Washington - High School Quizbowl Packet Archive

Bayou-a-Drank 2011
Questions by University of Washington
1. Despite starting 1-6 in 1970, this team made the playoffs that year but a blocked Horst
Mulhmann field goal was the closest they got to scoring against the Colts. This team’s
“Always Innovative” coach was fired three years after coaching them to a Super Bowl
appearance behind players like Tim Krumrie--who suffered a devastating injury in that
game. On the same day that Eagles fans threw snowballs at Dallas in Bounty Bowl II, this
team’s fans stopped play in a 1989 game against Seattle after they started throwing beer
bottles onto the field. This team’s current backup QB is Bruce Gradkowski, and they were
once coached by Sam Wyche. Notable players with this team include Ken Anderson, Cris
Collinsworth and Boomer Esiason. This team was founded by Paul Brown. FTP, what is
this AFC North team currently quarterbacked by Andy Dalton, the former home of Carson
ANSWER: Cincinnati Bengals (accept either underlined part)
2. One scene in this film sees the protagonist pour his J&B into a computer voiced by
Adrienne Barbeau after losing to it in chess. Earlier in this movie, the hero witnessed
researcher George Bennings get shot by a man trying to kill a dog. The dog manages to
escape, but is eventually killed with a flamethrower wielded by Keith David’s character
later in the movie. Norris suffers a heart attack during a standoff resulting from a power
outage in this film, and in the process of attempting to revive him a doctor loses his arms.
Norris also loses his head, which sprouts legs and attempts to scurry away before being
incinerated. After suffering a breakdown, Blair is locked in a shed but manages to tunnel
out through the ice and start building a spaceship. FTP, what is this 1982 John Carpenter
movie set in an Antarctic research compound, in which Kurt Russell’s MacReady is one of
the last men standing after battling the titular alien?
ANSWER: John Carpenter's The Thing
3. Roughly recorded songs like "Old Age" and "Verse Chorus Verse" appear on a deluxe
edition of this album and originate from rehearsals made on a boom-box. B-Sides on this
album include "Curmudgeon" and "Aneurysm", the latter of which was first released on the
EP Hormoaning. Artists like The Vaselines, Foxy Shazam and the Meat Puppets contributed
to a tribute to this album released last July for subscribers to Spin magazine. “Endless,
Nameless” appears as a hidden track after “Something in the Way” on some versions of this
record. One of the biggest hits on this successor to Bleach declares, “Take your time, hurry
up, the choice is yours, don’t be late” and ends with the repeated phrase, “No, I don’t have a
gun”. Including tracks like "In Bloom" and "Come as You Are" this is, FTP, what seminal
Nirvana album containing tracks like "Smells Like Teen Spirit"?
ANSWER: Nevermind
4. Exclusive releases for this system include a game where Shinya Arino transports the
protagonist back in time to play games like Cosmic Gate and Super Robot Ninja Haggleman.
Besides Retro Game Challenge, other exclusive releases for this system include an
interactive novel where Junpei wakes up on a sinking ship titled Nine Hours, Nine Persons,
Nine Doors. More popular releases for this system include a game set in Malladus where
trains are used to carry energy to the Tower of Spirits, and the adventure game, Hotel Dusk:
Room 215. A presentation of this system was the origin of the meme “It Prints Money”, and
it has sold over 50 million systems in the US. This system is where one can play Phantom
Hourglass. Recently supplanted by an updated 3D version this is, FTP, what Nintendo
portable system notable for its two screens?
ANSWER: Nintendo DS (do not accept “3DS”)
5. One character with this name is a clumsy, unlucky student at PS 118, while another
character with this first name lives in an anchor with his daughter Pearl and is the
proprietor of the Krusty Krab. In addition to those Hey Arnold! and Spongebob Squarepants
characters, this name is also the actual first name of Flynn Rider, a thief who rescues
Rapunzel from her tower in Tangled. The first name of a character known as “The
Sledgehammer” on HBO’s The Pacific, this is also the first name of the lead singer and
guitarist of a band known for albums such as Gypsy Punk: Underdog World Strike, Gogol
Bordello. A comedian with this first name appeared in the films New York Minute and The
Man, but is probably better known for his role as Noah Levinstein in the American Pie
movies. FTP, what is this first name, the name of the second largest city in Oregon?
