NURS 2300- Development of Self as Nurse

Term 1 (Conditional Admittance)
AK/WRIT 3900 3.00 Professional Writing for Nurses
Develops writing skills appropriate to the professional needs of nurses. Focus on university research papers and
health educational materials using nursing curriculum-appropriate materials. Open to: Student enrolled in the
collaborative BScN, Post-RN Honours BScN, or the Qualifying Pre-Session for internationally educated nurses only.
HH/NURS 3901 3.00 Pharmacotherapeutics for nursing in Ontario
Emphasizes the particulars of therapeutics used in the Canadian health care context. Focuses on pharmacology and
specific nursing therapeutic regimens. Examines essential clinical content necessary for safe and competent nursing
practice. Open to: Students admitted to the Qualifying Pre-Session of the Post-RN BScN degree for Internationally
Educated Nurses only.
HH/NURS 3902 3.00 Providing Culturally Competent Care
Focuses on professional issues necessary for transition to the Canadian workplace. Social, political, and regulatory
issues central to nursing in Ontario will be augmented with opportunities to be mentored in the healthcare workplace.
Supports preparation of culturally competent practitioners. Open to: Students admitted to the Qualifying Pre-Session
of the Post-RN BScN degree for Internationally Educated Nurses only.
Term 2
HH/NURS 3010 3.00 Development of Self as Nurse: Nature of Nursing Knowledge
Examines the nature of nursing knowledge. Students critically reflect on the historical, socio-political and philosophic
forces influencing nursing knowledge. A variety of conceptual models of nursing are explored as well as their utility for
practice. Note 1: Open only to students enrolled in the post-RN BScN program. Note 2: AK/NURS 3010 3.00 plus
AK/NURS 3020 3.00 are equivalent to AK/NURS 3700 6.00.
HH/NURS 2730 3.00 Health Assessment
An overview of the theory and skills of health assessment with emphasis on the individual. The clinical component of
this course provides for guided practice in performing assessments. Note: Open only to students enrolled in the BScN
HH/NURS 3400 3.00 Development of Self as Nurse: Ethical Ways of Knowing and Caring in Nursing
Focuses on an in-depth examination of applied ethical and moral problems, issues and implications in everyday
clinical nursing practice. Explores ethical decision making models and moral reasoning relevant to nursing care of
clients and their families across the life span. Note: Open only to students in the BScN program, or by permission of
the undergraduate director.
Term 3
HH/NURS 2300 3.00 Development of Self as Nurse: Understanding and Interpreting Quantitative
Data Analysis in Nursing Research
Introduces the concepts of quantitative data analysis within the context of nursing research. Focuses on
understanding and interpreting research results through examination of nursing research. Examines the
fit between research purpose and results, and results and implications for nursing practice. Note: Open
only to students in the BScN program. Recommendation: AK/NURS 2300 3.00 be completed prior to or
concurrently with AK/NURS 3300 3.00.
HH/NURS 3130 3.00 Health and Healing: Promoting Health and Healing with Individuals and
Philosophies and theories of health promotion and healing are critically examined. Students explore the
meaning of health promotion with individuals in families, within a caring-healing perspective. (formerly
AK/NURS 3030 3.00)
HH/NURS 4131 6.00 Client Centered Care in the Canadian Context
Focuses on the care of patients and families within complex care situations using a client and family
centered approach. Utilizes practice experience in Ontario healthcare settings to highlight essential
competencies necessary for nursing practice in Canada. Open to: Students admitted to the Qualifying
Pre-Session of the Post-RN BScN degree for Internationally Educated Nurses only.
HH/NURS 4710 3.00 The Canadian Health Care System
The components of the Canadian health care system, roles played by governments, professional
organizations, contemporary issues of cost control, organization and delivery of health services.
Prerequisites: For BScN students AK/NURS 3300 3.00 or AK/NURS 2700 6.00; for students in other
programs AK/ADMS 2300 6.00 or equivalent, or permission of the course director.
Cross-listed to: AK/ADMS 4710 3.00, AK/NURS 4710 3.00
Term 4
HH/NURS 3770 3.00 Leadership Development: Part I
This course focuses on nursing management roles and functions, organizational structure and processes
and the management of human resources in a variety of health care settings. Prerequisites: For students
in the collaborative BScN program, AK/ NURS 3040 3.00; for students in the post-RN BScN program,
AK/NURS 3010 3.00.
HH/NURS 3300 3.00 Development of Self as Nurse: Research and Inquiry
Explores the research basis of nursing practice. Research methods, including qualitative and quantitative
approaches are examined along with methods of analysis. Students develop the ability to critique nursing
research and to use research in practice. Prerequisite: AK/NURS 2300 3.00 or for students with
equivalent preparation, permission of the course director. AK/NURS 2300 3.00 may also be taken
concurrently. Note: Open only to students in the BScN program or for students with equivalent
preparation, permission of the director of nursing. Not open to students who have completed AK/ADMS
2300 6.00 or AK/NURS 2700 6.00.
HH/NURS 4120 6.00 Health & Healing: Community as Partner
Focuses on the community as partner and the knowledge and skills related to partnering with diverse
communities. Roles, concepts and theories of community health and healing are compared, analyzed and
applied in practice. A practicum of 180 hours provided for praxis. (formerly AK/NURS 3100 9.00)
Prerequisite: AK/NURS 3410 3.00. Note 1: Open only to collaborative BScN students. Note 2: AK/NURS
4120 6.00 has a practicum component which is graded as pass, fail. The grade of pass must be achieved
for the practicum component in order to receive a grade for the theoretical component of the course. If the
grade for the practicum component is fail then the overall final course grade is F.
Term 5
HH/NURS 4150 6.00 Advanced Nursing Science Practicum
The synthesis of practice, theory, insights and experiences from all other courses in the program. The
primary learning outcome is nursing praxis which is the interrelationship and integration of theory and
practice. Prerequisite: 90 credits including AK/NURS 4700 6.00 (and its prerequisites). Students must
directly contact the course coordinator 60 days prior to the start of the course to arrange the practicum.
Note: This is a one term course with a clinical practicum equivalent to 18 hours per week for 12 weeks.
Open only to students in the post-RN BScN program. (formerly AK/NURS 4780 6.00)
AK/ADMS 3740 3.00 Health and Ageing
A study of the health administrative systems in a variety of countries. Emphasis will be placed upon the
issues and problems of health systems in both developed and developing countries, the strategies that
have been developed to deliver health care, and the role of the formal and informal sectors in the health
care field. Course credit exclusion: AK/ADMS 3420 6.00 (prior to Fall/Winter 1993-1994).
HH/NURS 4910 3.0 Child and Mental Health Nursing Care in Canada
Provides an overview of child health and mental health nursing in Ontario. Explores essential nursing
knowledge through the provision of two, 6-week components. Involves a critical examination of key
concepts, drawing upon current theory from within and outside of nursing. Prerequisites: AK/HH/NURS
4131 6.00. Course credit exclusions: None. Note: Open only to students enrolled in the BScN for
Internationally Educated Nurses.