5E lesson plan template - University of Hawaii at Manoa

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HCPS Science Standards Addressed: xx, yy & zz
Grade Level: xx–xx
Project Time Span: xx–xx weeks (includes xx field trips)
Contexts and Background for Lesson:
Who are your students, their needs, and the school and community contexts?
Why are you teaching this lesson?
What cultural, historical, science knowledge will a teacher need to understand and
adopt this lesson?
Goals of the Lesson:
 What are the primary goals of the lesson?
Student Learning Objectives (Benchmarks):
This lesson addresses Grade 4–5 benchmarks for HCPS Science Standards:
1.1 Doing scientific inquiry. Students demonstrate the skills necessary to engage in
scientific inquiry:
 Explain how the question or problem arose. Develop a hypothesis or prediction
based on the question.
 Design and conduct simple investigations to answer questions or to test their
ideas about the environment.
 Collect and organize data for analysis, using simple tools and equipment.
 Use appropriate models to summarize data and construct conclusions based on
observations and findings.
 Communicate investigations and results appropriately to an audience.
 Defend conclusions based on evidence; reflect and revise conclusions based on
recommendations from other points of view.
2.5 Interdependence. Students describe, analyze, and give examples of how
organisms are dependent on one another and their environments.
 Identify how plants and animals depend on each other, in the exchange of
oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nutrients.
 Explain how organisms respond to a constantly changing environment.
Resources and Materials:
 List books, etc.
 List websites, etc.
 List materials, etc.
Instructional Procedures follow 5 Es (engage, explore, explain, extend, evaluate):
ENGAGE: How will you ENGAGE students’ prior knowledge, identify
misconceptions, interest them in upcoming lesson
EXPLORE: what learning activities support achieving or exceeding the
benchmarks (do not list the benchmarks here)
EXPLAIN: How will students communicate their learning to relevant audiences?
EXTEND: How will students show how learning can be applied to other
EVALUATION: Teacher and student/peer assessment strategies
Teacher Reflection and Evaluation of Lesson
Student feedback and learning outcomes
What worked well
What would I do differently
Note: Integrated lesson
This lesson also addresses content standards in …………