The Game of Poison

The Game of Poison
Small objects, 13 per pair of students
Poison is a game for 2 people. For a first game, use 13 objects.
Players take turns removing one object or 2 objects. Play until all
objects have been taken. The LAST object to be removed is
considered to be the poison. Whoever gets stuck taking it loses.
Give these directions. “You need to play five games with each
member of your group, discuss what you noticed about the game.
Your group task is to try and find a winning strategy for avoiding the
poison. Write down statements that describe your thinking. If your
group thinks you have a winning strategy, raise your hands so you
can try to poison me.”
The game of poison has a winning strategy. This means the game
will never end in a draw, as in tic-tac-toe. Someone will always win,
and figuring out how to play requires logical thinking.