ANSWER: Eugene (do not accept “Gene”)
6. In the episode “Escape from Pearl Bailey”, this man helps Steve’s girlfriend Debbie in her
battle against the popular girls. Besides that American Dad appearance, this man’s
Facebook recap of episodes of one show he co-hosts ended after he criticized the producers
of an episode centering on Jackie Kennedy. Along with Veronica Webb, this man hosted a
show that was essentially a nicer version of a TLC program hosted by Clinton Kelly and
Stacy London. In his most famous role, this man is often seen accompanying contestants
like Season 1 winner Jay McCarroll or the most recent season’s winner Anya Ayoung-Chee
to places like MOOD. This man, who used to be on the faculty at Parsons, was briefly the
host a show where he offered a “guide to style”, while he’s best known on TV for appearing
on a reality show that features judges like Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. FTP, who is this
TV personality who tells contestants to “make it work” on Project Runway?
ANSWER: Timothy “Tim” Gunn
7. In the late ‘80s, this man briefly worked under Bon Wenzel at Rutgers, while The Mormon
Way of Doing Business recounts how Dave Checketts’ apologized to this man for thinking of
replacing him in 1999 with Phil Jackson. His first college coaching job came when he was a
graduate assistant under Rick Pitino at Providence. This man was most successful as head
coach of a team where he previously was an assistant under such legends as Don Nelson
and Pat Riley. This man coached a team to an NBA finals appearance in a lockoutshortened season where his 8th seeded team fell to the Spurs in 5 games. During the 1998
playoffs, this man memorably held onto the leg of Alonzo Mourning during a fight. After
being fired in 2007 and replaced by Rick Adelman, this man began broadcasting games for
ESPN. FTP, who is this former head coach of the Knicks and Rockets, the brother of Magic
coach Stan?
ANSWER: Jeffrey William “Jeff” Van Gundy (prompt on “Van Gundy”)
8. On one album track, this group brags “I roll 3 hos like Santa do” and proclaims that if you
want to do the title action, “do something crazy like flash yo titties”. A video by this group
depicts Simon Rex getting hit in the face with a pair of animal print pants flying out of
control. Another video by this group features Jamie Foxx and contains lyrics where the
singer brags about how he “own property from California to the Hamptons” and lives next
to Oprah. One hit by this band begins, “If you not drunk ladies and gentlemen / Get ready
to get fucked up” and features Lil Jon; that song is titled “Shots”. This group’s song “Sexy
And I Know It” appears on their second album, and this group consists of Redfoo and
SkyBlu. FTP, what is this duo behind hits such as “I’m In Miami Bitch” and “Party Rock
9. It’s not The Devil Wears Prada but this show does have a fashion icon based on Anna
Wintour who elevated one character to modeling stardom in “Green Isn’t Your Color”. It’s
not Star Trek but one episode of this show featured adorable animals reproducing at an
alarming rate and a character played by John DeLancie. In “Lesson Zero”, one character
tries to create a problem she can solve by using her childhood doll Smarty Pants, which is
claimed by Big Macintosh. One episode reproduces lyrics from Chocolate Rain and features
a field trip to a sculpture garden where a fight between three of Cheerilee’s students causes
Discord to reign until the Elements of Harmony are successfully used against him. With
every episode ending with a letter to Princess Celestia this is, FTP, what cartoon series
which follows the adventures of Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie
and Rainbow Dash?
