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Appointment of Chair for the Women’s Global Health Clinical Study Group
Closing date: October 9th 2015
The Chair of the RCOG Research Committee invites applications for the post of Chair of the Clinical Study Group
for Women’s Global Health - (3 years). This is a new CSG which arisen from a perceived need to develop a
concerted and collaborative approach to the UK’s Women’s Heath Global Health Research Portfolio. The Research
Committee is in agreement that in view of the increasing academic interest in the UK in Global Health, new funding
opportunities and no existing collaborative research network, that a CSG in this field would facilitate development
of new research in this field and expand upon UK excellence in global health research.
The Research Committee has the central objective of facilitating the evaluation of interventions to improve
reproductive health outcomes for women, their children and their families. In addition, the Research Committee
aims to:
 Improve the coordination of research
 Maintain and enhance the quality of research
 Improve the integration of research
 Widen participation in research
The strategic approach to addressing these challenges includes the development of a research portfolio that:
 will become relevant to all aspects of the reproductive health agenda;
 will make a real difference to the health and lives of women, their children and their families - in the
UK and beyond;
 will be generated by investigators from a wide range of disciplines;
 will be informed by the views and perspectives of women and their families.
The Research Committee Clinical Studies Groups (CSGs) have been established to facilitate the process of
developing and expanding the portfolio of research in reproductive health care in the UK. Currently 11 CSGs are
active in developing the research portfolio. This CSG will be the 12th.
Clinical Study Groups are designed to provide the primary route through which new ideas for clinical trials and
other well designed studies are developed in the reproductive health field.
The Chair will directly or by delegation:
Oversee the portfolio of studies developed or adopted by the group in the field of Women’s Global
Encourage collaboration between UK research groups working in the field of Women’s Global Health
Work closely with the RCOG Global Health Board
Work closely with the CRN (Clinical Research Network) for Reproductive health and Childbirth
Specialty Group to engage the network in studies in Women’s Global Health
Contribute to studies developed or adopted by the group.
Ensure equitable and multidisciplinary review of research studies submitted.
Monitor the progress of the group and ensure that RCOG processes and paperwork are adhered to.
Receive input from the Research Committee Executive.
Liaise with other National and International trials organisations.
Advertise and be responsible for the appointment of new members of the Group.
Report to the Research Committee twice a year.
Provide advice to the Research Committee by attending two meetings a year
Promote good clinical research practice.
The term of appointment will be 3 years in the first instance.
The Chair must have excellent leadership skills, be an excellent communicator and skilful team player.
Specifically the post holder needs to be able to demonstrate the following experience and competencies:
Transparent interest in Global Health clinical
Leadership Skills
Initiate, prioritise and evaluate research
ideas relevant to intrapartum research
Visible track record of research/innovation in NHS
setting or academic environment
Demonstrable effectiveness in team development
and target achievement
Peer review publication history and thesis
The CSG Chair is responsible to the Research Committee Board. The feasibility of the studies will be assessed in
collaboration with the CRN Reproductive Health and Childbirth Specialty Group. Each group will undergo
independent progress review every three years by the Research Committee Executive on behalf of the Research
Committee Board.
It is anticipated that the Appointed Chair will utilise local administrative support, but some dedicated RCOG
administrative support is available for the CSG chairs.
This post of Chair of a Research Committee Clinical Studies Group is unpaid.
Please submit a CV and covering letter outlining how you meet the above criteria to
Tarini Welgama ([email protected])
by 09th October 2015
Interviews will be held in October 2015
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