Native American Project


Native American Project

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Project Overview

This project focuses on the Native American Eastern Woodland Tribes.

The Iroquois tribes are the Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca.

The Algonquian Tribes of New York are Mahican, Shinnecock, Lenni

Lenape, and Montauk

You have all the materials necessary to complete this report.

You can use your textbook pages (66-77). SS Weekly Newspapers, Native American booklet and worksheets. If you wish, you may also use books from the library or with parent’s permission and guidance information on the web.

There are two parts to this project.

Part 1 is a written assignment. Part 2 is Creating a Project

Part 1:

You must choose 4 topics from the attached page.

 Each topic will be about 3 paragraphs long.

 Each topic should be written on a new page.

 It may be typed or handwritten. Your report MUST be NEAT. o Be sure that an adult proofreads it for punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure and grammatical errors, as this will be counted in your final grade!

 Your report should include pictures for each topic

 Your report should have an attractive cover.

 Your written reports should be written in YOUR OWN words, It should NOT be copied directly from a resource

 Please include a works cited page. You should use (but are not limited to) at least 3 sources. Please follow the guidelines for the works cited list that is provided.

Part 2:

Create ONE project from the attached page.

** Please be aware that we have enclosed a Native American Project Rubric so the students are aware of how they are being graded.**

Topics for Part 1

You must choose 4 topics.


______ Think about the importance of decision making that fell upon the following tribe members: medicine man, council leader, clan mother and sachem. Write one paragraph about each leader explaining the jobs and responsibilities of each as important member of the tribe.


______Learn about one of the games played by members of the Eastern

Woodland tribes. Write an informative 3 paragraph essay explaining the game. Describe how they played it and tell any other interesting information you learned about this game.


_______ Research one of the following leaders Hiawatha or Deganawida.

Give information about their life and describe their influence on the

Iroquois Confederacy.


_______ Write a narrative. Pretend you are an Iroquois boy or girl and reflect on your day. Write a diary entry that describes a typical day as a Native American boy or girl from long ago. (3 paragraphs.


_______Suppose you were an archaeologist who discovered the remains of a cooking fire in New York’s Dutchess Quarry Caves. Write an newspaper article about your discovery. Support your discovery with evidence about your findings.


_______Suppose you were chosen to be a Sachem for the Iroquois

Confederacy. Write a 3 paragraph diary entry describing what happened at your first meeting council.


________ Research wampum. Explain its importance in the Iroquois and Algonquian tribes. Describe the different uses. Give a detailed description of how it was made. (At least 3 paragraphs)


_________ In your opinion, which would you rather live in, a wigwam or a longhouse? Tell why you chose this structure to live in. Be sure to tell include a description with details that describe the long house or wigwam.

Part 2: Create a project.

Below are several activities that you choose to accompany your written report. You are only to choose ONE.


Make a shoebox model of a Native American Village. (Please keep these to the size of the shoebox).


Create a dream catcher


Create a clay pot or other clay artifact


Create moccasins


Create wampum


Make a corn husk doll.


Make a paper mache mask


Create a brown paper bag vest and decorate with picture writing or other Native American symbols.


Make a family of construction paper figures (mother, father, sister, and brother) and dress them in traditional clothing worn by members of the tribe.

****Please clearly label all projects with both your name and your teachers name on it.****



(10 points)

Organization Unorganized.

Didn’t understand the topics, and writing was unclear.


(15 points)

Several things out of order, or written about the wrong tribes.



(Spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization)


Few things completed.

Copied all information right from book or website

More than 8 errors

Some things completed.

Limited amount of details.

Copied a lot of information right from the book or website.

5-9 errors

Sloppy and hard to read; carelessly assembled

Cover was sloppy, writing was sometimes illegible.


(20 points)

A few things out of order.

One topic is written about something other than

Woodland tribes

Most things completed.

Some details could have been added about one or more topics.

Used most of your own ideas.

2-4 errors


(25 points)

Well organized, easy- tofollow.

All things completed.

Included interesting details and facts about what we have learned. Used your own ideas.

Perfect or only

1 error.


Attractive cover. Mostly neat throughout.

Legible proofread well, neatly composed.

Pictures complement the project