Classroom PDSA “Do” Strategies

Classroom PDSA “Do” Strategies
Teaching Strategies:
 Model how to work out problems for students
 Model strategies for students to assist in solving various math
 Create a chart which shows students the key words to look for
in word problems and their meanings
 Give the class time to work in small groups with assistance
from the teacher
 Play the game “Beat the Teacher” to practice problems
 Review the strategies learned during math at the end of each
 Conference with each student to ensure understanding of skill
 Give “over the shoulder” feedback each day during math
 Count to 100 with the class each day
 Create focused problems for the class to practice each day
 Give students time to work in groups or independently
 Create a “step sheet” to demonstrate how problems are worked
 Use skill specific activities with the SMART board
 Create “hands on” activities to help with understanding
 Give the class time to play math games aligned to the focused
 Teach the class the “TIPS” strategy for word problems (ask Ms.
 Create a reference wall or reference folder (students createusing mnemonic devices)
 Reflecting with students
 Test-taking skills
Student learning strategies
Use mnemonic devices
Underline key words in word problems
Practice problems daily with a partner
Use tally marks to assist with understanding of addition
Use manipulatives (base ten blocks, clocks, cubes, etc.) to
assist in solving problems or to help with understanding
 Write your own math problems
 Ruby Payne method
 Work with a peer tutor who can show you how to work out the
 Work on practice problems at home
 Draw pictures to help solve problems
 Use clocks &/or money to teach fractions
 Create “cheat sheet” for reminders of strategies
 Practice using flashcards
 Use wipe boards to demonstrate understanding of concepts
 Check each other’s homework and help those who need it
 Create posters with math strategies
 Create quiz questions for classmates
 Get help from a math “expert” when you have a question