military humanities

Dr. Oded Mudrik
November 2015
Personal details
Born in Kfar Ata, Israel, October 15, 1945. Married to Sarali.
Regular military service: August - October 1963; September 1967 – January 1970
Work: Until 15/1/16 -The Tel Aviv District Court 1 Weizmann st. Tel-Aviv; Tel: 037474406 . From 15/10/15 – Ariel University in Samaria. – The Faculty of Social
Sciences & Humanities
Lives in 20 Haverd alley Kochav Yair; Tel: 097493215 (0505543725)
Academic Education
1963 – 1967
Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Law)
1975 – 1978
L.L.M(cum laude)
1982 – 1983 (study)
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Law) 1
The Tel-Aviv University (Law)
1984 – 1988 (thesis)
The Law of Criminal Conspiracy – Current and Preferable Law
Prof. Shneor Z Feller
The Theoretical Basis and Special Function of Military Justice
SUPERVISORS: The Honorable Chief Justice M. Shamgar and Prof. D. livai
Employment History
Professional Activity (non academic positions)
2009 - 2015
Vice President, Tel Aviv District Court
1993-2015 The Head of the Disciplinary Court for The General Security Service &
The Institute for Special Missions
1993 – 2009 Judge, The Tel-Aviv District Court
The Chief Legal Adviser for The Israeli National Police
1989 - 1990 Visiting Research Fellow The University of Chicago Law School
(sabbatical leave)
1967 –1991 Military service with in the military justice network (Military
Prosecutor; Chief Military Defense Counsel; Legal Adviser for
The Gaza and North Sinai Area; President of a Court Martial; Judge of
The Military Court of Appeals)
Academic Activity
From 2015 A Senior Academic Fellow - Senior Lecturer Ariel University in Samaria.
– The Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities
2001 – 2003 Senior Lecturer The Tel-Aviv Uni. Faculty of Law
Academic Activity ( as an adjunct lecturer)
1987 – 1989 ‘Police Law’ – The Bar Ilan Department of Criminology
1990 – 1996 Military Law The Tel Aviv University, The Faculty of Law
1992 – 1997 The Police and The Rule of Law The Hifa Uni. Faculty of Law
1994 –1995 The Police and The Rule of Law The Hebrew Uni. Faculty of Law
1993 –2000 Military Law The College of Administration Law School
1995 – 1997 “On Judgment” A Seminar The Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law
1996 –1998 Law of Evidence The Herzelia Interdisciplinary Center Law School
1998 –2000 Criminal Law A Seminar The Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law
1996 – 2000 Criminal Procedure The Academic College Of Natania Law School
2000 – 2001 Criminal Procedure The Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law
2000 – 2001 Law of Evidence The College of Administration Law School
2000 – 2001 Military Law The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law
From 2003 Crim. Procedure; Evidence Law The Tel-Aviv Uni. Faculty of Law
From 2004 Evidence Law The Bar Ilan University The Faculty of Law
2001 – 2005 Instructor for two L.LM Theses and for a J.S.D Thesis The T.A Uni.
Supervision of graduate students
Year of graduation
Elkana Liest
T.A Uni. (law)
Mistake of Fact
Sigal Turgeman
T.A Uni. (law)
The Method of The Inclusion of Lay
Officers as Military Judges In The
IDF Justice System
Arie Roter
Hifa Uni & The
National Security . The National Security Service Law
(With Prpf. Talia Fisher)
Shir-el Chen
On Forfeiture of Assets
Work in progress
Ph.D (with Prof. Dafne Barak – Erez)
Assaf Porat
Command Responsibility for Failure
Scientific Publications
Authored books
Mudrik, O. (1993). Military Justice (Tel Aviv)The Ministry of Defense Press
Books Chapters
1. Mudrik, O (2001) “Manipulation in Securities as a Criminal Offense”
Directions in Criminal Law` In: Eli Lederman (Ed) Inquiries in the Theory of
Criminal law 509-547
2. Mudrik, O (2002) “Command Responsibility; A Procedural Aspect” In: Dafne
Barak (Ed) Army, Society and Law 285 -367
3. Mudrik, O (2003) “Independence and subordination; Military Justice Under
Revision of the Supreme Court In: Aharon Barak ( Ed) Shamgar Book 341385
Refereed articles
1. Mudrik, O. (1990) Military Justice in Israel, Plilim, 1 83 - 120
2. Mudrik, O (1991 “The Commander: Authority, accountability, Blame” 2
Plilim 249-280
3. Mudrik, O (1992) “Military Justice, Goals and Identity” 31 Military Law and
Law of War Rev 201 - 222.
4. Mudrik, O ( 2003) “Holding Hostages in Administrative Detention to Use as
‘Negotiating Cards’ “ 16 Mishpat V’zava 813 - 834
5. Mudrik, O (2004) “ Security and Law`; A Question of an Plausible Balance”
17 Mishpat V’zava 37 - 48
Other Publications
1. Mudrik, O (1988) “A Method of
Educating Officers and Soldiers in
Respect of Jews – Arabs Interaction Maarachot
2. Mudrik, O (1996) “ Purity
of Weapons and Purity of Conscience”
Mishpat V’zava 1-5
Mudrik, O (1991) “ The Rule of Law In The Military” Leadership and
Mudrik, O (1991) “ Contradicting Instructions and Orders and the Inbetween Soldier” Papers for senior Commanders
5. Mudrik, O “Military Justice” The Hebrew Encyclopedia (1993)
6. Mudrik, O “But I Love Writing at Home” The Judges Review (Oded
Mudrik– Editor) (2000) 77
Editorial Positions
1. 1990- 1992 Member of the Editorial Board of Plilim (Tel Aviv Uni.- Law)
2. 2005 – 2009; 20014 to the present – Chairman of the Board of Advisors for
The IDF Law Review (English) & for Mishpat v'zava (IDF Law Review –
Lectures and Presentations (unpublished)
1987 - 3 presentations on practical topics of implementing Israeli Military Law –
At The USA Army Military Court of Appeals and The Federal Court of
Military Appeals
1990 -
The Theory of Military Justice – An International Conference at The
Federal Court of Military Appeals
From 1995 – Lectures on Evidence Law in The Judges Institute for Advanced
Professional and voluntary Associations Membership
The International Society of Military Law & The Law of War, Brussels,
The National Institute of Military Justice, Washington, U.S.A.
The High Disciplinary Instance of The Israeli Football Association
The High Disciplinary Instance of The Israeli Basketball Association
The High Disciplinary Instance of The Israeli Olympic Committee
Member of the permanent staff of instructors for The National Institute for
Judges Training