ANSWER: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (prompt on just “My Little Pony”)
10. Electrons gathering together are discussed in a parody of this song by “The Sticky
Socks” appearing on Bill Nye titled “Static Electricity”. The original song, which appeared
on the album New Clear Days, ends with the lyric, “Everyone avoids me like a psyched lone
ranger” and earlier describes a woman with the lines, “your hair is brown / your eyes are
hazel / and soft as clouds / I often kiss you when there’s no one else around.” On an
episode of VH1’s True Spin, lead singer David Fenton denied that this song was written
about masturbation. The narrator of this song repeats the phrase, “I’ve got your picture”
and “[would] like a million of you all round my cell”. Its video features a man swinging a
Samurai sword and opens on a shot of a geisha. FTP, what is this song by The Vapors
ostensibly titled for becoming a citizen of a country that brought us Speed Racer and
ANSWER: “Turning Japanese”
11. The episode “Annihilated” implied that this Desert Storm veteran specialized in handto-hand combat. He once had to get an AIDS test after he rescued an HIV-positive woman
from a tub. This man used to be partners with a breast cancer survivor named Jo Marlowe
played by Sharon Stone, while he once shared a kiss with another temporary partner,
Danielle Beck, played by Connie Nielsen. After the daughter of murder victim Jenna Fox
opened fire in his squad room, this man decided to leave the department. This man’s
domestic problems include dealing with the substance abuse of his daughter Kathleen and
his divorce from his wife Kathy, played by Isabel Gillies. For several years, this character,
who reported to Captain Donald Cragen worked alongside Fin Tutola and John Munch.
Played by Christopher Meloni, FTP, who is this partner of Olivia Benson on Law & Order:
ANSWER: Detective Elliot Stabler (accept either underlined answer)
12. The fourth mission in this game contains an optional requirement to save Adam during
an invasion of Arcadia City. Some players criticized the high price of the 2 megabyte
Strategic Options DLC pack for this game, which added game modes like Reinforcement and
Tug-Of-War. Its single player featured various hidden Black Boxes in addition to elements
from its companion series called skulls. This game’s single player includes an attack on the
Spirit of Fire and the destruction of an unnamed, hollow planet. Developed by Age of
Empires studio Ensemble Games, the multiplayer mode in this game allows players to
command vehicles like the Cobra, Wolverine, Banshee and Warthog. FTP, what is this real
time strategy entrant in a series originally developed by Bungie and featuring Master Chief?
ANSWER: Halo Wars
13. One scene in this film sees the Colonel Andrew Tanner berate some of the protagonists
for “thinking [they’re] tough for eating beans every day”. Elsewhere in this film, characters
like Toni and Robert ask, “What’s a ‘flank’” and “What’s ‘grazing fire’” after Tanner lays out
a plan. Some of the heroes in this film are betrayed after Daryl, played by Darren Dalton,
gives up their location through the tracking device he was forced to swallow. One scene in
this film sees prisoners forced to watch Alexander Nevsky at a former drive-in. One of the
last scenes in this film sees the protagonists Matt and Jed perish from wounds they receive
in a park they played in as kids; those two characters in this film were played by Charlie
Sheen and Patrick Swayze, respectively. A pilot in this film reveals that the country’s
Strategic Air Command has been crippled by a surprise Cuban attack. FTP, what is this
1984 John Milius film where a band of teenage guerrillas in the Midwest must fend off a
Communist invasion?
ANSWER: Red Dawn
14. This song was scribbled out on an ironing board cover after the inspiration for it hit its
band’s vocalist “like a ton of bricks.” Written after that vocalist moved from Los Angeles to
Jacksonville, this song, along with “Dreams” and “It’s Not My Cross to Bear” were among the
first produced for a band formed in 1969 in part by Butch Trucks, Berry Oakley, and Dickey
Betts. The singer of this song laments that, “My friends tell me that I’ve been such a fool;
and I have to stand down and take it babe, all for lovin’ you” after stating, “I’ve been run
down, I’ve been lied to.” A five-minute version of this song was originally recorded on its
group’s eponymous album, but a more famous 23-minute version of it was recorded on the
live album At Fillmore East. Also including the line “good Lord I feel like I’m dying,” this is,
FTP, what song by The Allman Brothers Band?
