GENEALOGY - The Duke of Edinburgh`s Hillary Award

The Young New Zealanders' Challenge
of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award
Skills Section
Participants, instructors and assessors should take note of the conditions as laid down in the
Award Handbook. This programme is for guidance and is not to be taken as a rigid syllabus.
To indicate the content appropriate to young people with varying degrees of knowledge and
experience, it is arranged under three headings: ‘For beginners’, ‘For those with some
knowledge’ and ‘For the more advanced’, and participants are free to select as broad or
as restricted an aspect of this skill as they wish, but appropriate social and cultural aspects
are to be covered.
This activity should include as much practical work as possible
The aims of this interest should be the study of the sources used by the genealogist
and the application of this knowledge in practical research. Both aims should be
combined as far as possible, but assessors should exercise their discretion
Practical research into a family, not necessarily the participant's own, should be
undertaken at all levels. The assessors should decide the extent of this work
Brief notes should be kept of the potential of various sources. Practical research
should be methodical and detailed records of all findings, positive or negative, must
be kept.
Beginners should:
Describe what is a genealogist and the sources of reference available in NZ.
Attempt to complete a Record of Ancestry Sheet back to eight great grandparents.
Trace ancestry, including collateral lines (uncles, aunts and cousins) from a pair of
great grandparents.
Describe the methods of research -ie material from relatives or other persons,
Certificates of Birth, Death and Marriage, newspaper obituaries, shipping lists etc.
Those with some knowledge should:
Undertake steps 1-4.
Provide a chart showing
family wheel, OR
record of ancestry sheet, OR
conventional family tree,
and list the sources of information. Show by supporting evidence an intelligent
understanding of sources used, and attempts made, eg copies of letters and
certificates obtained etc.
Attempt to record the descendants of a NZ pioneer couple.
Research cemetery records and transcripts of tombstones.
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The Young New Zealanders' Challenge
of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award
Skills Section
Outline briefly a background of biography of ancestors researched.
For the more advanced:
This work should not be defined too closely and needs to be set by the assessor according
to the results achieved above. It will develop of itself according to areas already covered
and the availability of records.
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