Marine Ecology Extra Credit Assignment

Marine Ecology Extra Credit Assignment
Do ask aquarists for help, especially if you can’t find something!
Please keep your ticket and info that you were given to show that you went. Take a picture with your
favorite sea creature and send it to me via email.
1. Diagram at least 3 food webs that you can observe at the aquarium. Label the ecological role as
well as the levels.
2. If a toxin is accidentally introduced into the foodstream at the aquarium, which organism at the
aquarium would have the toxin in its body at the highest levels? Why?
3. Find a species that is only found in the Pacific Northwest, name it and describe its niche.
4. What is the biological classification of the largest photosynthetic organism at the aquarium?
5. What are 3 species at the aquarium that have behavioral adaptations to avoiding predation?
Name them and describe their adaptations.
6. What species has a chemical defense mechanism to avoid predation? Name it and describe its
7. What large species is pelagic when it first emerges, but is the largest of its kind in the world
and eats crabs, small fish, crabs and snails as an adult? Describe the range and adaptations of
the species.
8. Find the genus and species of 3 organisms at the aquarium and write them here with their
common name:
9. Describe the habitat and behavior of the perch.
10. What ecological role do sea urchins serve? Where do you find them?