SUBJECT OF RESOLUTION: International Year of Freshwater 2003

SUBJECT OF RESOLUTION: The threat of AIDS/HIV in our world
SUBMITTED TO: Economic and Social Council
SUBMITTED BY: United Republic of Tanzania
RECOGNIZING that the HIV/AIDS epidemic will become a larger threat if untreated,
CONVINCED that that increased awareness of sexual and reproductive health and education is
proven to lower a nation’s birthrates and uneducated sexual activity
EMPHASIZING that nearly over 40 million people live with HIV/AIDS and this number is
FULLY BELIEVING that the World Book’s study on the HIV/AIDS epidemic accurately states
that this will become a crippling world problem if not combated
1. REQUESTS that all nations begin to implement sexual and reproductive education
and health programs
2. RECOMMENDS that all nations use their resources to combat this problem
3. FURTHER RECOMMENDS that all nations of the world cooperate in fighting this
4. CALLS for fellow nations to aid other nations more heavily affected by the
AIDS/HIV epidemic
5. URGES all nations to carefully look into the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic that will
soon affect everyone