Enc 1 Action Notes of 11th March

Action note of the meeting of the College Strategy Group held on 11th March
2011 in the Peter Lavine Room, QMRI
Present: Professor Sir John S Savill (HoC), Professors D Argyle [DoPR], A
Cumming [DULT], J Bradshaw [DoPT], C Haslett (DoQMRI) G Leng [HoS BMS]. J
Seckl [DoR], I McArdle [CA], H Edmiston [CR], S H Ralston (HoS MCM), D Weller
(HoS CSCH), D Hume (DoRI)
In attendance: S Rhind (DT&AR for HoS RDSVS) John Stewart (DoBMTO),
R Shone (Sch Admstr, R(D)SVS)
Apologies: Professors D Dewhurst, C Haslett, S H Ralston, E D Watson, A Stamp,
J Iredale, N Hastie, D Weller.
A Stamp, Z Lewandowski
1. Action Note of the meeting held on 24th January 2011 AGREED to be a correct
record and could now be published on the College website – CR
2. National Survey of Students – Dr John Stewart
Following the publication of the results for the last National Student Survey (NSS) the
School for Biomedical Sciences was selected by the Principal (along with a number of
other schools including R(D)SVS) for review. Each of the Honours programmes has
been reviewed. With a view to improving previous ratings Dr Stewart presented a
short paper to the CSG.
Following on from the recent reviews, meetings with students will be held to discuss
the issues identified to help formulate strategies to improve the quality and usefulness
of feedback they receive.
HoC requested the R(D)SVS and BMS provide short progress reports for the
September CSG meeting. - HoS
3. Finance Report:
a. Management Accounts: CSG noted the current financial position of the units
within the College as described in the circulated paper.
b. Reduced fEC paper: HoS BMS wished to highlight to the CSG that using the
current ERI test for 80% fEC funding models some grants failing the test may
still make a reduced contribution to the Colleges fEC overheads and
HoC described how the model operates, the example illustrates that under the
current methodology ERI would refuse to undertake the grant but using the
College approach the grant still makes a contribution to the finances of the
Given the Wakeham recommendations the College will continue to receive an
increasing number of grants on this basis. It is important to ensure that a
simple mechanism for resolving whether to accept or reject these grants is
It was agreed that the model should be referred to the Research Committee for
further discussion. Anything received in the interim which suggests a negative
fEC should first be passed to DoR for assessment. - DoR
4. Draft College Plan
The draft plan was recently presented to PSG and CMG. Points raised from PSG
were, CRIC business plan – is the centre able to make a positive financial contribution
to the College, Small Animal Hospital – breakeven position noted, Research Funding
– is the assumption to maintain research income realistic, College Sustainability funds
– is adequate provision being made.
CMG highlighted similar issues such as sustainability but also picked up on ‘green
issues’ (transportation) and encouraged continued focus on internationalisation and
potential synergies with external organisations such as SAC, Moredun etc.
CSG then focused attention on the summary of actions for 2011/12 – as described
HoC highlighted that overseas medical students transferring from St Andrews will
work to our advantage, that we have an additional 4 students coming from IMU, the
BSc in Biomedical Sciences to focus on overseas students, consideration should be
given to marketing the degree in North America. A number of new MSc’s are coming
on line shortly. The College is receiving strong interest in its PhD programmes,
DoPGR is developing a business plan with the CA offering reduced stipends on the
basis that students are able to make a financial contribution.
CSG members were asked to feedback comments to the CR by 18th March 2011.
Many of the large capital build projects will be completed during 2011/12,
(science/research being the primary driver) as staff move into this new
accommodation it is essential that the College moves out of and consolidates its
existing portfolio. A feasibility review is underway to move DCN from WGH to
Chancellor’s Building, CIP from Hugh Robson Building to QMRI or CB.
Consideration will also be given to moving Public Health Sciences and/or BMTO
from Teviot Place to Hugh Robson Building. DoRI stated that the Easter Bush site
should also be considered as a potential destiny. Other considerations that need to be
accounted for include cost of disruption, consultation with staff, delivery of teaching
and the different health status between the buildings. Consideration should be given to
the level of use by the NHS in the Chancellor’s Building and the College’s use of
embedded space within the hospital.
