useful.
4. Meeting Diverse Audience Needs
Chief and Council and the administration ensure equitable access to information.
Information is provided in the most appropriate format possible to meet the
communications needs of the members.
5. Clearly Identifying OMVC Facilities and Programs
To maintain a recognizable and unified corporate identity, clear and consistent
signage will be used to identify all OMVC assets, programs and services,
correspondence and publications.
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OMVC Governance Communications Policy
6. Delivering Coordinated Communications
Communications is a shared responsibility that is coordinated within and across
departments. Departments are expected to integrate communications priorities
into their annual planning processes.
Departments support Old Massett Village Council’s communications efforts by:
Reflecting OMVC priorities, key themes and messages in communication
plans and strategies
Working collaboratively with one another to develop joint
communication plans and strategies in areas of mutual interest
Providing communication plans as part of proposals for new initiatives
Coordinating communications efforts and announcements through the
Band Administrator’s office
Sharing materials and information on key programs to maintain
awareness and support OMVC’s messages
Using established templates and material formats
7. Communicating with Employees
Effective internal communication is a shared management responsibility. The
Band Administrator and the department managers will promote open and
collaborative internal communications. Recognizing the importance of regular
interaction, managers and supervisors are expected to communicate with
employees openly and frequently. To support managers in this role, OMVC will
provide training in supervisory competencies, including communications. To
promote two-way communication, OMVC encourages regular interaction
between employees and supervisors/managers.
8. Making Information Available Electronically
Electronic communications, including the internet and e-mail, are tools for
building and sustaining effective communication within the OMVC organization,
with members and with other governments, agencies and partners.
Electronic technologies help to provide information and services to the members
and to facilitate interactive, two-way communication and feedback. They
provide opportunities to connect with members wherever they reside. The Band
Administrator and the Department Managers will ensure that electronic
communications, including those via the internet, conform to OMVC policies and
standards listed in the OMVC Administrative Policy Manual.
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OMVC Governance Communications Policy
Communication technologies should serve to:
Enhance member access to information, programs and services
Achieve efficiencies in the preparation, accessibility and dissemination of
information, while preserving its availability to members
Foster interactive communications with members and facilitate public
consultation in the development and delivery of policies, programs and
Improve service performance and/or integrate service delivery
9. Communicating through the Media
Old Massett Village Council may approve a variety of communication tools to
engage the media, including interviews, news conferences, background or
technical briefings, and news releases.
10. Government Spokespersons
The Chief and Councillors are the principal spokespersons for Old Massett
Village Council and are supported in this role by the Band Administrator and
senior administrative staff.
11. Communicating in Emergencies
Effective communication is key in times of crisis or emergency. The OMVC Chief
and Council and the Band Administrator’s priority is to communicate
information that will protect the health, safety, security and property of the
OMVC members. The goal is to ensure that members receive accurate, timely
and relevant information to prevent, mitigate, respond to or recover from an
The lead responsibility for public communication will be identified in the OMVC
Emergency Response Plan.
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OMVC Governance Communications Policy