Learning Outcomes Assessment

University-Level Advisory Committee for the General Education
Advisory to the Council on Academic Affairs
February 14, 2013
9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
200 Bricker Hall
Caroline A. Breitenberger, Director, Center for Life Science Education, Chair
Jane D. Case-Smith, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, College of Medicine
Mary Jo Fresch, College of Education and Human Ecology, Marion Campus
Jacqueline J. Gargus, Knowlton School of Architecture, College of Engineering
Kenneth W. Goings, African American and African Studies, College of Arts and Sciences
Rebecca C. Harvey, Art, College of Arts and Sciences
Mary Ellen Jenkins, Advising / Academic Services, College of the Arts and Sciences (ex officio)
Courtney S. Kasuboski, Undergraduate Student Government, College of Engineering
Lawrence A. Krissek, School of Earth Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences
Moriah E. Locklear, Undergraduate Student Government, College of Arts and Sciences
Thomas A. Schwartz, School of Communication, College of Arts and Sciences
W. Randy Smith, Vice Provost, Office of Academic Affairs (ex officio)
Patricia M. West, Fisher College of Business
Welcome and announcements
II. Updates and comments from the Chair
III. Oversight questions and related data
 Charge to monitor:
o Trends in GE courses
o Open options
o Submissions/approvals; exceptions/substitutions
o Advising
o Outcomes information; curricular/GE goals
 Other questions
IV. Priorities and next steps
Electronic Attachments
Updated Membership Roster
2009 Focus Group Report with Academic Advisors
University exit survey questions regarding curricular experiences
CLA+ questions regarding curricular experiences
Quarter GEC and Semester GE course counts by category