Ethics Project

Business Fundamentals
Workplace Ethics Project Guidelines
Over the next two weeks, you are going to participate in a project on workplace ethics. Upon completion
of the project, you will assemble a portfolio on ethics including the information listed below. Save all
documents related to this assignment to the server in your “Workplace Ethics” folder. Each section of
the assignment has a title which should also be used as the file name when saving documents.
General Formatting Guidelines
All documents should be keyed in 12 point, Arial. Place your name, class period, and date in the
header area of each document. All reports/summaries should be double spaced with a quadruple
space after the title.
The Assignment
Key and print an ethics survey to give to the students in your third period class. Title the
document “Student Survey” The survey should consist of (at least) 10 yes or no statements
related to ethics, and should pertain to the last month. Follow the example below. Student
names should be omitted from the survey.
Student Survey
Circle your response to the following statements.
In the last month have you:
Cheated on a test
Lied to a friend
Create a summary sheet containing information on how many students were surveyed and
how many answered “yes” to each question. Title the document “Student Survey
Summary Sheet” Discuss your findings with the class. (one page maximum)
Locate and print an online newspaper/magazine article dealing with ethics in the workplace.
Key a one-page summary on the article. Title the document “Article Summary”
Access the following website Choose a
topic from those listed on the website. Prepare a brief presentation about the topic including
the following:
a. Definition of the topic
b. Reasons why the topic is controversial (a topic for ethical consideration)
c. Your opinion on the ethical/unethical nature of the topic
*Be prepared to debate the topic with the class at the close of your presentation*
Create a make-believe business–can be any type of business. Key and print a one to two page
paper including the following: Title the document “Workplace Ethics”
a. Description and background information about your “made up” business.
b. A scenario of an employee engaging in unethical behavior.
c. Possible consequences/outcomes of the unethical behavior.
d. Possible outcomes if the employee had behaved ethically.
e. Description of how you would handle the situation as the employer.
*Possible areas of unethical behavior include but are not limited to: punctuality,
honesty, commitment, accountability, dependability, cooperation, willingness to learn*
Interview an employer about ethics in the workplace. Use the questions below to get the
interview started; add at least two questions of your own.
a. How would you define ethics?
b. Do you believe in situation ethics? (you may have to give the interviewee an example of
situation ethics)
c. What ethical dilemmas/concerns, if any, do you deal with on a regular basis in your
particular business?
Key and print the information obtained during the interview. Title the document “Ethics
Key and print a reflective summary on what you have learned about workplace/personal
ethics during this project. (one page maximum) Title the document “Reflective Summary”
When you have finished the project, place the following items in a three-ring notebook/binder:
Completed student surveys (multiple pages)
Student Survey Summary Sheet (one page maximum*)
Newspaper/magazine article (multiple pages)
Article Summary (**one page)
Printed copy of PowerPoint presentation (handouts 6 per page)
Workplace Ethics (one to two pages)
Ethics Interview (questions and answers) (one page maximum)
Reflective Summary (one page maximum)
*one page maximum means it may be one page or less; **one page means it must be one page.