The move plans will be costed and presented in summary to the next CSG.
HoC requested an HR strategic plan for the College be developed looking over the
next 3 years to establish where opportunities might be realised as a consequence of
retirement, grant end dates and consolidation of staff onto the Little France site.
However getting the REF right is essential. HoHR HoS
A review of the Roslin Institute/R(D)SVS administration and services will occur in
2011/12 to create a single shared service. A similar exercise will take place at the
WGH site following the TUPE transfer of HGU.
5. KPI Reports to January 2011: DoR highlighted the following points.
Grant applications are down by 14%
Research awards down by 14%
The College conversion rate remains the same at circa 40%
It is essential that we continue to encourage staff to submit more applications.
DoR, HoC
6. New Post Graduate Taught Programes for 2011/12:
The CSG approved the financial plans for:
MSc One Health, R(D)SVS
MSc General Practice, CSCH
The following points were noted:
Business plan for the MSc Neuroimaging for Research remains outstanding
A further 2 programmes were due to be submitted (CHM Master of Surgery and MSc
Internal medicine) however finalising costing arrangements within the MoU between
GMC and UoE has led to delays.
7. Information Services
CSG noted the report submitted by DoEIS.
8. Matters Arising from PSG and CMG
The following points were noted coming from PSG:
 Business plans for 2011/12
 Student matrices
 The financial implications following the Scottish Elections summer 2011.
 The merger of eca.
The following points were noted coming from CMG:
 The management of redundancies
9. Update on Senior Academic Appointments: – CSG noted the following progress
with appointments: Chair of Medical Microbiology – this remained on hold and was not being
actively pursued at this time.
 Chair of Paediatric Infectious Diseases – this was presently on hold.
Chair of Critical Care – Tim Walsh had formally accepted the offer for this
post, and plans were in hand to support the appointment with a Senior Clinical
Lecturer (see below).
Albert McKern Fellowship and Chair in Pregnancy Research – the
candidate who had been offered this post had turned it down; the Head of
College would pursue alternative options for the use of the funding.
Chair of Adult Respiratory Medicine – this post had been advertised.
Senior Clinical Lecturer in Critical Care – this would be advertised in
support of the Chair appointment. UoE & NHSL to liaise over 10PA jointfunded locum.
Senior Clinical Lecturer in Cardiology – the opportunity to make an
appointment at this level, funded by the BHF, would be pursued.
The Anne Rowling Chair of Tissue Regeneration – New Chair to be
established. HE to progress retrospectively.
Senior Clinical Lecturer in Neuropathology – to be established using Anne
Rowling funds
Senior Clinical Lecturer in Neuroradiology – in progress
Chair of Resilience Biology (Director of the MRC Centre for Reproductive
Health) – funded from retirements.
10. Update on Capital Projects
CSG noted the summary report submitted by the CR.
11. Matters arising from Schools & Directorates:
a) Performance & development Review/Appraisal – HoHR
CSG were asked to consider the proposal paper and recommendations
submitted by the HoHR.
Currently there are a number of different approaches implemented across the
College to varying degrees. CSG acknowledged the need to implement a
P&DR process. Adopting a common approach across the College maybe
difficult in the first instance given the variety of different requirements across
the schools.
There also needs to be a change of emphasis from a general review to one
which is more focused on performance.
Comments in respect of the proposed forms should be sent to HoHR
HoC stated the need to ensure that staff were appropriately appraised in the
future. Unless there is good reason, the expectation is to use the final version
of the proposed forms.
CSG agreed to support HR clarify line management of senior grades 9 and 10.
That these grades are the first to be reviewed/appraised.
HoHR to co-ordinate the actions with support from HoS.
b) MCM – proposal for a new CSL in Neuropathology. CSG Agreed
c) MCM – 2nd Chair of Psychiatry, proposed name change to chair of
biological psychiatry . CSG Agreed
12 Any other business
Mock Research excellence Framework Exercise
CSG were asked to comment on the submitted papers and refer comments back to
DoR. All
The intention is to organise another ‘Burn’ type retreat in Spring 2012.
13. Dates of Future Meetings: 9th May, 20th June, 9th September, 24th October, all
from 10.00 – 12.00.
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