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Please contact me by email if you are interested in these items and have something to trade.
North Carolina Historical Roster 1897-1997, United Daughters of the Confederacy and their Confederate
Ancestors of the War Between the States (12 copies, never used)
Marriages of Some Virginia Residents 1607-1800 by Wulfeck
South Carolina Genealogical Society Surname Directory
Births 1720-1792 From the Bristol Parish Register of Henrico, Prince George and Dinwiddie
Marriage, Census, and other Indexes for Family Historians, 3rd edition by Jeremy Gibson (bound)
Marriage, Census, and other Indexes for Family Historians, 7 th edition by Jeremy Gibson (paperback)
The Compass, Vol. 1 by Lawrence B. Bangerter (ship lists)
Patriots Pistols and Petticoats by Fraser (about Charleston, SC during the Rev. War)
The Winthrop Fleet of 1630
Colonial Bath, North Carolina’s Oldest Town by Marsh
The North Carolina Gazette by Powell (paperback)
1870 Census of Camden County (NC), (paper pamphlet)
The Civil War Roster of Davidson County, NC
North Carolina Charters and Constitutions 1578-1698 by Parker (2 copies)
Tracing Your Irish Ancestors by Grenham (paperback)
Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Champ Clark, late Representative from Missouri, 1921
Billy Graham, The Personal Story of the Man, His Message, and His Mission by Stanley High
The Historical Records of North Carolina, Vol. 1, Alamance through Columbus (pub. By the NC Historical
Commission in 1938)
Carolina Families, A Bibliography of Books about North and South Carolina Families by Heir (paperback)
Clyde Roar Hooey, Late a Senator from North Carolina, Memorial Addresses Delivered in Congress (4
The Authentic Life of William McKinley, by McClure and Morris, published 1901
Making A Pedigree by Unitt, 1971
They Fought by T. H. Pearce, by 1969 (stories of the more than 1200 men from Franklin County, NC in the
Civil War)
Natchez Victorian Children, Photographic Portraits, 1865-1915
A Guide to the Study and Reading of North Carolina History by Lefler, 1963
‘Tis Sixty Years Since’ – A Story of the U. of NC in the 1880s
New England Marriages Prior to 1700 by Torrey
My Biography and Reminiscences – W. P. Frith
Voice in the Wilderness by Blythe (signed copy)
The Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy by Greenwood, 1973
Your English Ancestry, A Guide for North Americans by Irvine, 1988 (paperback)
United State Census Key, 1950, 1860, 1870 by Smith
In Memoriam, Woodrow Wilson, Late President of the United States, Government Printing Office, 1924
Passports of Southeastern Pioneers 1770-1823
The 19th Century. A History by Robert Mackenzie, pub. 1887
Charlotte (Chamber of Commerce type publication prior to WW II)
Victory Song Book for Soldiers Sailors and Marines, Robbins Edition, 1942
Crawford W. Long, Proceedings in Statuary Hall of the US Capital by the State of Georgia, 3/1926
Lancaster County South Carolina Tours by Floyd, 1956 (fair condition)
A Century of Population Growth 1790-1900
The Atlanta Century, America’s History (1860-1865) in Weekly Newspaper Format by Shavin (very large
Guide to Genealogical Records in the National Archives, 1964 (paperback)
Photographing Your Heritage, Revised Ed., by Shull (paperback)
Marriage and Death Notices in Raleigh Register, North Carolina State Gazette, Daily Sentinel, Raleigh
Observer and News and Observer 1888-1893 (pamphlet), NC State Library, 1952
Rev. Joseph Graham and His Revolutionary Papers (NC), pub. 1904
Selected Papers of Cornelia Phillips Spencer by Wilson
Handbook for Genealogical Correspondence, 1976 edition
Heraldry For The American Genealogist, Special Publication of the National Genealogical Society, #25
(pub. 1959)
Multi-volume sets
American Genealogical-Biographical Index (206 volumes, first issue from 1952; 1 booklet called the Key
Title Index; 7 volumes from the next series, of which our last issue was from 2001) – since this is such a
large set and would be difficult to trade equally, we will negotiate alternatives with anyone interested
Survey of American Church Records (2 volumes), Kirkham
North Carolina Yearbook (1914 only)
North Carolina Manual (1919 only)
Genealogical Research: Methods and Sources, (Vol. 1 only)
Notable Southern Families by Armstrong, (Vol. V only) new
DAR Library Catalog, 1986 (vols.2 & 3 only)
Phonefiche for Charlotte, NC –some yellow and white pages for 1986 to 2000 (not all years)
Annuals & School Publications
The Spinster 1928, 1929 (Hollins College of Virginia)
The Campus 1940 (Emory Univ., Atlanta, GA)
The Annual 6/1929 (Philadelphia High School for Girls, Philadelphia,
Centennial History & Biographical Directory of Chi Psi Fraternity 1941
(printed by the fraternity)
Helianthus 1918, 1919, 1921, 1922, 1925 (Randolph-Macon Women's
College, VA)
The Yamacraw 1941 (Oglethorpe University, GA)
The Scribe 1925, 1926 (Girls of the Holton-Arms School, Washington, DC)
Sargenta 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933 (Sargent School of Boston University)
Black Band 1936 (Medical Center School of Nursing, Jersey City, NJ)
The Murlon 1937 (Senior Annual, Medical Center School of Nursing,
Jersey City, NJ)
The Fir Tree 1924, 1927, 1929, 1952 (Woodberry Forest School, VA)
Directory of Alumni of Woodberry Forest School (VA - probably published
about or before 1937)
Yearbook 1948 (Smith College, Northampton, MA)
Buccaneer 1976 (East TN State University)
The Bluestockings of 1935 (Mary Baldwin College, VA)
Friends Select School, 1989 Alumni Directory (Quaker)
“Los Angles, Main Street at Night” on front and “Los Angles, California On the Road of a Thousand
Wonders” on the back (colored, postmarked 1909)
S. A. 12-Black Swans, Ringling Art Museum, Sarasota, FL (colored, no date, 1 cent stamp required)
“Climbing Ladder on Obstacle Course, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, “ dated 7/6/1953, colored
William and Mary Quarterly, 4/1976
Daughters of the American Revolution, 1/1990
National Genealogical Society 1-2/1999; 7-8/1999
North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal 1997 to 11/2000 (6 issues)
Olde Mecklenburg (NC) Genealogical Society Quarterly (17 issues – 1996 to 2002 era)
The North Carolina Historical Review, 50 Year Index 1924-1973 (paperback)
John Charles McNeill, North Carolina Poet, 1874-1907, A Biographical Sketch by Agatha Boyd Adams,
UNC Library Extention Pub. 1/1949
The Three Forks of Muddy Creek, Old Salem, NC, 1974-1978, (5 issues)
Historical Papers, Duke University Press, 1925, Series XV
University of NC Magazine, 11/1911, 4/1912
Augusta, GA – The Weekly Chronicle, 4/29/1891
Augusta, GA – The Augusta Herald, 9/14, 9/15, 9/24, 10/29, 1901
Virginian –Pilot 4/11/1964 –Ches. Bay Bridge Issue
Richmond (VA) Dispatch, 7/29/1890
Twin City Daily Sentinel (Winston-Salem, NC) 12/20/1915 & 8/5/1916
Wilmington, NC Star News, 10/1/1961
Concord, NC, The Standard, 3/24/1892
1947 topographic map of Jackman, United States (Maine and Canada area)
Jane Johnson
Information Specialist / Carolina Room
Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg Co.