waxes, polishes and compounds

A Grade
Apply with a cotton cloth
working the polish into the
paintwork – remove with a
cotton cloth.
Hi-grade – High Gloss Polish.
Medium Liquid Compound
Application by machine apply product to the head even pressure – lighten
pressure to achieve finish.
Coarse Liquid Compound
Application by machine –
apply product to the head –
even pressure – lighten
pressure to achieve finish.
Fine Liquid Compound
Application by machine or by
hand -apply product to the
head –Even pressure – lighten
pressure to achieve finish.
Ideal for final finishing by hand or machine! After compounding apply A
Grade to remove any fine misting or light swirls. Leaves a durable gloss
finish, which lasts many weeks. Excellent on dark colours. Can be used
on damp surfaces or in direct sunlight. No powder deposit. Also ideal for
showroom work or for restoring dull paintwork in one application.
An exceptional high gloss car polish ideal for showroom vehicles leaving
a long lasting durable finish.
To remove 2000 flatting marks from fresh and cured paint work with a
standard polishing machine - Medium to hard foam mop head - To
remove light compound or swirl marks from paint surfaces, and also to
restore dull and oxidized paint to a mirror finish. No water is needed
during application - A Grade polish may then be applied for a final
protective glaze.
To remove 1500 flatting marks and imperfections from cured paintwork
To be used with a standard polishing machine with a medium to hard
foam polishing head – Medium or fine compound is then applied for a
non-wax high gloss finish. A Grade may then be used for glazed
protection. NB: A Grade may be used after the initial use of course
compound, giving the required finish.
To remove light nib marks and to blend ‘edge to edge’ on fresh paint
work i.e. ‘a blow in’. It is particularly useful on dark soft colours to
remove stubborn very light misting in the surface of the paint. It will
remove isolated nib marks on a large flat ‘dark’ surface i.e. a bonnet,
leaving a high gloss finish with no trace of repair. It can also be used by
hand with equal effectiveness.
Rubber Bright – Apply by
hand spray liberally to a wet
or dry surface – allow to dry
For required finish.
Alloy Wheel Cleaner Acidic
Apply by plastic hand spray
Agitate with brush and rinse
thoroughly with water.
Tar and Spot Remover
Formulated to leave a natural "as new" appearance to rubber surfaces i.e.
tyres, car black trim etc; can be applied in wet conditions after washing
or when dry.
Rubber Clenz
Always apply in dry
conditions. Always apply by
brush – allow to soak then
wipe away with a CLEAN
Removes dried flatting watermarks, polish residue and compound from
plastic mouldings i.e. door handles, grained bumpers etc. - also removes
machine polish ‘burn’ marks on mouldings.
Will lift ingrained brake dust from heavily solid wheels and will remove
rust, scale and oxidation from aluminum vehicle bodies - used for de
rusting and phosphating steel parts prior to painting.
NB Ensure immediate rinsing with water to avoid staining wheels!
Removes glue and tar deposits from exterior paintwork.
Restores bleached bumpers to original - Clean surface with RC. Apply by
brush & allow to soak for 2 hours - re-apply another coat and leave all
day, original finish -lasts for 4 weeks.
Top Shine
Apply sparingly with a soft
cloth – wipe away – buff for
a gloss finish.
Alloy Wheel Cleaner – non
Acidic -Apply by hand spray,
agitate with a brush – rinse
away dirt with water.
Multi Clenz
For windows apply sparingly
by spray and wipe away with
cotton cloth-for fabrics apply
generously –wipe away dirt.
Screen Polish
Apply sparingly with a soft
cloth-wipe off when dry.
Hard Surface Cleaner
Undiluted /Dilute 8:1 or to
your Requirements. Apply by
hand spray or add to warm
Upholstery Low Foam
Shampoo – dilute 4:1 into the
machine or as required.
Upholstery Shampoo
Apply diluted as required
by hand spray. Scrub with
a soft brush – wipe away.
Fabric Spot Remover
Engine Degreaser
A non greasy gel which can be applied on both the interior and exterior
parts - leaves a high shine or natural finish – leaves a fresh apple scent and
removes solvent odour – simply apply to door panels or to your preference
– also contains cleaning agents.
Alloy wheel cleaner is used for cleaning heavily soiled wheels. (not
corroded) It has excellent cleaning power without staining or marking. Use
weekly on new lacquered and non lacquered wheels. Other uses:- for
removing fly marks and stains from the windscreen and front sections of
your vehicles.
A smear free Window cleaner and additive for the windscreen washer bottle
- Used on fabric & hard surfaces. ie for removing body shop dust and general
grime from Fabric seats, dash board fascia and for degreasing door shuts
Truly multi purpose can be diluted by water.
Cuts through nicotine stains and greasy windows, restoring crystal vision.
Does not smear - It works in extreme heat i.e. direct sunlight or in damp
conditions - will clean window rubbers and wiper blades.
Concentrated cleaner - for paintwork, (undiluted) removes wax/silicone etc:
- cleans all heavily soiled surfaces incl. fabrics - cuts through oil and grease. Effective fly remover – additive to flatting water ensuring removals of
silicones- Restores Aluminum trailer surfaces AS NEW - Alloy wheel cleaner
(by spray & brush). Undiluted.
Concentrated car shampoo. Ideally suited for use in a wet vacuum and
extraction carpet cleaner - cleans without excessive wetting or foam.
Upholstery shampoo is used by hand to clean dash boards, vinyl and fabric
upholstery. It can sometimes be used as an additive for washing the outside
of vehicles. Fresh lemon smell.
Spray to the effected upholstery – allow to soak – wipe away with a damp a
damp cloth.
To engine when dry.
An efficient de-greasing agent for cleaning engines that emulsifies in water. It
is applied by spray directly onto the engine area and then is agitated by
brush – it is then washed off with water.
A quick drying protective lacquer for enhancing the appearance of the
engine compartment. Application with hand spray.
Wax Rinse – one application
by hand spray: can dilute up
to 10:1 with water. Rinse
away with water.
Specially formulated additive for use in the final rinse stages of car washing leaves the surface coating with a protective layer, which repels water or dirt.
Stays cleaner for longer - more easily cleaned Non silicone - Spray
Engine Lacquer – Apply
Traffic Film Remover
Dilute 4/10:1 as required
through pressure cleaner
Concentrate Traffic Film
T.F.R.- wax
Wash 'n' Wax – Apply 2 / 3 caps per bucket.
- Ready to use. Removes traffic film from vehicle bodies and grease from
engine compartments. Application Steam cleaner.
A non-Caustic Highly concentrated Truck and chassis cleaner – used through
- A jet wash - dilute as instructed in the directions for use.
- A mild traffic film remover with wax ideally suited for cars standing on the
‘showroom forecourt’ – also for jet washing vehicles after body repairs prior
to customer collection – dilute as instructed in the directions for use.
Concentrated car shampoo - A high foaming cleaner which helps to 'lift' the
dirt away, leaving a thin wax coating on the vehicle.
De Waxer
Formulated for the removal of protective wax films on new vehicles - does
not emulsify on contact with water - making it an efficient degreaser.
Application by hand or pressure washer.