ANSWER: “Whipping Post”
15. This man was traded back to his original team in a deal for Tom Lawless and once
complained to Howard Cossell that he had been benched by manager Paul Owens. A
memorable moment early in this man’s career came when he scored a run in the ninth after
reaching on an error, causing the pitcher, Houston’s Ken Johnson, to be the first pitcher to
lose a complete game no-hitter. This man was the Rookie of the Year in 1963 after hitting
.273. He was awarded the NL MVP in 1973 when he led the league with 230 hits, and
despite his .381 batting average in the series his team lost the NLCS to the Mets. He is
notable for bowling over catcher Ray Fosse during the 1970 All-Star Game. FTP, who is this
member of Cincinnati’s Big Red Machine, nicknamed Charlie Hustle, who was later banned
from baseball for betting on the game?
ANSWER: Peter Edward “Pete” Rose
16. This director spent ten days filming Spalding Gray’s monologue Gray’s Anatomy while
editing a film featuring eccentric characters like T. Azimuth Schwitters, Nameless
Numberhead Man and Elmo Oxygen. This man’s second feature length film sees the
detective Grubach investigate a German insurance agent played by Jeremy Irons for the
murder of Irons’ friend. This director of Schizopolis and Kafka won the Palme d’Or at
Cannes in 1989 with a film co-starring Peter Gallagher and Andie MacDowell as an
unhappily married couple. One recent film by this director contained characters like Erin
Mears, played by Kate Winslet, who ends up dying in Minnesota while on assignment to
assess the danger of the titular disease. His blockbusters include a 2001 remake where
characters like The Amazing Yen and Brad Pitt’s Rusty Ryan hatch an elaborate scheme to
steal from Terry Benedict’s casino. FTP, what is this director of films such as Contagion and
Ocean’s Eleven?
ANSWER: Steven Soderbergh
17. This network’s last theatrical movie release cast Kate Capshaw as an instructor and was
titled SpaceCamp. A show centering on an underground time machine built by Project TicToc titled The Time Tunnel was one of two Irwin Allen-created shows airing on this
network at once; the other program starred Richard Basehart as Admiral Harriman Nelson
and was titled Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Soap operas aired by this network include
one where Erika Slezak plays Victoria Lord. One popular program originally aired on this
network famously depicted Vinko Bogataj crashing over the narration of “the thrill of
victory and the agony of defeat”. In the ‘70s, this network had a huge hit with Monday
Night Football. FTP, what is this Disney-owned broadcast network that today airs shows
like Desperate Housewives?
ANSWER: ABC or American Broadcasting Company
18. The antagonist of this film, designed by H. R. Giger, was played by Bolaji Badejo, who
stands over seven feet tall. That antagonist is at one point mistaken for Jones the Cat. One
character in this film gets decapitated by Parker; that character was under orders from his
employers to let the crew die and was an android named Ash. Most of this movie takes
place on the towing ship Nostromo, with a brief diversion near the beginning to a
mysterious planetoid, in which the crew discovers a crashed spaceship filled with eggs and
corpses. One notable scene in this film sees Kane choke in the middle of a meal, eventually
dying after a certain creature bursts from his chest. FTP, what is this Ridley Scott film
where Sigourney Weaver’s character defeats the titular extra terrestrial?
ANSWER: Alien (make sure to not accept “Aliens”)
19. This athlete appeared in a 2007 episode of the E! reality show The Girls Next Door as
well as appearing in the 2011 movie Friends With Benefits. A sponsored athlete since the
age of seven, he underwent two open-heart surgeries before his first birthday due to a
congenital heart defect known as the Tetralogy of Fallot. With a score of 48.6 on his first
run, this athlete had already posted a high enough score to win the gold medal for the half
pipe in 2010 when he made a second run that included a Double McTwist 1260, a move
that he dubbed “The Tomahawk.” A third place finish to Terry Flandreau and Andreas Wiig
in the 2007 slopestyle broke this athlete’s record of four straight gold medals in the same
categories at the Winter X-Games. Also a professional skateboarder, FTP, who is this
Olympic snowboarder whose red hair has led fans to call him “The Flying Tomato”?
