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A Pathfinder:
Ancient Rome
Table of Contents
o Maps
o General Architecture
o Catacombs
o Roman Baths / Bathing
o Aqueducts / Sewer System
o The Pantheon
o The Colosseum ( Alternative spellings-Colloseum orColiseum)
o Arches
o Temple
o Roman Concrete
Daily Life
o Religion
o Chariot Racing and Gladiators
o Pompeii
Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome;layout=;query=toc;loc=
National Geographic: Photo Gallery: Rome, The Eternal City
Michael C. Carlos Museum of Emory University: Rome (*FABULOUS!)
Best of Rome: Must Do’s
Rome: The Basics
History and Science for Middle School Kids: Ancient Rome
BBC: Ancient Rome Timelines
Map of Ancient Rome
Interactive Map of Rome
Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
General Architecture
Ancient Civilizations Architectural Contributions
Rome’s Ruins
Great Building Walkthroughs: Ancient Rome
Osaka University: Images of Roman Architecture
History of Roman Architecture: Colosseum
What’s Inside Rome’s Ancient Catacombs?
Roman Baths / Bathing
History of Ancient Roman Baths- *Detailed information on 3rd pg!
College of New Rochelle: Roman Baths and Bathing **
The Roman Baths (FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! Aqueducts, baths, recipes)
Aqueducts / Sewer System
Bluffton University: Roman Aqueduct Water and Wastewater History in Imperial Rome Roman Water Systems Roman Water Systems (a different page)
The Pantheon
University at Buffalo: Images of the Pantheon and other works of architecture
Bluffton University: Pantheon
Bluffton University: Arch of Titus and the Conquer of Jerusalem
Roman Concrete Roman Concrete
The Secrets of Roman Concrete (an article)
Roman Concrete
Daily Life
Daily Life Through History Database
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Hints for using the database:
o On the right hand side, browse by Time (Select Ancient), Region (Select Europe,
then Select Italy)
o Select a topic
Women in Ancient Rome
Emory University Odyssey Online: Daily Life (click on public or private life for more)
Emory University Odyssey Online: People
Brooklyn College: A Day in the Life of a Roman
PBS: Real Roman Recipes
Religion in the Roman World
BBC: Roman Religions and Image Gallery
Chariot Racing and Gladiators
The Circus: Roman Chariot Racing
The British Museum: Gladiators in Ancient Rome Images of Roman Artifacts
The British Museum: Chariot Racing in Ancient Rome (This is a tour – click the “next”
arrows.) Images of Roman Artifacts
Discovery Channel: Pompeii—The Last Day
NGA: Pompeii and the Roman Villa: Art and Culture around the Bay of Naples