Peninsula Art Gallery Exhibitions to date

Peninsula Art Gallery Exhibitions to date
November – December 2007
John Virtue
Professor of Fine Art, University of Plymouth
“Last Paintings of London”
Exhibitions include London’s Courtauld Institute and
The National Gallery.
January – February 2008
Between Land & Sea
Catherine Elwes, William Raban, Susan Trangmar
and Chris Wainwright
March – April 2008
May – June 2008
Scribing the Soul
Artists include: Louise Dear, Karen Evans, Anna
Gillespie, Sarah Gillespie, Elisabeth Hadley, Lucianne
Lassalle, James Stewart, Jilly Sutton,Yana Trevail,
Naomi Vincent
Susan Aldworth, solo exhibition
Research Fellow in Print at London Metropolitan
University. Artist in Residence at the Gordon Museum
of Pathology at KCL
September – October 2008
British Association of Illustrators
The Best of British Contemporary Illustration 2008
November – December 2008
Beryl Cook
Major Retrospective Exhibition & Book Launch
January – February 2009
Disposable People
A Haywood National Gallery Touring photographic
exhibition, in association with Magnum photographic
agency and Autograph.
March 2009
Fragility and Flight
March – April 2009
Animal Gaze
Keith McIntyre, Reader in Art and Interdisciplinary
Practices, University of Northumbria.
In conjunction with the 2008 Contemporary Music
Festival. The exhibition combines innovative use of
drawing with bird song and a virtuosic clarinet trio.
A multi-sited exhibition on tour from London
Metropolitan University that explores the complex
relationship between the animal and human.
Artists include: Mircea Cantor, Jacob Cartwright &
Nick Jordan, Kate Potter, Kathy High, Sarah
Beddington, Chloe Brown, Catherine Bell, Daniel
Andersson, Bryndis Snaebjornsdottir and Mark
May – June 2009
Christopher Cook
Reader in Painting at the University of Plymouth
Recent exhibitions include Yokohama Museum of Art
Japan and the Today Art Museum in Beijing. Major
collections of his work include the British Museum, the
Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge and the Metropolitan
Museum of Art New York.
September – October 2009
After the Net
Curated by Joasia Krysa
Exhibition featuring international artists whose work
explores system of technological control from
cybernetics, open-source software and social
networking platforms.
November 2009
MA Show - Assemblage Showcase of MA students work from the University of
Plymouth, including: Master of Arcitecture, MA
Communication Design, MA Contemporary Film
Practice, MA Creative Writing, MA Design, MRes
Design Thinking, MA/MSc/MRes Digital Art &
Technology, MRes Film & Video, MA Fine Art
November – December 2009
Four Romanian Artists Exhibition featuring four of Romania’s leading
Contemporary artists; Anca Boeriu, Florica Prevenda,
Alexandru Radvan and Florin Stoiciu. It is the first
time that many of their works will be seen in the UK
January – February 2010
Encountering Reynolds Curated by Dr Jenny Graham, Associate Professor
(Reader) in Art History, School of Humanities and
Performing Arts. Exploring the contemporary legacy
of Joshua Reynolds
March – April 2010
(Re)-sounding Signs: Polish Chopin Posters 1955-2008
Polish Posters Exhibition
May – June 2010
Leaving Earth
Jane Grant, Associate Professor (Reader) in Visual
Arts, School of Art & Media
August 2010
My Giant Colouring BookJake and Dinos Chapman, A Haywood National
Gallery Touring Exhibition
September – October 2010
Curated by Hanna Scott. The works by 15 highlyregarded contemporary artists from Germany and
New Zealand.
November – December 2010
Ben Hartley: A Retrospective
Curated by Bernard Samuels. The largest retrospective of
Ben Hartley’s work, including paintings, drawings and
January – February 2011
Artist Angela Cockayne
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