ANSWER: Shaun White
20. At one point during this novel the author digresses from the main story to relate an
account of the life of Evert Ruess, who disappeared after camping in Davis Gulch, Utah. In
another similar break, the author describes his ascent of Devil’s Thumb. This novel,
however, revolves around the travels of a man who eventually makes his way to the
Stampede Trail. The hero of this work ditches his car early on in a desert after a flashflood.
Elsewhere in this book, the protagonist befriends Ronald Franz and spends several months
working with Wayne Westerberg in South Dakota to finance his trip. The hero of this novel
went by the alias Alexander Supertramp and dies living in an abandoned bus. FTP, what is
this book where Christopher McCandless goes on a pilgrimage to the Alaskan wilderness,
written by John Krakauer?
ANSWER: Into the Wild
TB. One YouTube parody of this song brags about using the iTunes CoverFlow feature and
describes owning a Mac. This song precedes “Sax Man” on one album, and lost the Best
Rap/Sung Collaboration Grammy to “Run This Town”. One artist in this song describes
owning a certain type of Pashmina afghan and notes that he’s the “king of the world”. Its
video opens with one of the artists discovering a prize in his cereal, while one artist whips
out his coat due to five knot winds. Lyrics in this song include, “We drinking Santana
champ / ‘Cause it’s so crisp”, while later Kevin Garnett’s name is invoked with the
sentiment that “anything is possible”. A guest artist on this track brags that, “Believe me
when I say / I fucked a Mermaid”. FTP, what is this Lonely Island song where the group
cavorts with T-Pain aboard the titular vessel?
ANSWER: “I’m On a Boat”
1. Supporting characters on this show include the serial killer Mr. Yang and Buzz McNab.
1) Identify the USA show centering on Shawn Spencer, who pretends to have telepathic
powers while helping the Santa Barbara Police Department.
2) This man is the head detective for the SBPD. He does not believe that Shawn is a real
psychic and is known for having guns hidden around his house in places like a bowl of
pistachios and the radio in his shower.
ANSWER: Carlton Lassiter (accept either underlined answer)
3) This is the name of Shawn’s father, a former SBPD cop who often begrudgingly helps his
son with his cases. He is played by Corbin Bernsen.
ANSWER: Henry Spencer
2. Elmer Lach was the first player to win this award, doing so in 1947. Identify these other
winners of the Art Ross Trophy, FTPE:
1) The Art Ross Trophy is awarded to the NHL’s leader in points each season. Impressively,
this former Boston Bruins great won the award twice, despite being a defenceman.
ANSWER: Bobby Orr
2) This former Pittsburgh Penguins right winger won the Art Ross Trophy four years in a
row in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He currently plays for the Philadelphia Flyers.
ANSWER: Jaromir Jagr
3) This current holder of the Art Ross Trophy scored 104 points for the Canucks in 2011.
His twin brother Henrik is the captain of the Canucks.
ANSWER: Daniel Sedin
3. One of their songs has a chorus where vocalist Glenn Danzig sings, "I want your skull, I
need your skull". FTPE:
1) Identify this horror-core punk band behind songs like "Night of the Living Dead" and
“Halloween”, whose name derives from a Marilyn Monroe film.
ANSWER: The Misfits
2) The Misfits did a cover of this song by Boris Pickett. It describes a man “working in the
lab one night” and has a chorus describing a dance that’s “a graveyard smash”.
ANSWER: “Monster Mash”
3) This band recorded a cover of the Misfits’ “Astro Zombies” on their Live at the Metro
album. Their 2003 cover of “Boys of Summer” reached number 20 on the Billboard Hot
100 charts that year.
ANSWER: The Ataris
4. Answer some questions about changing seasons, for 10 points each:
1) The phrase “Winter is coming” is frequently uttered by members of this noble family,
including Ned, Rob, and Arya, who reside in Winterfell. On TV, Sean Bean played Ned from
this family.
2) The Starks are one of many houses depicted in this George R.R. Martin fantasy series. Its
first book, A Game of Thrones, was adapted into a popular HBO series.
