Translate the following sentences into Arabic

Translate the following sentences into Arabic
1. We were all tired because we had been walking all day.
2. He said he hadn't been working hard the whole year.
3. I will have been working for ten years in this company next June.
4. They will not be using the computer this weekend.
5. This time tomorrow I will not be doing anything at all.
6. They will not be late for the party.
7. Will there be a big number of people at the party?
8. This time tomorrow we will be sitting on the plane.
9. I will be revising for my exams this weekend.
10.It is 4 o'clock now and she will be collecting the children
from school.
11.I will have finished this book by tomorrow.
12.We will have lived there for two years in January.
13. They will have left home by the time we call them.
14.My plane takes off at 3:00 pm tomorrow.
15.Ahmad is studying very hard. I think he is going to pass all his