Colonialism in Twentieth Century Cultural Theory

School of Humanities
Course Title
Module Coordinator
Module Title
Lecture times
Teaching Format
Brief outline of
MA in Culture and Colonialism
Muireann O’Cinneide & Leo Keohane
Learning Outcomes
*Students should have an awareness and understanding of the key
figures in twentieth-century theories on colonialism
* Students should be able to engage analytically and critically with
theoretical texts
* Students should be able to use their theoretical skills in relation to the
other modules on the MA
Assessment Types
and Deadlines
Participation = 15% (Attendance and in-class contribution, incl.
one group
presentation on the assigned reading)
Essay = 40% (2000 word essay)
Exam = 45% (Take-home exam (1 week) – 1500-2000 words)
Required Text
(suggested list)
Patrick Williams and Laura Chrisman (eds), Colonial Discourse and
Post-Colonial Theory: A Reader (London: Harvester, 1993)
Gregory Castle (ed.), Postcolonial Discourses: An Anthology (Oxford:
Blackwell, 2001)
EN541 Colonialism in 20th-Century Cultural Theory
2 hr seminars
An introduction to twentieth-century theorisations of colonialism and
neo-colonialism, especially in relation to cultural production. The
course focuses on issues of identity, political agency and
representation. Ireland’s relation to postcolonial theory is also
considered. Some of the theorists discussed include Fanon, Said,
Spivak and Ahmad.