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Judging Of Art Work
Following 8 years of exhibiting work at Future House and much positive feedback from visitors it was decided
to invite a panel of judges from the local art community to look at the work and choose work which they
particularly liked for a variety of reasons.
The judges found the task very difficult due to what they described as the outstanding quality of work.
The creators of the chosen pieces will be presented with prizes sponsored by:
Local Businesses thru Positive Bradford
Primary Age Range
Winner Owl by Poppy Hobson of Year 1 at Russell Hall Primary School
Runners Up Vincent Inspired Chair by Kaitlyn Lees of Year 5 at St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School
Abstract Creature by Emily Wilson of Year 6 at Thackley Primary School
Lowry Inspired by Lauren King of Year 6 at Russell Hall Primary School
Secondary Age Range
Winner Untitled by Luca Hussain of Year 12 at Beckfoot School
Runners Up Marc Chagall by Charlie Webb of Year 8 at St Joseph’s Catholic College
The Man by Louis Mullen of Year 11 at Titus Salt School
The Human Face 3D by Asia Bibi of Year 10 at Belle Vue Girls’ School
Special Schools
Winner TBC
Special Joint Awards
Year 1/2 AT Keelham Primary school for their water inspired textile work
The Dales by Hassan Ahmed, Harris Khan, Arris I, Daud Hussain, Saba Haleem,
Afra Khan, Rizwan Khan, Maida Baig, Anony Mous, Haleema Alam, Bologova ,
Sarria Khan, Lucas Brown, Arooj Jamil & Mirah Batool of Year 3 at
Iqra Academy
Special Awards
Outstanding Technical Ability Awards to:
Samantha Stringer of Titus Salt School
Hannah Finn of Beckfoot School
Leena Khan of Beckfoot School
Creativity, Imagination and Edibility Award to:
Lydia Wilby of Peel Park Primary School
Creativity within the constraints of a theme Award to:
Alfie Underwood of St Francis’ Catholic Primary School