New Directions, Learning Difficulty Services

Primary Care Trust
New Directions, Learning Difficulty Services.
You Said…
We did……
The Listening to People Task Group
told us these are the things they think
are most important to talk about and
try and change this year.
‘You Said, We Did’ December 2014 Linzi Brook
Friendships and
Making friends at D Day event
St George’s Resource Centre held a coffee morning
to think about the anniversary of D Day. Everyone
who went invited someone new to go with them. St
George’s staff helped introduce people to each other
and hopefully some new friendships were made.
Catching up with old friends
St George’s Resource Centre hosted an afternoon
tea on 29th August. It gave people who have
moved on from the centre a chance to catch up with
old friends.
‘You Said, We Did’ December 2014 Linzi Brook
For all the important
things we need to make sure you know
what is happening and that your
thoughts are being listened to.
Understanding how everyone
communicates means that we can listen
to people better when they are sticking up for
The Listening to People group helped check a new
easy read leaflet from the hospital.
They checked the symbols and the words made
‘Power in Our Hands’ from
Waterside are set to launch the
“GP Communication Toolkit’.
GPs have been told about the
communication pack and it’s
formal launch on 21st January
2014 in the CCG members
newsletter this November.
The CCG has given £5,000 to buy iPads and
communication apps for people with complex
communication needs to borrow to see if they are
useful before spending money on buying one
‘You Said, We Did’ December 2014 Linzi Brook
Staying Healthy
Sticking up for yourself makes
you feel good.
Feeling safe is good for your
Football group
St George’s Resource centre has worked with the Football
Asociation (the FA) to restart the football group for people with
disabilities. It started again in July with Moorside Rangers.
Salford Royal talking to your Providers
To make sure that things go well when you are going
into hospital AnnMarie Hornsby and Sally Hulme
(nurses from the Safeguarding Team at Salford Royal
Foundation Trust) have started coming to the meeting
with the managers of the staff to support you.
This will make things better by giving the managers
and the nurses a chance to get to know each other
and so make it easier for them to plan things if you need to go into
the hospital. They can also find out what has helped people in the
past and learn from what has gone wrong to stop the same thing
happening again.
Big Health and Wellbeing Day
The Big Health and Wellbeing day took place at St
George’s in September.
Lots of people went and found out all kinds of information
to help them stay happy and healthy as well as telling us
what they think of health and social care services.
‘You Said, We Did’ December 2014 Linzi Brook
Making a Contribution
Being a part of groups and ‘sticking up for yourself’.
Having voluntary or paid jobs
Telling learning difficulties services, the council and the
police about feeling safe or not safe.
Congratulations to all learners
50 people who use day services have passed courses to
help them develop skills and knowledge that will help them
with all the important things this newsletter talks about. The
courses are NTPC and Edexcel.
Passing a course leads to voluntary work
3 people from St George’s Resource centre worked
towards and passed their ‘Level 1 food hygiene
certificate’. You can’t work with food without this
certificate. Now they have got it they have found
voluntary work in their local communities. Well
Help to choose new assistant
3 people with learning difficulties were part of the
interviewing and selection team who have chosen
who will come to work in Salford as an Assistant
‘You Said, We Did’ December 2014 Linzi Brook
Being Person Centred
Being supported in a Person Centred way will help
you to:
 Stick up for yourself
 Have better relationships
 Find the right jobs for you
 Feel and be safer.
Making it real day
Salford held it’s first ‘Making it Real’
day on June 23rd.
We looked at where things are now in
Salford for people having choice and
control over their own lives and support
and what we need to do to make things
Person Centred Postural Care Pathway
This is a new way to try and make sure that young people
growing up and moving into adults services get all the help
they need with holding their bodies in the right way. Some
people need help with how they hold their bodies so they
do not hurt or cause them problems with things like
This new way will be tried out with 10 young people, it will then be
checked to make sure it is right.
‘You Said, We Did’ December 2014 Linzi Brook
Using Symbols by Boardmaker
‘You Said, We Did’ December 2014 Linzi Brook