ANSWER: A Song of Ice and Fire
3) The last of the Targaryens, this Valyrian princess is sold into marriage by her brother
Viserys as part of his failed plot to retake his throne from the Baratheons.
ANSWER: Daenerys
5. Identify these things from the celebrated career of Bruce Chen, FTPE:
1) Chen was born in this country. Other players from this country include Mariano Rivera
and Carlos Ruiz, and the first player from this country to play in the major leagues was
Humberto Robinson in 1955.
ANSWER: Panama
2) Chen most recently played for this American League team, whose general manager is
Dayton Moore. Ned Yost became the manager of this team in 2010.
ANSWER: Kansas City Royals (accept either underlined answer)
3) This was arguably Chen’s best season, in which he posted a 3.83 ERA and 133 strikeouts
for the Orioles. This season marked the last year of the Braves’s streak of fourteen straight
division titles and also saw the White Sox sweep the World Series.
ANSWER: 2005
6. This band features members Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, and Bill Cosby introduced
their song “Reelin’ In The Years” on a live 1973 Midnight Special. FTPE:
1) Identify this band behind the album Countdown to Ecstasy.
ANSWER: Steely Dan
2) “Reelin’ in the Years” was part of this 1972 Steely Dan album, the cover of which features
a large pair of lips and several prostitutes along a street.
ANSWER: Can’t Buy a Thrill
3) The second related musical act that Bing Music lists for Steely Dan is this man, known for
hits like “Tiny Dancer” and “Bennie and the Jets”.
ANSWER: Sir Elton Hercules John or Reginald Kenneth Dwight
7. This character delivers a long monologue where he states, “You have a right to kill me …
but you have no right to judge me”. FTPE:
1) Identify this man whom characters like Willard and the rest of the Patrol Boat Riverine
are sent to kill in a movie where Harrison Ford has a small role as Colonel Lucas.
ANSWER: Colonel Walter E. Kurtz (accept either underlined answer)
2) Colonel Kurtz is a character in this Francis Ford Coppola film based on Heart of Darkness.
It contains the famous phrase, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning”.
ANSWER: Apocalypse Now
3) This actor, who played Tyrone “Mr. Clean” Miller in Apocalypse Now, was only fourteen
when filming began. His other roles include mentoring the title character in Akeelah and
the Bee.
ANSWER: Laurence John Fishburne III
8. How do you make a holey bartender? Answer questions about this and other jokes,
1) Jason Lee’s character Azrael delivers the punch line to that joke by shooting the
bartender with an uzi in this 1999 Kevin Smith comedy with a religious theme.
2) Alan Rickman appears to Bethany as this Biblical figure, also known as the voice of God.
ANSWER: Metatron
3) Alanis Morissette, who plays God in Dogma, also has appeared on this TV show.
Subplots on this show include “Senor Doug” helping Mexicans cross the US border and the
protagonist’s relationship with the mayor of Tijuana.
9. A chiptunes band named for this character put out the EP, Future and it Doesn’t Work,
while on film this character once unleashed an EMP blast above Egypt after Soundwave
alerted him that Sam had been located in Egypt. FTPE:
1) Identify this fictional character who finally dies in one film after a boomstick from Que
blows his head off.
ANSWER: Starscream
2) This Transformer is the leader of the Autobots and transforms into a red and blue semitruck when he is in vehicle mode.
ANSWER: Optimus Prime
3) This is the planet from which the Transformers hail. It has been ravaged by millennia of
war and eventually drifted into our solar system.
ANSWER: Cybertron
10. In one episode, this woman hosts a Thanksgiving dinner for her love interest’s mother,
Peggy, and in the episode “Opening Day” she causes trouble by attending a Chicago Cubs
game. FTPE:
1) Identify this elementary school teacher who meets the other title character of her series
at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting.
ANSWER: Molly Flynn
2) Molly Flynn is played by Melissa McCarthy. Many Hollywood insiders credit McCarthy’s
Emmy win last year as a reward for her performance as Megan in this 2011 Judd Apatow
film co-starring Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig.
