Nova Now: The Synthetic Elements & Element 114

Nova Now: The Synthetic Elements & Element 114
1. What does the periodic table list?
2. What does the atomic number indicate about an atom?
3. Where were elements 1-92 created?
4. Who created more synthetic atoms than any other human?
5. What force keeps the protons together?
6. What particle also helps the protons to stay together?
7. What happens to the survival time of an atom as you add protons past 92?
8. What did Seaborg call the area where no elements seem to exist?
9. How is the nucleus like the rings of electrons around the nucleus?
10. How is the structure of the nucleus similar to filling all valence electrons in a shell?
11. Why does theory predict a stable 114?
12. How do scientists try to build element 114?
13. How many neutrons short is the team searching for element 114?
14. What element does the periodic table say element 114 should be like?
15. Why is producing element 114 crucial to the study of nuclear physics?
The Space Elevator & Carbon Nanotubes
1. How much does it cost to launch the space shuttle?
2. How long would the space elevator be?
3. What material might make the space elevator possible?
4. What would be at the top of the space elevator?
5. How would the climber be lifted?
6. Why is a spinning yo-yo analogous to the space elevator?
7. Did the University of Michigan team make the top?
8. What science fiction author first proposed the space elevator?
9. Why is carbon a good choice for making the cable?
10. What is the problem currently with carbon nanotubes?
11. How does the Van der Waals force help build carbon nanotubes?
12. How strong are carbon nanotubes?
13. Was the prize money claimed by any team?
14. Will we ever build a space elevator?