11/13 Finance Report - Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College

Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College
Minutes of the Meeting of the
Finance and Resources Committee
held on Monday 21 January 2013 at 4.30 pm
Mr C Wiper (Chairman)
Mr T J Fisher
Mr M Shaw
Mr D Warman
Mr A Wilson
In Attendance:
Mr S A Hargrove
Dr S Hunnisett
Mr G Brookes (Clerk)
01/13 Declaration of Interests
None of the Members present had any financial, personal or other interest to
declare in any item on the agenda.
02/13 Apologies
Apologies were received from Prof L Oglesby and were accepted by the
03/13 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The minutes of the meeting held on 19 November 2012 were accepted as a
true record by the Committee and signed by the Chairman.
04/13 Matters Arising
There were no matters arising.
05/13 Outstanding References
There were no outstanding references.
06/13 Urgent Business
No items of urgent business were raised.
07/13 Premises Report
Mr Fisher reported verbally that some minor and maintenance works had been
carried out since the last meeting. Also, a health and safety survey had taken
place and that the asbestos which had been found presented no danger. The
recent inclement weather had shown up some areas of roofing that need to be
The Committee accepted the report.
08/13 Accommodation Project
08.1 Mr Fisher reported that the Library was completed, apart from a
temporary desk top and some snagging, and that all concerned were
very pleased with the outcome. It is of high quality, was on time and
within budget and is well liked by the students.
The project is moving into its final stage and Members were referred to
the Contract Programme Chart. Points raised in discussion included:
The asbestos and corrosion aspects are being dealt with and
costs should be within the contingency.
Completion may be delayed by about a month. However, this is
not critical and has been compounded by QE’s request for beams
to be strengthened to enable offices to be located on the flat roof.
The EFA funds allocated to the project will be spent within the
agreed time.
The BCIF 2012 Cost Summary and in particular the variances
against budget for the LRC conversion/ground floor refurbishment
of £88,828.
Mr Wiper commented on how well the Accommodation Project was
progressing with excellent results, on time, with little disruption. Also,
the students had responded well during the works.
The Committee accepted the report.
09/12 EFA Building Condition Improvement Fund (BCIF) 2013/14
09.1 Mr Fisher referred to the EFA BCIF 2013-14 Guidance Note on the
Application Process and pointed out in particular that the criteria had
changed from previous years. Both ‘additional’ and ‘improvement’
space could be considered when applying for funding. Also, no
matched funding would be necessary.
Mr Fisher handed out a list of 6 options which could be included in the
QE bid, subject to feasibility:
Replace/repair Victorian roofs and windows.
Envelope to the North Wing.
Offices above refurbished ground floor.
Extend Students’ Common Room.
Extend to North Wing.
Convert Victorian Roof voids into accommodation.
He described each in turn and their implications. The number of
options which could be pursued will depend on the amount of funding
made available and the outcome of feasibility studies and costs. It was
noted that, although it could be done, option 6 will not be included.
Mr Fisher stated that there was a ceiling of £1.5m per college project.
The expected cost would be around £2.2m. Bids were to be made by
the end of January.
Points raised in discussion included:
AA Projects had completed structural and architectural surveys on
the roof and found it to be generally sound but in need of repair in
There were still spaces in QE which could be classified as
Category D.
Based on AA Projects track record and knowledge of the EFA
bidding system it was considered that they should carry out the
feasibility study and prepare the necessary paperwork.
The Committee approved the College’s proposal to apply for EFA
funding under the BCIF 2013-14 scheme.
10/13 Personnel Report
Mr Fisher reported verbally that the Sports post, which is shared with
Hartlepool College, is now filled and has had a good start. Overall staffing
levels are as planned.
The Committee accepted the report.
11/13 Finance Report
Mr Hargrove referred to the Finance Report for the 4 months to November
2012 and reported that there was little change from the report to the Board in
December 2012. He pointed out in particular :
Para 1.3 The Stanhope Building total cost of £1,755k to date against
budgeted cost of £1,860k.
EFA funded projects total to date of £1,303k against original
budget of £2,150k for 2011/12
Para 1.4 EFA funded BCIF 2012/13 projects all but complete. On
Section 4 Expenses – covered in detail.
Para 5.1 Additions to Fixed Assets of £985k : Stanhope/Sports Hall
Project; Internal Refurbishment and equipment.
Para 6.3 Cash days in hand of 140.7 days.
Para 7.4 Financial health assessment of Outstanding.
Income/Expenditure and Balance Sheets.
The Committee accepted the report.
12/13 EFA Funding 2013/14 Update
12.1 Mr Hargrove referred to the key areas being considered by the College
in connection with the proposed funding formula for students. They
a. Ensuring students are full time ie. at least 540 hours.
b. Funding in 2013/14 assumes full time as over 450 hours.
c. The studies may not all be qualification based.
The options which would meet the criteria to attract funding were
discussed at length. Currently some students have well over 540 hours
and these may need to be reduced/avoided in future.
Mr Hargrove handed out the proposed financial assistance for students
during 2013/14. The paper covered: bursary fund; learner support;
home to college transport; local authority transport support; Darlington
Educational Fund and the College’s proposed transport subsidy for
various areas and circumstances.
The Committee accepted the report and approved the proposed financial
assistance for students in 2013/14.
13/13 Urgent Business Raised under Item 06/13
No urgent business was raised.
14/13 Confidentiality
There were no confidential items.
15/13 Date and Agenda for the next meeting
The next meeting will be held on Monday 4 March 2013 at 4.30 pm.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 5.30 pm.