ANSWER: Bridesmaids
3) Billy Gardell, who plays Mike on Mike and Molly, had a recurring role as Billy Colivita on
this CBS sitcom. Other characters include Jimmy Hughes, who is given a job on a movie lot
by the patriarch of this show.
ANSWER: Yes, Dear
11. Identify these songs by Death Cab For Cutie, FTPE:
1) The full-length version of this song from the album Narrow Stairs runs over eight
minutes. This song compares “the potential between you and me” to “a book elegantly
bound, but in a language that you can’t read just yet.”
ANSWER: “I Will Possess Your Heart”
2) This is the tenth track from the 2003 Death Cab album Transatlanticism. This song’s
titular couple is described as being “in the back of my grey subcompact, fumbling to make
contact as the others slept inside.”
ANSWER: “We Looked Like Giants”
3) The single for this 2005 song also included “Talking Like Turnstiles” and “World Shut
Your Mouth.” The singer of this song “braved treacherous streets and kids strung out on
homemade speed.”
ANSWER: “Crooked Teeth”
12. Released in 2003, this BioWare role playing game would become one of the most
successful on the Xbox, spawning a sequel released a year later. For 10 points each:
1) Identify this Xbox game set in the Star Wars universe four thousand years before the
Galactic Civil War. It featured characters such as Bastila Shan and Carth Onasi.
ANSWER: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (or KotOR)
2) This Sith is the main antagonist of Knights of the Old Republic. He is the former
apprentice of Darth Revan and is missing his lower jaw.
ANSWER: Darth Malak
3) This assassin droid was originally built by Darth Revan and is first met in-game on
Tatooine. He is best known for his cheerfully bloodthirsty demeanor and referring to all
organic life as “meatbags”.
13. Identify the following about some classic British programs, FTPE:
1) Jean Marsh co-created this show and also played the lead role of Rose. Characters on
this show included Lady Marjorie, who was killed on the Titanic, and it centered on the
Bellamy family.
ANSWER: Upstairs, Downstairs
2) John Cleese starred in this short-lived sitcom set at a hotel. It contains the famous line
“Don’t mention the war” in the episode about the Germans coming to visit.
ANSWER: Fawlty Towers
3) This man’s namesake sketch comedy show used “Yakety Sax” as its theme song. He was
often joined by straight-man Henry McGee, and in a popular bit he plays a Chinese man
coming from “The United States of a Miracle”.
ANSWER: Benny Hill
14. Hollywood executive Darryl Zanuck once wrote ads for Yuccatone Hair Restorer, which
was pulled from shelves after some 25 explosions in drug stores across the country.
Answer some questions about his better career choices, FTPE:
1) Zanuck got his start in Hollywood writing scripts for films starring this German
Shepherd, supposedly rescued from a battlefield in World War I. This animal appeared in
films like A Dog of the Regiment.
ANSWER: Rin Tin Tin
2) Zanuck was nominated for an Oscar for producing a film where George Arliss played this
politician. A Family Guy gag has this man state, “you don’t even know who I am” after Peter
insinuates that this Brit isn’t charming.
ANSWER: Benjamin Disraeli
3) Zanuck also produced a 1937 film centering on this event. A sporting team named after
this event won a title in 1998 and play in Toyota Park in Bridgeview.
ANSWER: Great Chicago Fire of 1871
15. In 2008, Dario Franchitti replaced this Brit on Chip Ganassi Racing. FTPE:
1) Identify this man whose final race was the IZOD IndyCar World Championship.
ANSWER: Daniel Clive “Dan” Wheldon
2) Wheldon had earlier won this race, held each year on the Memorial Day weekend. It’s
held in the same city where Curtis Painter allegedly plays football.
ANSWER: Indianapolis 500-Mile Race or Indy 500
3) Wheldon was the first IndyCar fatality since the 2006 death of this man during a practice
session in Miami. This driver was killed when his car smashed into Ed Carpenter’s disabled
car at 176 miles per hour.
