UOB Asset Management

Traditionally, bond funds are not known for strong returns, instead, they are perceived to
provide slow yet steady growth in exchange for certain stability. Emerging markets bond
funds, however, are able to ride onto the growth prospect of the Emerging countries
which tend to provide better returns than normal bond funds. At times, EM bonds even
provide equity like returns yet not subjecting investors to the same level of risks. How
would it be possible? Find out from UOBAM.
About Paul Liu
Paul Liu is a Director with the Retail Business Development team of UOB Asset
Management. He takes care of the channel distribution business for UOBAM, working
with and servicing Independent Financial Advisors, retail banks, insurance companies
and private banks in both Singapore and Taiwan. Paul has been in the asset
management industry for over 10 years and have worked in a large US asset
management company as well as an insurance related French Investment company
before joining UOBAM in Oct 2010. Paul graduated from the University of Toronto,
Ontario, Canada. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree with a double major
in Actuarial Science, and Economics.