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Best Friend Rodent Rescue Adoption
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Phone Numbers: Home:
Do you own or rent your home?
If you rent, are small caged animals okay with your landlord?
Which animal are you interested in?
Why do you want to adopt this pet?
Please tell us your experience with this type of pet:
Please tell us about the current pets you have at home:
Please tell us how you plan to house this pet, cage (dimensions), bedding, food, etc.
Are all family members/roommates aware and in agreement of this adoption?
Do you have a veterinarian experienced with this type of pet?
Veterinarian’s Name:
If not, would you like us to help you find one?
Do you have any questions that we can answer to help this adoption be a success?
By signing this profile you agree that the information you have given us is true to
the best of your knowledge.
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