ANSWER: Paul Dana
16. The only non-IMDB review the question writer could find of this actor’s 1997 film
Firehouse comes from a snippet from Google Books which calls the film “shambolic”. FTPE:
1) Identify this actor better known for playing a character who visits the Asgard galaxy
after the Repository of the Ancients is downloaded to his brain. That character played by
this actor worked alongside Daniel Jackson and Teal’c.
ANSWER: Richard Dean Anderson
2) Richard Dean Anderson may be best known for playing this character. This friend of
Pete Thornton was noted for improvising with household objects in pretty much every
ANSWER: Angus MacGyver (accept either underlined answer)
3) This nemesis of MacGyver, played by Michael Des Barres, once stalked Pete Thornton.
MacGyver seemingly kills this man at the end of each episode he appears in, leading him to
yell, “MACGYVER!” as he perishes.
ANSWER: Murdoc
17. This artist sampled “We Will Rock You” on her track “You and I”. FTPE:
1) Identify this artist who depicted herself as half-motorcycle on the cover of her most
recent album.
ANSWER: Lady Gaga
2) The music video for this Lady Gaga song features an entire diner dying after poison is
put in their food. The video for this song also sees Gaga and Beyoncé traveling around after
Gaga is released from jail.
ANSWER: “Telephone”
3) This minor hit from Born This Way is one of the songs on that record to feature a
Clarence Clemons sax solo. It begins, “Whenever I dressed cool my parents put up a fight”,
while its chorus states, “I’m as free as my [this]”.
ANSWER: “Hair”
18. The first episode of this show sees the protagonist receiving the severed ears of a man
who interfered with his project to expand the O’Hare airport. For 10 points each:
1) Identify this Starz series centering on titular mayor of Chicago, Tom Kane.
2) Boss stars this actor as Tom Kane. He may be better known for playing Dr. Hank McCoy
in X-Men: The Last Stand.
ANSWER: Allen Kelsey Grammer
3) The pilot of Boss was directed by this man, who has also directed films like My Own
Private Idaho and Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.
ANSWER: Gus Green Van Sant, Jr.
19. Identify these things from the 2011 NBA lockout, FTPE:
1) This former New York Knicks center was the president of the NBA Players Association
during the last NBA lockout in the 1998-99 season. The first overall pick in 1985, he has
recently appeared in a Snickers commercial.
ANSWER: Patrick Ewing
2) This Lakers point guard is the current head of the Players Association. His shot to win
Game 5 of the 2004 Western Conference Semifinals with .4 seconds left on the clock is
considered to be one of the greatest shots in NBA history.
ANSWER: Derek Fisher
3) This sportscaster made news when he compared the NBA owners to “modern plantation
overseer[s].” On Family Guy, Peter and Chris are fans of a fictional crime drama starring this
man and his older brother Greg.
ANSWER: Bryant Gumble
20. Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff. Identify the following things related to an
underground comic book about everyday life in Cleveland FTPE:
1) This comic book was written by Harvey Pekar and ran from 1976 to 2008. A film about
this comic was made in 2003.
ANSWER: American Splendor
2) The first issue of American Splendor was illustrated by this American cartoonist and
creator of the Keep On Truckin’ and Fritz the Cat comics. This artist also had a movie made
about his life in 1994 and is known to enjoy piggyback rides.
ANSWER: Robert Dennis Crumb
3) One memorable scene from American Splendor occurs when Harvey travels to Toledo to
see this movie. This 1984 film featured John Goodman in one of his first movie roles as the
head football coach of the Adams College Atoms.
ANSWER: Revenge of the Nerds
21. If you like indie folk rock, answer these questions, FTPE:
1) Founded in 2007, this band’s debut album, For Emma, Forever Ago, featured the songs
“re: Stacks” and “Skinny Love”.
ANSWER: Bon Iver
2) This man allegedly wrote For Emma, Forever Ago while recovering from mononucleosis
in a cabin in northwestern Wisconsin. He also was part of the band DeYarmond Edison.
ANSWER: Justin Vernon
3) Vernon also contributed to this 2010 concept album by Anais Mitchell, based on the
Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. He played the part of Orpheus in this Depression-era
rendition of the tale.
ANSWER: Hadestown