2007 HSC Success - Chatham High School

Year 12 2007 HSC Results
Year 12 have excelled in the 2007 HSC. Three students scored UAIs in the 90's.
To read the Articles that have been in the Manning River Times about these students, click here
Students received many Band 6 (highest band) across a variety of subjects.
Our top students included:
Courtney Smith - 98.15
Accepted into B.Med/B.Surgery at UNSW
Has 2 scholarships
1. Department of Education & Training
Scholarship $4,000
2. UNSW Academic Award $4,000
6 year course
Daniel Collins - 96.45
Deferred Griffith University/B.Bus for 12
Presently working at Super Cheap Auto
refurbishing stores around the State.
Is working to qualify for independent Youth
Chris Farley - 94.4
Gained entry to do Engineering
(Civil/Commerce) at UNSW. Has gained a very
prestigious $15,000 RTA scholarship.
Jon Tuohy - 84.35
Has gained entry to do a gap year in the Air
Force. His dream is to become a pilot.
Kimberly Slow - 82.5
Has gained entry to University of New England
to do Law/Economics. She is looking forward to
the challenge.
Adam Tuohy - 82.25
Has gained entry into the Air Force for a gap
year. Has always dreamt of becoming a pilot.
He is also interested in aeronautical
Amber Orr - 81.85
Has deferred Southern Cross University and the
Australian College of Natural Therapies for 12
months (naturopathy courses). Is working at
Inspirations Restaurant for 12 months and hopes
to qualify for independent youth allowances.
Jennifer Wardenburg - 80.45
Jennifer has for many years dreamt of becoming
a librarian. She has been accepted into UNE and
is looking forward to her studies.
Sandra Cronk - 79.65
Sandra did her HSC over 3 years. Her dream is
to work in a museum and has gained entry into
the Bachelor of Ancient History with Honours
at Macquarie University. Sandra has also gained
2 Commonwealth scholarships.
Merryn Brettle - 78.5
Has gained entry into UNSW to do
B.Enginering (Chemical Eng./M.EngBiomedical Eng.) - four year course.
Sam Ison - 79.4
Gained entry into B.Arts at UNSW. Plans to
transfer to Economic/Arts in Year 2. Loves the
business field and will probably become a very
rich man.
Matthew Burley - 77
Accepted into many Universities and has
decided to take up his offer to do nursing at
Newcastle University (Port Macquarie
Campus). Has a prestigious $2000 scholarship.
Josh Gresham - UAI Unknown, but good.
Is undertaking an apprenticeship at Taree RSL
Club. He would like, eventually to own and
manage his own restaurant.
Jenaya Winter - no UAI
Jenaya undertook a traineeship in Nursing
through Storm Retirement Village. She worked
6 days per week and not only got her HSC, but
gained a Certificate III in Aged Care Nursing.
She has gained entry into Nursing both at
Newcastle University and SCU.In addition she
has been offered a $30,000 Rural/Remote
Nursing scholarship.
The results were strong throughout all of the HSC candidature with many UAIs in the 70's and
80's as well.
Most students are thoroughly prepared and have organised jobs, got into private colleges and
TAFE, secured apprenticeships and traineeships or are going to University.
Band 6 Results
Advanced English ..Courtney Smith
Ancient History ..Sandra Cronk
Business Studies ..Daniel Collins
Engineering Studies ..Chris Farley - 9th in the State
Geography ..Daniel Collins
General Maths ..Daniel Collins
..Bridget Barden
..Kim Slow
..Jennifer Wardenburg
Legal Studies ..Kim Slow
Music ..Thomas Haffner
..Ross Ruprecht
..Jared Smith
Maths 4 Unit (Extension 2) ..Courtney Smith
..Chris Farley
Senior Science ..Matt Burley
..Daniel Collins
..Adam Tuohy
..Jon Tuohy
Visual Arts ..Courtney Smith