TEACHER SURVEY dictionaries

1. Do you require or encourage your students to bring a dictionary to class?
 Require
 Encourage
 Neither
2. Which type of dictionary do you think is best to use for the classes you teach?
 Monolingual
 Bilingual
 Picture
 I don’t believe in using dictionaries.
3. What percentage of your students bring dictionaries to your class?
 80-100%
 60-79%
 40-59%
 40% or less
4. How often do you do activities that REQUIRE or are based upon dictionary
 At least once a day
 At least twice a week
 Every other unit
 Never or almost never
5. What do you believe dictionaries are best used for? (Check at most two
 Pronunciation
 Definitions
 Collocations
 Sentence usage
 Parts of speech
6. As a teacher, what is the biggest advantage and disadvantage, in your
opinion, of using dictionaries in the classroom?